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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1912-1915. Part 3
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49. To Director from R. Etheridge, Australian Museum, a box of specimens, part of results of work of S.S. Endeavour, sent per Rudder's  Ltd. Note name Cassidea sufflata Hedley to be changed to C. stadialis Hedley, 6 Feb. 1914, 1 p.

50. From Woodward to Customs, Vic., acknowledging receipt of collection of specimens collected by F.I.S Endeavour, 5 Mar. 1914, 1 p.
51. To Woodward from W.B. Alexander in Albany, collected lizards, insects at Leeuwin, going to Denmark, Nornalup Inlet; saw place where Glauert obtained his bones (Mammoth Cave); please send mail to Albany, 2 May, 1914, 2 p.
52. Telegram to Woodward from Alexander requesting equipment, 2 May, 1914, 1 p.
53. Response from Woodward to Alexander, sending requested equipment on Monday's train to Albany, 2 May 1914, 1 p.
54. Letter from Woodward to Alexander, equipment to Albany being sent, also mail was forwarded, 4 May, 1914, 1 p.
55. To Director from R. Etheridge, list no. 131 of specimens from Endeavour, 4 May, 1914, 1 p.
56. To Director from Alexander in Albany, sending jar of specimens of lizards, frogs, centipedes, millipedes and insects. M. Pierre Bellanger of Nornalup took us out in his boat on the Frankland R., v. kind and stayed at his house, please send thanks for his kindness, 7? May, 1914, 1 p.
57. To Woodward from Alexander at Albany, just back from trip to Nornalup, road very bad so took train from Denmark; mentions Montebello specimens: told Waterhouse not being distributed until descriptions published, 8 May 1914, 1 p.
58. Telegram from Alexander to Woodward, please forward mail to Albany, 9 May, 1914, 1 p.
59. To Director from R. Etheridge, sending specimens of Hydrozoa as in list no.131, part of Endeavour's work, 11 May, 1914, 1 p.
60. From Woodward to Pierre Bellanger, thanking him for his kindness to Alexander, 11 May, 1 p.
61. To Woodward from Alexander in Albany, received equipment, also mail; sending bottle of specimens, 2 bags sent by sea and other items belonging to Mr. Parkinson, please store for him, 11 May 1914, 2 p.
62. Telegram to Director, please send Alexander's mail to Esperance, 19 May 1914, 1 p.
63. From Woodward to Alexander, box arrived safely, will store Parkinson's bags when they arrive, forwarding mail, 19 May 1914, 1 p.
64. To Director from Alexander at Ravensthorpe, he has obtained a fair number of specimens; about his visits to local people: Edmy Hassall at Warriup Station via Cape Riche, Gordon Moir of Marra (Pallinup R.) who described bird that sounds like Noisy Scrub-bird, McLeod at Hopetoun, who knows Tunney, leaving tomorrow for Esperance, May 20, 1914, 2 p.
65. From Woodward to Alexander, says it was Ednie Hassell who said he could get a specimen of the Noisy Scrub-bird, but has heard nothing from him since he sent down drawings of bird by Morison, will send formalin to McLeod at Hopetoun. Lectures have been a success, Prof. Murdoch had audience of 343; forwarding letters, 26 May, 1914, 1 p.
66. Telegram to Director from Alexander in Esperance, send mail to Norseman, 27 May, 1914, 1 p.
67. From Woodward to Curator, Australian Museum, thanking him for specimens of Hydrozoa as per list 131, collected by the Endeavour, 27 May, 1914, 1 p.
68. To Woodward from Alexander in Norseman, road from Ravensthorpe to Esperance v. bad, Parkinson went by steamer to Israelite Bay for his observations, we leave Norseman for Eucla via Balladonia, will ask Ponton about enlargement of dam, wants to be back in Perth by 14 July, country v. dry; pleased lectures being well attended, 1 Jun. 1914, 4 p.
69. Telegram to Director from Alexander at Eucla, arrived previous night, successful journey, country v. dry, 11 Jun. 1914 1 p.
70. Telegram to Director from Alexander at Balladonia, please send mail to Burracoppin till 25th, 20 Jun. 1914, 1 p.
71. To Woodward from Alexander in Norseman, sending box of things obtained at Balladonia, Ponton says Balladonia unusually dry and no more water in his dam; wombats formerly in W.A., but Eucla Aborigines now hunt them on the Nullarbor in S.Aust., for skins to trade with Balladonia and Kalgoorlie Aborigines who supply them with weapons, probably because no large timber at Eucla. P. Le Mesurier of Eucla says 20 years ago there was a big colony of wombats 70 m. NW of Eucla, while Talbot, who owns Mundrabilla and Madura stations, says at both these places within the past 10 years, Ponton said in early days at Balladonia and for 100 miles east they were not uncommon. Mr. Darby at Eucla will try to get a WA specimen from near the Railway line when the season improves. Went with Ponton to south of Balladonia where bones of Diprotodon etc. were found. Has collected lizards, scorpions, centipedes and insects, also a churinga, some obsidianites, marine and land shells, 25 Jun 1914, 2 p.
72. Telegram to Director from Alexander at Kalgoorlie, returning tonight and will be in tomorrow, 29 Jun 1914, 1 p.
73. From Woodward to W.C. Parkinson at Perth Observatory, thanking him for taking Alexander on the valuable expedition to Eucla, 10 Jul. 1914, 1 p.
74. From Woodward to Alexander in Broome, sending him a tank of formalin to Broome by SS Gorgon, 9 Sep. 1914, 1 p.
75. Telegram to Director from Alexander in Port Hedland, received tank and letters in Broome, expect to reach Fremantle Friday, 3? Oct 1914, 1 p.
76. Telegram to Director from Alexander in Geraldton, please send attendant, meet Minderoo, arriving Fremantle 8 am, 7 Oct. 1914, 1 p.
77. To Director from Charles Hedley, Australian Museum, sending specimens of fish, part of S.S. Endeavour's work, 20 Jan. 1915, 1 p.
78. To Curator, Australian Museum, on behalf of Alexander, to acknowledge receipt of 8th consignment of Endeavour specimens, mentions consignment damaged by the hot weather so please send specimens during cooler times, 15 Feb. 1915, 1 p.
79. To President Trustees of Museum and Library from W.J. Dakin of UWA who is organizing a scientific expedition to the Abrolhos Islands with grants from the Royal Society of London and the British Association for the Advancement of Science, requesting W.B. Alexander accompany him as a member of the expedition, notes all type specimens collected will end up in WA Museum, 1 Oct. 1915, 1 p.
80. From General Secretary to Dakin: Trustees have granted permission for Alexander to join expedition to Abrolhos, 5 Oct. 1915, 1 p.
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