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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1954-1956. Part 1
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1. To L. MacMillan at Wotjulum Mission from Glauert, thanking him for invitation for Buller to visit and collect specimens for Museum, Buller proposes to fly to Derby, then by "Yampi Lass" to Yampi, 8 Apr. 1954, 1 p.
2. To D.G. Edgar at Australian Iron and Steel Yampi, from Glauert, informing him of above plans and asking permission for Buller to travel on the "Yampi Lass", 8 Apr. 1954, 1 p.

3. To Middleton, Commissioner for Native Affairs, from Glauert, asking for permit for Buller to visit the Wotjulum Mission, 8 Apr. 1954, 1 p.
4. To MacMillan from Glauert about Buller's visit, equipment will travel to Derby by the "Kabarli", Buller will arrive by air on June 2nd, 11 May, 1954, 1 p.
5. To Glauert from Petri at Broome (in German), [n.d.], 1 p.
6. To Glauert from H. Niggemeyer at the Frobenius Institut (in German), about photographs of Western Australian rock engravings sent on behalf of Petri, 28 May, 1954, 1 p.
7. To H. Niggermeyer from Glauert, have received photographs of rock engravings from Frobenius expedition to North Western Australia, 17 Jun. 1954, 1 p.
8. To Glauert from Buller at Wotjulum Mission, he hopes to be back first week in July, has made good collections, 23 Jun. 1954, 1 p.
9. To Glauert from Buller, telegram to say Scaly Tailed Possum procured,  also, congratulatory telegram (sent by telephone) from Glauert in reply, 1 Jul. 1954, 2 p.
10. To MacMillan from Glauert, Trustees wish to thank him for assisting Buller during his recent visit, 14 Jul. 1954, 1 p.
11. To Middleton from Glauert, asking for permit for Athol Douglas to go to Wotjulum Mission to collect insect specimens, 13 Dec. 1954, 1 p.
12. To MacMillan at Wotjulum, from Glauert, thanking him for inviting Douglas and providing details of his travel arrangements to Yampi, he will stay about a month at mission if convenient, 23 Dec. 1954, 1 p.
13. To Superintendent, Australian Iron and Steel Yampi, from Glauert,  asking permission for Douglas to travel on the "Yampi Lass" from Derby to Yampi, 23 Dec. 1954, 1 p.
14. To Glauert from D.G. Edgar, permission given for Athol Douglas to travel on the "Yampi Lass", 2 Jan. 1955, 1 p.
15. To Glauert from MacMillan, asking that Douglas' visit be postponed as he has had a serious accident and is in hospital, 2 Jan. 1955, 1 p.
16. To Glauert from Agnes Susanne Schulz in Darwin, in German, describing her work on collecting and copying Aboriginal art, including bark paintings and enclosing a lino-cut print, 4 Jan. 1955, 2 p. + Draft letter from Glauert to Frau Schulz, in German, thanking her for the print, undated, 1 p.
17. To Manager, R.M. Rowell & Co., from Glauert, about luggage for Douglas shipped to Derby. Douglas' visit postponed as Mr. MacMillan has had an accident, could luggage and equipment be stored until March? 10 Jan. 1955, 1 p.
18. To D.G. Edgar from Glauert, advising that Douglas' visit postponed, 10 Jan. 1955, 1 p.
19. To MacMillan from Glauert, shocked to hear about his accident, Douglas' trip postponed, all being well he will now arrive Derby on March 2nd., 10 Jan. 1955, 1 p.
20. To D.G. Edgar from Athol Douglas, now postponing his trip indefinitely as Glauert in hospital for some weeks, 9 Feb. 1955, 1 p.
21. To MacMillan from Douglas, advising him of Glauert's illness and further trip postponement, 9 Feb. 1955, 1 p.
22. To Manager, R.M. Rowell & Co., from Douglas, trip postponed, able to get his luggage returned to the Museum, 9 Feb. 1955, 1 p.
23. To Douglas from MacMillan, come whenever convenient as they are back from hospital, hopes Glauert doing well; recent heavy rain; local Aborigines hoping Buller comes back soon, 25 Feb. 1955, 1 p.
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