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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1854, 1896-1911. Part 1
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1. Geological specimens collected by Assistant Surveyor Austin on expedition to N.E. in 1854, 4 p.
2. Three telegraphs to Museum Curator from John Tunney at Broome and Derby, Aug. & Dec. 1896, 3 p.
3. To Woodward from John P. Jones in Derby, thanking him for "Mining Handbook" and describing probable gold reefs in country approx. 100 miles east of Derby, as far as Mt Broome; about 3 years previously 2 prospectors killed by natives in Leopold Range, 1 escaped, 30 Jan. 1897, 5 p.

4. To Sir Jas. Lee Steere from Alex Morton of Tasmanian Museum about an invitation to W.A. to undertake an expedition to collect specimens for both state museums, details of funds etc., 6 Apr. 1897, 2 p.
5. To Woodward from Alex Morton about special collecting interests for the expedition in W.A.: ethnological, rocks and minerals; getting him a collection of Tasmanian fauna, 26 Jun. 1897, 2 p.
6. Two letters to Woodward from Alex Morton, giving dates and travel arrangements, and sending 2 cases of specimens from Tasmanian Museum, 23 July, 1 p. and 1 Aug. 1897, 1 p.
7. Two telegraphs to Woodward:  From Alex Morton at Albany, will arrive by train -- From John Tunney at Walebing, going to Mingenew on 20th, 14 Aug. 1897, 2 p.
8. To Woodward, telegraph from Morton to say at Mingenew with Tunney, 1 p.;
 Letter from Alex Morton about trip, 23 Aug. 1897, 1 p.
9. Two telegraphs to Woodward from Alex Morton, from Yalgoo, 26, 28 Aug. 1897, 2 p.
10. Invoice from Strelitz Brothers for equipment sent to Morton, 1 Sept 1897, 1 p.
11. To Woodward from Alex Morton at Mt. Magnet, leaving for Cue and sending bag of specimens by train; about trip and praising Tunney's work, 6 Sep., 3 p.
 - Telegraph from Morton at Cue suggesting they go next to Lawlers, 7 Sep. 1897, 1 p.
12. List of specimens headed A. Morton, Aug. & Sep. 1897, 1 p. - Note from Woodward to say go wherever you think best, 8 Sep. 1897.
13. To Woodward from Morton at Cue, sending specimens; will go next to Peak Hill, then to either Carnarvon or Geraldton; country so far very poor, 17 Sep. 1897, 2 p.
14. List of expenses from A. Morton, 21 Sep. 1897, 1 p.
15. To Woodward from Morton at Nannine, talks about the local Aborigines and makes ethnological comparisons with Tasmanian Aboriginals' tools, 25 Sep. 1897, 2 p.
16. To Woodward from Alex Morton at Moorarrie Stn, Murchison River, about trip, have collected freshwater fish, lizards, native weapons. Few birds as these best collected Dec.-Feb., camels better than horses, 2 Oct. 1897, 2 p.
17. Telegraph to Woodward from Alex Morton at Mt. Magnet, 25 Oct. 1897, 1 p.
18. From Alex Morton back in Hobart, last page of letter, wants spirit tin returned together with few of collected lizards, 1897, 1 p. [no date].
19. To Tunney from Woodward, wants young live Black Cockatoos; thanks for native names; when restored to health go to the Murchison for red kangaroos and on to Lake Darlot. Offer up to 5 pounds a piece for pair of full grown Dugong, also for a cleaned skeleton 10 May 1899, 1 p.
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