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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1954-1956. Part 2
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24. To Glauert from Agnes Susanne Schulz in Darwin, in German, concerned because she hasn't heard from Petri, mentions projected visit by Dr Lommel and her plans to travel to East Alligator River and Sleisback Uranium Mine to copy Aboriginal rock paintings, then to travel to Eastern Australia, 9 Apr. 1955, 2 p. + Draft reply from Glauert, in German, undated, 2 p.

25. To L. MacMillan at Wotjulum Mission, from Douglas, packing his gear and will be sending it to Derby on the 'Dorrigo', asks MacMillan to take care of it. Just waiting for confirmation telegram from MacMillan to Glauert. Ken [Buller] and Mr. Glauert send best regards, 11 Aug. 1955, 1 p.
26. To Manager, State Shipping Service, from Glauert, forwarding 2 trunks + 3 cans for Athol Douglas, by "Dorrigo", 12 Aug. 1955, 1 p.
27. To Manager, R.M. Rowell & Co., Derby, from Glauert, 'Dorrigo' leaving Fremantle 17th August with luggage for Douglas who is visiting Wotjulum Mission, 12 Aug. 1955, 1 p.
28. Radiogram from L. MacMillan to Glauert: suggest Douglas catch plane 7th Sept, and connect with 'Yampi Lass', 1 p.
29. To Edgar A.I.S. Yampi, from Glauert, can Douglas, whose visit postponed because of sickness, travel with luggage on "Yampi Lass" from Derby to Wotjulum on Sept. 7th, 29 Aug. 1955, 1 p.
30. Telegram to Glauert from Douglas about luggage + reply, 9 &10 Sep. 1955, 2 p.
31. From Petri to Glauert (in German) from Frankfurt, apologises for late reply, has been very busy; talks about his visit to WA; mentions Harry Butler, Fraulein Odermann, and others, 27 Sep. 1955, 1 p.
32. To Glauert from Douglas at Wotjulum, about the many specimens collected, working long days as Mr MacMillan has left and will be in Woorooloo for a year. Collecting everything: invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals ; employed a native assistant ; collected a Ghost Bat from Ghost Bat island 8 miles out. His return to Perth will be delayed, acting as a first aid helper until Mr Miller returns. Hopes to return by air on 22nd ; intends trips to Alligator Creek, Silver Gull Creek and another to Ghost Bat Island. Hopes his pay has gone into Rural Bank. Separate list of tasks, 30 Sep. 1955 3 p.
33. To Douglas from Glauert very pleased with his work, 7 Oct. 1955, 1 p.
34. Specimens collected from Wotjulum Mission by Athol Douglas from 9-9-1955 - 20-10-1955: Invertebrates 953, Land shells 26, Reptilia 329, Birds 92, Fish 41, grand total 1,441, 7 p.
35. To Petri from Glauert, replying to Petri's letter of Sept.27, he is feeling better and back at work; asks him to thank Odermann for book she sent; Douglas is collecting at Wotjulum Mission Station, Buller in cave near Nannup, A.S. Schulz still in Australia, 11 Oct. 1955, 1 p.
36. Detailed account of itinerary and work done by Douglas at Wotjulum from 9th Sept. to 20th October 1955, 23 p.
37. Telegram from ROWLCO to Douglas, cannot ship on 'Comara', will forward on 'Kabbarli', 4 Nov. 1955, 1 p.
38. Telegram from ROWLCO to Douglas, goods left on wharf, will ship earliest opportunity, 1 p.
39. From Petri to Glauert (in German) from Frobenius Institut, about their results, photographic work by Dr Odermann, sends thanks to Thomas, Douglas and Buller, 19 Dec. 1955, 1 p.
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