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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1854, 1896-1911. Part 3
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42. To Director from J.P. Rogers, plans a collecting trip through the Kimberley, any skins wanted? was advised to write by C.P. Conigrave. List of Kimberley birds headed J.P. Rogers, 5 Apr. 1907, 1 p. & 3 p.
43. To Director from Acting Commissioner of Railways re tickets to be issued to German professors, etc., to explore the Abrolhos Islands, 1 Nov. 1907, 1 p.

44. To Woodward from Guy Shortridge in Southern Cross, discussed with Conigrave for Charter, who makes good skins, to accompany him on expedition to Parkers Range and towards Laverton, 18 Jul. 1908, 2 p.
45. List of specimens sent to Museum by R. Etheridge, 10 Jun. 1909, 1 p.
46. To Director from R. Etheridge advising 2 cases of specimens from Lieut. Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition allotted to WA Museum are being sent by Professor David of Sydney University, 10 Jun. 1909, 1 p.
47. To Woodward from Guy Shortridge, thanking him for great help of museum staff and the specimens he received and that Oldfield Thomas would be writing too in gratitude, 18 Jun. 1909, 2 p.
48. To Director from Etheridge at the Australian Museum, advising of specimens on way from the Endeavour collections, please mention Endeavour on your labels, 12 Feb. 1910, 1 p.
49. To Director from A. Neville, giving permission for Lipfert to camp at Margaret River Caves and the caretaker would assist him, 14 Dec. 1910, 1 p.
50. From Director to Secretary of Immigration,Tourist ... Dept., Lipfert will be collecting mammals and birds in the Margaret River district, will camp near Mammoth Cave, hopes to collect a few kangaroo rats which appear to be dying out, 26 Jan, 1911, 1 p.
51. To Director from Sutcliffe at Immigration,Tourist ... Dept.: Lipfert was given a coupon covering railway fare, hotel at Busselton, journey to Yallingup, coach to Margaret River and 2 days accommodation, cost 4 pounds, 15 shillings and payment required, 6 Feb. 1911, 1 p.
52. To Sutcliffe at Tourist Dept. from Woodward, thanking for services to Lipfert and enclosing a cheque, 7 Feb. 1911, 1 p.
53. To Otto Lipfert at Mammoth cave from Woodward: Please collect a few specimens of Phalacrocorax carbo and Neophema splendida, needed bird specimens, 9 Feb. 1911, 1 p.
54. To Director from C.F. Gale, re request for information about the Monte Bello Islands, suggests he contact T.H. Haynes, 17 Mar. 1911, 1 p.
55. To T.H. Haynes, Monte Bello Is., from Woodward, thanking him for information & hoping that Grant Watson from Cambridge can visit to collect mammals & birds etc. for B.M. & WA Museum, 21 Mar. 1911, 1 p.
56. To C.F. Gale, Chief Protector of Aborigines, from Woodward, thanking for letter about Monte Bello Islands & have written to T H. Haynes, 21 Mar. 1911, 1 p.
57. To T.H. Haynes from Woodward, returning map of Monte Bello Is. borrowed with thanks and have copied it, 22 May 1911, 1 p.
58. To Director from Australian Museum, Sydney, sending 2nd box of specimens from the Vessel "Endeavour", 5 Jul. 1911, 1 p.
59. To N.C. Lockyer, Melbourne,  from Woodward, thanking him for receipt of Endeavour specimens, 8 Aug. 1911, 1 p.
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