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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions September 1959-December 1962. Part 1
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Sep.1959-8 Mar.1960
Sep. 1959, 1 p.
1. To M. Donovan of Ullawarra Station from Ride: about the coming Museum collecting trip to the Barlee Ranges, Angus Robinson states that Ullawarra would be the best place to start from and hopes no objection, discusses petrol.

18 Sep. 1959, 30 p.
2. Diary of Mr. Angus Robinson - Museum Expedition to Barlee Range 4th-9-1959 to 18th-9-1959. Members of party: Angus Robinson, A. Douglas and Allen Keast. Note: This copy of diary includes addenda made after completion of the trip. All addenda are in brackets.

19th Sep. 1959, 1 p.
3. To Ride from M. Donovan of Ullawarra Station via Carnarvon, thanking him for telegram and letter. If elusive Rock Wallaby found will send specimen to Museum.

1 Oct. 1959, 1 p.
4. To Donovan from Ride, thanks for hospitality given to Museum party, disappointed no Rock Wallaby, happy to pay air freight if one found, should be 2 in area, gives instructions on how to treat any specimen collected.

4 Dec. 1959, 1 p.
5. To Ride from C.G. Setter of Dept. of Primary Industry, Fisheries Division, Canberra, about Dr. George's wish to participate in crayfish survey on the "Bluefin" off south coast of WA, suggests arrangements for this.

18 Dec. 1959, 1 p.
6. To C.G. Setter from Ride, suggests Dr George fly to Albany (at Dept.'s expense as he will be the Commonwealth representative) and join vessel there on 14th Jan., remaining on board until it returns to Albany about 7 Feb., also Dr George will be seeing Poole Bros. re. work between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.

21 Dec. 1959, 1p.
7. To Setter from R. George, after speaking to Poole Bros. he wants to compare Naturaliste-Leeuwin area with the Recherche Area so hopes to join ship at Fremantle, travel to Albany, return to Perth and rejoin ship at Albany or Esperance, looking forward to seeing John Sinclair on board.

23 Dec. 1959, 1 p.
8. To Ride from Setter, about fares for Dr George on "Bluefin": will be paid for by Dept.

14 Jan. 1960, 1 p.
9. To Setter from R.W. George: he was unable to join ship as Mr. Callingham unable to contact him in time; Wilfred Poole phoned and told him amateur fishermen round Albany catching Jasus; George will fly to Albany about 27 Jan. and will be on "Bluefin" until it returns to Albany approx. 25 Feb., disappointed not able to examine Naturaliste-Leeuwin area.

July, 12 Feb. 1960, 1 p.
10. To Fr. Sanz from Mees, thanking him for allowing him and Douglas to stay at Drysdale Mission, looking forward to their arrival in late June or early.

24 Feb. 1960, 2 p.
11. To B. Doherty from Mees, about a collecting trip with Athol Douglas to Kimberley Division via Derby, Drysdale Mission, Mt. House area and then to Wyndham. Main interest birds and fishes, partic. species of bird known from 3 specimens only, taken by Dr. House during 1901 Brockman Expedition. Mr. and Mrs. Beamish told him that Doherty had a station in relevant area with fresh water and fishes, asks for permission to camp there and collect, please contact Museum if interested.

24 Feb. 1960, 1 p.
12. To Mr & Mrs P. Slater in Derby, thanking for invitation to stay in Derby, please store equipment sent by ship; mentions swallow Hirundo fretensis, locality northern shore of Australia.

25 Feb. 1960, 2 p.
13. To Setter from R.W. George, praises work done by Poole Bros.; during his last trip on "Bluefin" through the Recherche they were joined by Bob Royce, Snr. Govt. Botanist and Graham Brown from U.W.A. Zoology Dept., on board to collect terrestrial fauna and flora from the islands,; pleased to get on the spot experience of Jasus lalandei.

8 Mar. 1960, 1p.
14. To R.W. George from Setter, about funding for his trip, shocked that two University members were on board without formal permission from Fisheries,  thanks George for work he did on the survey.
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