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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1957-August 1959. Part 1
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6 Mar. 1957, 2 p.
1. List of forwarding addresses for Drs. Mertens & Felten 6th March - 20th May 1957

25 Mar. 1957, 1 p.
2. To Glauert from Mertens, thanking him for assistance and gracious reception, describes Glauert as a 'true naturalist'; just returned from Ayers Rock, on to Queensland in April.

4 Apr. 1957, 1 p.
3. To Mertens from Glauert, hope you do well in Queensland and catch a taipan, visit colleagues at Brisbane and Sydney Museums.

25 May 1957, 1 p.
4. To Glauert from Mertens in Alice Springs (in German),

26 Jul. 1957, 2 p.
5. To Director from Butler, re collecting trip route, starting Yalgoo (28 Jul.), Youanmee, Lake Barlee West, Mt. Churchman and Kalannie, returning via Dowerin and Northam and back in Perth 9th August + note requesting authority for 34 gallons of petrol from P.W.D. East Perth.

6. List of specimens and where collected by Butler from Lake Barlee, 1 p.

7. Field Note list of specimens, including BYM catalogue nos., from Butler at Lake Barlee, 3 p., + sketches of cave paintings at Mukinbudin and Aborigine stone site north of Lake Barlee, 2 p.

29 Jul. 1957, 1 p.
8. Telegram to Director from Butler: "Centre Paynes Find re Yalgoo",

9. Note to Mertens from Glauert (in German), mentions MacMillan and W.D.L. Ride (the new Director), undated, 1 p.

30 Jul. 1957, 1 p.
10. To Glauert from Mertens back in Frankfurt (in German), about specimens collected, thanks for his help.

11. Report of W. H. Butler's Field Collection Trip from 26 Jul. - 8 Aug., 4 p., + sketch of tree blazes at Pindabunna Red pool and envelope containing 5 small photos.

12. List of recommendations for service of Land Rover, sent by Butler, 1 p.

13. List of fauna collected by Butler and for whom in 1956-7, 3 p.

9 Sep. 1957, 4 p.
14. Proposed expedition to Northwestern Australia by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and the Natural Science Foundation, will prob. include Mr. A.J. Ostheimer 3rd., of Philadelphia, details various aspects of trip and has questions re. transport, accommodation, equipment, etc. and proposed locations, will concentrate on collecting marine molluscs.

27 Sep. 1957, 1 p.
15. To T.W. Hartley of Australian Malacological Soc. from Ride: he has heard about an expedition from Philadelphia from a student (Barry Wilson) and would like to have further information.

21 Oct. 1957, 1 p.
16. "State News (sent Melbourne)" about Ride's collecting a Ghost Bat from caves at Marble Bar, Athol Douglas was bitten by one.

28 Oct. 1957, 1 p.
17. To Commissioner for Native Affairs (S. Middleton) from Ride, asking for permit for Buller to enter and collect animals on Aboriginal reserves while on trip into Queen Victoria Springs area with the Serventys.

18 Nov.1957, 1 p.
18. To Director from Middleton, sending Buller's permit to enter and remain on the Cundeelee Native Reserve.

13 Dec. 1957, 1 p.
19. From H.M. Hale at S.A. Museum to Ride, wanting to know if definite invitation for John Mitchell to accompanying expedition to the Hamersley Ranges.

20 Dec. 1957, 1 p.
20. From Ride to Hale, will let Hale know as soon as possible whether room for Mitchell on Hamersley Ranges Expedition.

21. "Jena Review, December 1957, 2nd year p. 188", re. European scientific expedition into tropical marine regions, taking place from Oct. 1957-Aug. 1959, 1 p.

24 Jan. 1958, 1 p.
22. From Ride to Hobart van Deusen of American Museum Natural History, thanking him for sending Archbold Expedition Reports, suggests Kimberley District for future Archbold Expedition.

23. Mammals, birds and reptiles collected by the Museum during the period 1st April to the 31st May, 1958, (list includes locations & dates), 1 p.

12 May 1958, 3 p.
24. Visit by A.M. Douglas and Butler to caves of Jurien Bay area in May 1958 (extract from A.M.D's. diary).

27 Jun. 1958, 1 p.
25. To Ride from D. Serventy, about proposed collecting tour to Kimberleys
 and North-West with A.J. Marshall, would like Museum staff member
 participation, including Buller, to visit Barrow Island and Monte Bellos.
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