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Oldfield Thomas correspondence.
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Letters on British Museum (Natural History) notepaper.
9 Feb. 1900, 1 p.
1. Letter to Woodward on kangaroo specimens sent to Thomas.

7 June 1904, 1 p.
2. Letter to Woodward on specimens of American opossums wanted for WA Museum.

9 Jan. 1905, 1 p.
3. Letter to Woodward on Petrogale from islands off the south coast.

19 Jan. 1905, 1 p.
4. Letter to Woodward on specimens collected by Tunney. Mus tunneyi (rat) & Mus. delicatulus Gould (mouse) identified.

18 May 1906, 1 p.
5. Letter to Woodward on possum specimens

21 Jul. 1906, 1 p.
6. Letter to Woodward on possums

30 Oct. 1906, 1 p.
7. Letter to Woodward on rat specimens (mostly Mus rattus).

29 Jan. 1907, 1 p.
8. Letter to Woodward on rat specimens in bad condition.

2 Aug. 1907, 1 p.
9. Letter to Woodward on arrival of specimens for British Museum, selected by Shortridge.

8 Apr., 1907, 1 p.
10. Letter to Woodward from Guy Dollman on rat specimen identification, Mus norvegicus (decumanus) compared to Mus rattus, (includes note: "Best regards O.T.").

18 Aug. 1909, 1 p.
11. Letter to Woodward on rat specimen Mus woodwardi and others being sent to WA Museum.

 22 Jan. 1910, 1 p.
12. Note from British Museum advising 2 cases of returned specimens shipped to Woodward, mainly bird-skins lent to Dr. Sharpe on behalf of G.W. Mathews.

1 Feb. 1910, 1 p.
13. Letter to Woodward about missing mammal specimens for WA Museum.

1 Feb. 1910, 1 p.
14. Letter to Matthews about missing mammal specimens for WA Museum.

Sep. 1910, 1 p.
15. Letter to Woodward about Lagorchestes conspicillatus specimen.

23 Dec. 1910, 1 p.
16. Letter to Woodward, thanking him for box of specimens.

10 May 1911, 1 p.
17. Letter to Woodward about a McClintock Range Kangaroo and Thomas's papers on Australian Muridae.

10 Jul. 1911, 1 p.
18. Letter to Woodward, thanking him for rat skull; commiserating over loss of collected specimens in a willy-willy; advising some specimens from New Guinea expedition will be put aside for him also a copy of paper by Shortridge.

6 May 1912, 1 p.
19. Letter to Woodward about mice specimens; also some from Tunney: mostly Conilurus penicillatus, also a Mus colletti and a Petaurus breviceps.

6 Nov. 1912, 1 p.
20. Letter to Woodward, sending specimens from New Guinea: Muridae and a Cuscus.

14 Dec. 12, 1 p.
21. Letter to Woodward: P. D. Montague has brought in a Lagorchestes from Barrow Island and will soon write out all his Montebello Island specimens.

24 May 1913, 1 p.
22. Letter to Woodward listing animals named gouldi, also comments on his (Thomas's) papers on Australian Muridae.

27 Oct 1913, 1 p.
23. Letter to Woodward on Trouessart's work on Macropus eugenii, and location of Eugene Island.

15 Dec. 1913, 1 card.
24. Postcard to Woodward containing Antechinomys spencerii reference,.

 7 Feb. 1914, 1 p.
25. Letter to Woodward about arrival of bat specimens, the same as the English Nyctalus noctula, also found in Malaya and Borneo, but not known to occur in W.A. [Note by Glauert "bats caught near Lawlers by Tunney in 1899"].

14 Jul. 1914, 1 p.
26. Letter to Woodward about Nyctalus noctula.

10 May 1915, 1 p.
27. Letter to Woodward about Nyctophilus asking for a specimen of N. major and N. geoffroyi. Mentions that most of their collectors, including Shortridge, have gone to the front.

25 Jun 1915, 1 p.
28. Letter to Glauert thanking for bat specimens and identifying them as Nyctophylus major, Eptesicus pumilus and Chalinolobus morio and sending Rhinolophidae specimens; suggests future donations be described as "Exchanges".

20 Jul. 1920, 1 p.
29. Letter to Glauert about [W.B.?] Alexander's resignation and specimens he asked Thomas to send in exchange for the Notoryctes and Wyulda skulls, also a Notoryctes caurinus skin to go by registered post.

23 Feb. 1921, 1 p.
30. Letter to Glauert about delays to specimens being sent.

7 Jun. 1921, 1 p.
31. Letter to Glauert thanking for Wyulda skull (doubts about identification), Notoryctes caurinus and Patagonian specimens, also a query about the collector T.H. Hall.

14 Jun 1921, 1 p.
32. Letter to Glauert determining the Patagonian opossum as a new species: Notodelphus halli, also note about Wyulda: a distinct genus most closely allied to Trichosurus.

23 Jun. 1921, 1 p.
33. Letter to Glauert about Wyulda and Notoryctes,

26 Sep, 1921, 1 p.
34. Letter to Glauert about T.H. Hall; citing a book on colour standards by R. Ridgway; a collecting trip to Australia by T.V. Sherrin.

13 Aug., 1915, 1 p.
35. Note by Woodward recording receipt of specimens (bats) from Oldfield Thomas.

11 Sep. 1915, 1 p.
36. Note to the Director, WA Museum, from British Museum (Natural History): thanks for 4 bats from W.A.

21 Sep. 1920, 1 p.
37. Note to the Director, WA Museum, from S.F. Harmer, Director of British Museum (Natural History): thanks for 12 Petrels and 13 Skulls from W.A., 3 species of Phyllopoda and a large River-prawn from W.A.

15 Apr. 1922, 1 p.
38. Letter to Glauert asking about occurrence of Zaglossus (Echidna) in northern W.A.

9 Apr. 1926, 1 p.
39. Letter to Glauert about a Dasyurus hallucatus (Quoll) specimen sent from W.A. in 1840 by Sir G. Grey.

15 May 1926, 1 p.
40. Letter to Glauert about WA Museum rock wallaby specimen no. 10446, collected by G.F. Hill on 10.3.1910.

22 May 1926, 1 p.
41. Letter to Glauert asking for specimens of rats and offering an exchange and also to determine W.A. specimens, as he did for Woodward.

4 Jun. 1926, 1 p.
42. Letter to Glauert with thanks for 2 skulls, and 2 rats, one probably, Rattus woodwardi, and one from the Abrolhos, also thanks for a map.

23 Jun. 1926, 1 p.
43. Letter to Glauert asking for details of Sir George Grey's Kimberley journey, also asking to see 4 specimens of Dasyurus hallucatus.

30 Sep. 1926, 1 p.
44. Letter to Glauert to say sending exchange specimens, including a Notomys alexis, commenting on Grey's Journal, returning the Dasyurus specimens and thanking for offer of a Lyncodon patagonicus.

10 Jan. 1927, 1 p.
45. Letter to Glauert: he is unable as yet to give an opinion on the eugenii group of kangaroos; queries whether Shortridge collected from a locality (Archipelago) other than the mainland and if so seeks examples of specimens.

11 Feb. 1928, 1 p.
46. Letter to Glauert enclosing his paper on Notodelphys halli (Patagonian opossum now Lestodelphys halli), wants to find out what time of year it was collected by Mr. Hall.

16 May 1928, 1 p.
47. Letter to Glauert thanking him for Hall's letter; requests specimens from Garden Island.
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