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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions September 1959-December 1962. Part 2
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11 Mar.1960-1962
11 Mar. 1960, 1 p.
15. List of specimens to be sent to Mertens by K. Immelmann, license issued

14 Mar. 1960, 1 p.
16. To Ride from Mertens: Immelmann has collected WA specimens for the Frankfurt Museum, would Ride please help if difficulties with exportation, also, he will send Ride any type specimens found among the material.

23 Mar. 1960, 1 p.
17. To Mertens from Ride, license granted for Immemann's collection from South West, recently increasing restrictions on export of Fauna, concerned about this nationalistic attitude, but says Mertens offer to return type specimens will help reduce difficulties.

6 Apr. 1960, 1 p.
18. To Ride from Mertens, thanking him for help with license, first specimens have arrived, could Ride please look for missing Varanus, also, he is keen to get specimen, if possible alive, of Pseudemydura. Your Varanus gouldii rosenbergi is still alive and well, will be returned after death.

20 Apr. 1960, 1 p.
19. To Mertens from Ride, will seek missing Varanus; regarding Pseudemydura, my assistant Miss K. Vollprecht and I are revising the Chelonia of W.A. and studying the habits and growth of Pseudemydura, will send you specimen on completion of this work.

29 Apr. 1960, 1 p.
20. To Ride from Mertens, thanking him for letter about missing Varanus. Hopes for living specimen of Pseudemydura.

 (May-June 1960)' 4 p.
21. 'Narrative of the personnel from the Western Australian Museum who took part in the Bernice P. Bishop Museum of Hawaii Expedition to Western Australia by R.W. George. A primarily mollusc hunting expedition along the west and north west coast of Western Australia. Visiting party: Muriel King, T. Reichert and Clifton Weaver (replaced by Dr P. Burgess in June). Locals: R.W. George (replaced by B.R. Wilson in June) and R.D. Royce. Half the molluscs collected and all the general invertebrates donated to the WA Museum.

27 Jun. 1960, 1 p.
22. To Ride from A.J. Fraser: Philip Spalding, leader of the Spalding-Hosmer Expedition, seeking a scientific license for William Hosmer, finally granted for one month to collect fauna from Lake McKay district for the American Museum of Natural History, from about October.

4 Oct. 1961, 2 p.
23. To Fraser from Philip Spalding, returning licenses, enclosing detailed list of reptiles and Amphibia collected for the AMNH on the Spalding-Hosmer Expedition and their locality, if any specimens not held in WA Museum they will be returned, thanks for courtesy & co-operation.

11 Oct. 1961, 1 p.
24. To Ride from Fraser, enclosing copy of letter from Spalding and list of material collected by Spalding-Hosmer Expedition.

16 Oct. 1961, 1 p.
25. To Fraser from Mees, would like one specimen each of Hydrelaps darwiniensis, Aipysurus laevis and Diplodactylus elderi.

23 Feb. 1962, 1 p.
26. To Ride from Fraser, asking whether the 3 species of reptiles requested from Spalding-Hosmer have been received and recorded.

2 Mar. 1962, 1 p.
27. To Fraser from Ride, no further correspondence from Spalding and no specimens received.

12 Mar. 1962, 1 p.
28. To Ride from Fraser, Spalding's letter said all specimens were lodged with their Museum and that they would return any specimens required after completion of expedition report, suggests leave for a few months before writing.

8 Mar. 1962, 1 p.
29. To Fraser from Wm. Hosmer, thanking for happy co-operation, regret Diplodactylus elderi incorrectly determined, should have been Diplodactylus pulcher, will send one if wanted, and am sending Hydrelaps darwiniensis and Aipysurus laevis.

26 Apr. 1962, 1 p.
30. To Ride from Fraser, enclosing letter from Hosmer, let me know if and when the two sea snakes are received.

13 Dec. 1962, 1 p.
31. To Fraser from Ride: the WAM and the American Museum of Natural History have decided to jointly investigate the mammals of W.A. and obtain the services of a collector, permit required. Will collect over 3 years and normal collecting regulations will be followed, including limits on endangered species such as Myrmecobius fasciatus. Lists of all species collected + locations will be submitted to Fraser, collector will concentrate on mammals, also freely available reptiles, birds may be excluded from permit.
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