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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1912-1915. Part 1
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1. Letter to Woodward from Arthur C.V. Bligh (Brookstead, Qld.), about a phascogale (native name: Nalladoo) specimen sent to Museum; asks value of specimens of the phascogale and kangaroo mouse should he undertake a collecting expedition, says would present a specimen of anything collected to Museum, 29 Feb. 1912, 1 p.

2. Reply to Bligh from Director  to say Edgar R. Waite of the Australian Museum has given Bligh credit for discovery of Phascogale blighi, but unfortunately spelled his name incorrectly as Mr. A.C. Blyth. Pleased to hear Bligh is thinking of visiting the North West again, but not sure of specimen
 values, advises getting in touch with museum dealers, 12 Mar. 1912, 2 p.
3. To H.L. White (Scone, NSW), from Woodward about best method of keeping birds' eggs and proposed trip by a collector to the Montebello Islands, 25 Apr. 1912, 1 p.
4. To A.C. Kessell (Perth) from Woodward, to ask that the Premier requests permission for W.B. Alexander to go on board the F.I.S. Endeavour to collect specimens, 30 Apr. 1912, 1 p.
5. To Kessell thanking for his help re the Endeavour, 6 May 1912, 1 p.
-- To C.J. Irvine, Fremantle Harbourmaster, to thank him for supplying Mr Montague
 with a chart of the Montebellos, 16 May 1912, 1 p.
6. To Woodward from Paul D. Montague from Montebellos, mammals have suffered greatly from introduction of cats, wallaby common. Small outlying islands, not overrun by cats, have more surviving species. Will have representative collection by end of trip. Thinks there should be legislation against cats on sailing vessels, 25 Jul 1912, 3 p.
7. From Major E.J.H. Nicholson from Australian Intelligence Corps to Woodward asking for details of Dr. Mjoberg's expedition, 19 Sep. 1912, 1 p.
8. From Woodward to Major Nicholson about Dr. Mjoberg's expedition to the Kimberley, suggesting he look up the West Australian newspaper files for more details about the various scientists involved. Mjoberg himself came with letters of introduction from the Stockholm Natural History Museum, he specialises in Coleoptera (beetles) and Cryptogamic botany, 25 Sep. 1912, 1 p.
9. To Woodward from Paul D. Montague giving a report on the Montebello expedition, lists specimens, provides map, 2 Oct. 1912, 3 p.
10. To Charles E. Fagan at British Museum (Natural History), asking for the Monograph of the Mycetozoa by A. Lister; hopes specimens from  Montebellos will be looked through quickly, 28 Oct. 1912, 1 p.
11. To Woodward from S.F. Harmer (British Museum (Natural History), not sure which specimens from the Montebellos are to be returned to Perth, 2 Dec. 1912, 1 p.
12. To Woodward from P.D. Montague, comments on expedition, specimens arrived in England in good condition; preliminary report of Expedition sent to Royal Society; collections being distributed amongst specialists, will be returned when practicable, 17 Dec 1912, 3 p.
13. From Woodward to Dr. Eric Mjoberg, pleased to hear of collecting success and to learn Museum will receive duplicates of mammals and birds. Ludwig Glauert will describe the fossil vertebrates collected and the condition that descriptions are published in the Transactions of the Royal Academy of Science in Stockholm will be met, 20 Dec. 1912, 1 p.
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