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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1912-1915. Part 2
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14. To Woodward from W. Michaelsen of Hamburg Museum, he has sent a box to Strelitz Bros. containing publications of the Hamburg Southwest Australian Expedition, please acknowledge receipt - now printing v.4. Many new species described. Sends regards to Woodward's cousin, 2 Jan. 1913, 3 p.

15. To Woodward from W.D. Dodd in Roebourne, may stay 2 or 3 months; knows local emus from North West differ from southern emus and wonders if those collected in Roebourne are different? Going to Ord & Fitzroy Rivers, 7 Jan. 1913, 1 p.
16. From Director to S.F. Harmer at B.M. about share of the specimens from Montague's expedition - plan to be divided 3 ways, as were expenses, although WA Museum paid extra, 8 Jan. 1913, 1 p.
17. To W.D. Dodd from Woodward asking for emu specimens, 13 Jan. 1913, 1 p.
18. To The Curator, WA Museum, from R. Etheridge at Australian Museum, asking for any specimens of Cephalopoda collected by Alexander on the Endeavour to be sent to Hamlyn Harris of Queensland Museum, 23 Jan. 1913, 1 p.
19. From Woodward to Etheridge, Alexander had to throw back all cephalopods from the Endeavour trawl, but we can lend our W.A. specimens to Harris, 3 Feb. 1913, 1 p.
20. From Woodward to Paul D. Montague about Brown starting for Queensland, on behalf of The Smithsonian Institution. Asks if Montague is coming with the British Association next year. Sent copies of Western Mail containing 'your photographs', 3 Feb.1913, 1 p.
21. To Woodward from Strelitz Bros. re boxes sent from Hamburg, 25 Feb 1913, 1 p.
22. From Woodward to R. Strelitz re another box coming from Dr. Michaelsen, on SS Stolberg, with a duplicate series of animals collected in WA, 25 Feb. 1913, 1 p.
23. To R. Strelitz sending thanks from Trustees for his delivery of case of specimens from Prof. Michaelsen of Hamburg, 26 Feb. 1913, 1 p.
24. To R. Strelitz returning Bill of Lading for the case, 26 Feb 1913, 1 p.
25. To G.H. Hardy of Hobart Museum about Alexander Morton's collecting expedition of 1897 and help given to him, 3 Mar 1913, 1 p.
26. To Woodward from R. Strelitz, he has forwarded case of specimens ex SS Stolberg sent by  Prof. Michaelsen, 4 Apr. 1913, 1 p.
27. From Woodward to Strelitz, thanking him for the case of specimens, would like to see him, asks him to make an appointment for visit, 7 Apr. 1913, 1 p.
28. From Director to N.C. Lockyer, Customs Vic., about possibility of future trips by W.B. Alexander on the Endeavour to collect specimens, 7 Apr 1913, 1 p. [2 copies].
29. From W.B. Alexander to Charles Hedley, Sydney Museum, re. the Endeavour. Molluscs left with Hedley by Alexander - his cousin, Miss Alexander, will be asked to bring the parcel to Perth, 14 Apr 1913, 1 p.
30. From N.C. Lockyer to Woodward, Endeavour won't be visiting WA waters for some time, Alexander welcome to go on trip when she does; will call on you in Perth around 1st May, 22 Apr. 1913, 1 p.
31. To Woodward from Lockyer re biological collections obtained by the Endeavour, 15 May 1913, 1 p.
32. To Woodward from S.F. Harmer at B.M., about a share of the specimens collected by P.D. Montague in the Montebello Islands, 19 May 1913, 1 p.
33. From Woodward to Customs in Melbourne thanking Minister for offer of a specimen of Eurometous johnstoni captured by the F.I.S. Endeavour and in storage in Adelaide, asks when it will be delivered, 9 Jun. 1913, 1 p.
34. From Woodward to Harmer re. the Montague specimens. Offers him some duplicate specimens of fresh-water crayfish, 18 Jun. 1913, 1 p.
35. To the Director from R. Etheridge at the Australian Museum, box of shell specimens sent, obtained by Endeavour and determined by C. Hedley, 19 Jun. 1913, 1 p.
36. To the Woodward from W.D. Dodd on TSS Western Australia, returning books, has been to Fortescue R., Kings Sound and Fitzroy R., going to N.T.; regrets no emus, but has specimens of kangaroos, wallabies, possums, insects + large moth 8 inches wide, thanks Woodward for his kindness and help, 24? Jun. 1913, 3 p.
37. To Dodd at Adelaide Museum from Woodward, will be pleased if he can get set of emus from N.T., also hopes for some duplicates of WA marsupials, 14 Jul. 1913, 1 p.
38. To Curator Australian Museum from Woodward, on receipt of box of shells from Endeavour, described by C. Hedley, one tube broken, 16 Jul. 1913, 1 p.
39. To Woodward from R.Etheridge, Australian Museum, list of specimens sent and their sources, 29 Aug. 1913, 2 p.
40. To Woodward from Etheridge, sending a keg of specimens collected by SS Endeavour, please acknowledge and return keg, 5 Sep. 1913, 1 p.
41. From Woodward to Curator, Australian Museum, thanks for keg, notes C. humerosis is 3346 not 3345; will return keg and pack it with some specimens, 27 Sep. 1913, 1 p.
42. To Woodward from Etheridge, list of specimens, 29 Sep. 1913, 1 p.
43. To Woodward from Etheridge, sending box of specimens from the Endeavour, 7 Oct. 1913, 1 p.
44. From Director to Allan McCulloch, enclosing copy of list of Endeavour specimens received from Australian Museum, asks him to fill in the authorities for the names, 3 Nov. 1913, 2 p. (List returned by McCulloch with authorities added).
45. To A.R. McCulloch from Woodward, thanking him for enclosing the authorities for specimen names on list of Endeavour specimens, 19 Nov. 1913, 1 p.
46. To Woodward from Etheridge, a list of specimens, 3 Dec. 1913, 1 p.
47. To Woodward from W.T. Dakin of U.W.A. thanking him for the Museum's help on the Abrolhos trip and refunding some money, 21 Dec. 1913, 2 p.
48. To Prof. Dakin from Woodward, thanking him for the statement  of accounts of the expedition to the Abrolhos, 24 Dec. 1913, 1 p.
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