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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1922-1953. Part 1
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1. To Glauert from Tom Carter at a small farm near Cape Naturaliste: did not find any Sphenura [bristlebird]; please send cartridges to Busselton, 10 Jan. 1922, 2 p. + 1 card.
2. To Carter from Glauert, sent cartridges, hopes for Bristlebird and Mallee fowl, 16 Jan. 1922, 1 p.

3. To Glauert from Tom Carter in Busselton, discusses cartridges, fleas in scrub, difficulties of travel and accommodation, 22, Jan. 1922, 2 p.
Card saying doesn't yet have permit, needs one, or, authority to collect from Museum, 23 Jan. 1922.
4. To Carter from Glauert: permit was addressed to W.N. Curtis via Yallingup and should be waiting for him there, 25 Jan. 1922, 1 p.
5. To Glauert from Carter at Cave House, Yallingup: much of scrub burnt in recent years, rest too tall and open for Sphenura birds, 27 Jan. 1922, 1 p.
Thanks for permit, sent money for cartridges, more on Sphenura, 30 Jan. 1922, 1 p.
6. To Glauert from Carter at Gnowangerup: sending 8 skins; going next to Bruce W. Leake, of 'Cardonia', Woolundra, Goldfields Railway; has been 10 miles east on great sand plain, 14 Mar. 1922, 1 p.
7. To Glauert from Carter, leaving spare gear in Bird Room, asks if any wrens wanted from Dirk Hartog Island, says to send any messages to Denham, 5 Apr. 1922, 1 p.
Card from Dirk Hartog: No luck round Denham, all birds scarce, intends to return on "Charon" about May 12, 22 Apr. 1922.
8. To Battye from Glauert at Milly Milly Stn, Meekatharra: congratulates him on his doctorate, sending 3 packages: 1st, a tin of birds to be given to Lipfert for his attention, 2nd, a box of Aboriginal mills and a few mineral specimens, and 3rd, a parcel with a skin of a coot, needs attention. Despite the drought he has collected birds, lizards, frogs, insects and plants. Since recent rain more animal life and Mr Mulcahy urges him to remain for longer, asks permission to remain until 2nd week in June, 21 May 1922, 2 p.
9. To Battye from Glauert at Milly Milly Stn.: aided by local natives has specimens of all lizards and frogs except a Bungarra. Looked for, but failed to find any trace of the dalgyte or rabbit-eared bandicoot, probably has disappeared like the rock wallaby and Conilurus. Also has good specimens of butterflies and dragonflies, samples from all trees, shrubs and plants in flower, and notes of the natives' uses of them. Has sent by train a box of native mills pounders, but not some more valuable specimens, e.g. a stone penis, circumcised and subincised, found near an old camp. Winter rains have started, 28 May, 1922, 2 p.
10. From S.F. Harmer, British Museum, to Australia House: asks that permission and permits be given to T.V. Sherrin, now resident in Australia, to collect and export to B.M., primarily mammal specimens, funding from the Godman Exploration Fund, 1 Aug. 1922, 1 p.
11. To Battye from Glauert with some objections:
  • 1. Many indigenous WA mammals have a very limited range of distribution and not found elsewhere.
  • 2. Several of these are very scarce.
  • 3. Some are already extinct.
Wants no unrestricted collecting outside Kimberley Division. Specimens of following should be limited to six: Tachyglossidae, Dasyuridae, Myrmecobiidae, Peramelidae, Notorychidae, Phalangeridae. Should reserve right to open cases and check;, also, no person allowed to take native game in W.A. without a permit, 4 Oct. 1922, 1 p.
12. From Battye to Premier's Dept.: supporting Glauert's objections, reminding him of the extensive collection of W.A. mammals already made for British Museum by G.C. Shortridge in 1904-7, 4 Oct. 1922, 1 p. (2 copies).
13. To Battye from R.H. Gambage, Hon. Sec. of Royal Society of New South Wales: NSW Premier wants information before replying to Harmer's letter from B.M., has WA Museum prepared any answers to Harmer's requests, 2 Nov. 1922, 1 p.
14. To Premier's Dept. from Battye: suggests govt. offer limited financial help to British collectors as projected expedition would have great scientific value and all State museums would ultimately benefit, 10 Nov. 1922, 1 p.
15. To Gambage in Sydney: sending copies of the correspondence to the WA Premier for the Prime Minister to read, 21 Nov. 1922, 1 p.
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