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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1854, 1896-1911. Part 2
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20. To Woodward from Walter Rothschild at Tring, asking for 'a pair of every species' of kangaroo and wallaby from every Australian locality, 20 Aug. 1900, 2 p.
21. To Woodward from Rothschild about employing Tunney for 2 years,  10 Dec. 1900, 3 p.

22. To Woodward from Rothschild:  Karl Jordan, entomologist at Tring Museum, will send full instructions to Tunney for collecting Lepidoptera and also the necessary apparatus, 12 Feb. 1901, 2 p.
23. To Director from Surveyor General, Harry Johnston, to say Minister of Lands appointing Dr. House as Botanist and Naturalist to the Kimberley Expedition, 4 Apr. 1901, 1 p.
24. To Director from K. Jordan at Tring, sending apparatus for collecting insects, 7 May 1901, 1 p.
25. To Director from Rothschild: he has cabled money. Received and pleased with first Barrow Is. specimens. As Tunney not allowed on govt. expedition will he please work the districts each side of the Alligator or Crocodile River, must spend a year there and should get 450-500 both birds and mammals, also get moths and butterflies. Two new pigeons in this district, described by Prof. Collett, 19 May 1901, 2 p.
26. To Woodward from Rothschild, consignment received and fairly satisfied as includes birds he didn't have, but very badly packed. 250 pounds cabled, 12 Sep. 1901, 2 p.
27. To Woodward from Captain Hilliard of Broome about ships available for expedition, 15 Sep. 1901, 2 p.
28. To Director from Ernst Hartert, ornithologist at Tring Museum, about how collected bird specimens should be properly prepared, labelled and packed, sending 500 labels for use on birds. Ask Tunney to watch out for the Pitta iris on Cobourg Peninsula, if in area. Mentions other birds, 7 Oct. 1901, 4 p.
29. To Woodward from E.C. Stirling of S.A. Museum, about collecting trip from Kimberley to Port Darwin, listing problems with natives and offering help and advice, says good spot for birds, 28 Jan. 1902, 3 p.
30. To Woodward from F.M. House, apologising for paucity of specimens, due to expedition leader. However, he obtained series of photographs of Aboriginal paintings, 29 Jan. 1902, 2 p.
31. To Woodward from F.M. House about a report on specimens, 6 Feb. 1902?, 1 p.
32. To Director from E.C. Stirling (of South Australian Library, Museum and Art Gallery), received maps, mounted them on calico and will send them to Palmerston (Darwin), as requested, 4 Mar. 1902, 1 p.
33. To Director from A.E.H. Reid at Kalgoorlie, says he has been in hospital with typhoid for 10 weeks, mentions letters promised by Sir Arthur Lawley, sending a few photos, 19 Apr. 1902, 1 p.
34. To Woodward from A.W. Milligan asking for some preservative and to borrow the museum's tents for his trip to Carnamah,  2 p. [no date].
35. To Woodward from A.E.H. Reid, wanting letters of introduction by Sir Arthur Lawley for Reids' African expedition, will call in on his way to catch ship to Melbourne, 13 May 1902, 2 p.
36. To Director from Government House, enclosing letters for Mr Reid from Lawley, 15 May 1902, 1 p.
37. To Director from A.E.H. Reid, thanking him for letters of introduction from the Governor, Sir Arthur Lawley, to officials in Africa, 21 May 1902, 1 p.
38.  Cable from Rothschild to Woodward, sending payments, 20 Jan. 1903, 1 p.
39. To Director from B.M.: at W. Rothschild's request 2 cases containing WA Museum's portion of the N. Australian collection have been sent; Oldfield Thomas' paper on the collection is now in the press. List of specimens headed Rothschild & British Museum 28 Jan. 1904, 1 p. & 2 p.
40. To Director from A.E.H. Reid re hunting trip to Africa, probably to Uganda, with brother R.L. Reid, asking for commission to at least cover cost of carrying and shipping specimens, 15 Jul. 1904, 1 p.
41. To Director from A.W. Milligan re proposed trip to Yandanooka with Morrison, the government botanist, asks if Museum wants to be represented, expenses less than 5 pounds a head, 23 Aug. 1904, 1 p.
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