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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1922-1953. Part 5
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71. To Glauert from James McCallum, who had been on an expedition on Monte Bello Islands in 1912 with 2 young men, Burns and Montague; Burns had later drowned but he wants to know if Montague still alive as would like to contact him, 21 Aug. 1952, 2 p.

72. To McCallum from Glauert, Burns drowned at Forrest River and Montague was killed in the war, 25 Aug. 1952, 1 p.
73. Copy of report from W.G. Penney, Fort Halstead, listing birds observed before the explosion on Montebello and those also seen afterwards; includes mention of reptiles, fish, shells and botanical specimens collected, 14 Jan. 1953, 1 p.
74. To Butler c/o W.A. Naturalists Society, from F.L. Hill a list of specimens collected from Monte Bello Islands and identified: Birds, Lizards, Snakes, Sea snakes, Insects, 21 Feb. 1953, 2 p. (2 copies)
75. To Hill from Glauert, about the Monte Bello specimens, some of which are not in the Museum's collections, 6 Mar. 1953, 1 p.
76. To Glauert from Frank Hill in Bromley, Kent, enclosing a list of plants from the Monte Bello collection (some from Barrow Island), identified at Kew. Has asked the B.M. (Nat. Hist) to keep Glauert informed of further work done on the collection, 8 April, 1953, 2 p. + 1 p. list
77. To Frank L. Hill From Glauert, thanking him for list of plants, 8 Apr. 1953, 1 p.
78. To Glauert from T.C.S. Morrison-Scott in Mammal room at B.M., all but one bat specimen from Montebello collection was of interest, 10 Apr. 1953, 1 p.
79. To Glauert from A.M. Clark, enclosing list of Echinoderm species from Monte Bello, will send copy of any note on collection published, 16 Apr. 1953, 1 p. + 1 p. list.
80. To Glauert from J.D. Macdonald, list of identified birds from Monte Bello, four in all, 27 Apr. 1953, 1 p.
81. To J.D. Macdonald from Glauert, thanking him for list of birds, 4 May 1953, 1 p.
82. To T.C.S. Morrison-Scott from Glauert, thanking him for information about mammals collected on Monte Bello Islands, 18 May 1953, 1 p.
83. To Glauert from A.J. Fraser, Fisheries Dept. W.A., enclosing a letter from Surgeon Commander G. Wedd with information on mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates collected from Monte Bello and Barrow Islands and taken to the B.M. (dated 1 May 1953), 26 May 1953, 3 p.
84. To A.M. Clark from Glauert, thanking for list of Echinoderms from the Montebello Islands, 27 May 1953, 1 p.
85. To A.J. Fraser from Glauert, thanking him for letter from Surgeon Commander Wedd, Naturalist to the Monte Bello expedition, 5 Jun. 1953, 1 p.
86. To Glauert from Brian V. Teague at Narrogin, he has heard of plan to send an expedition into country north of the Warburton Range and that Bill Graydon, MHR, is hoping to have an officer from both Native Welfare Dept. and State Mines Dept. accompany him. Teague thinks at least one naturalist and collector should go too, 7 Jun. 1953, 2 p.
87. To B.V. Teague from Glauert, Warburton Range area not unknown to Museum as it was examined some years ago by geologists and surveyors with a collecting tank and local specimens were collected, also Museum's taxidermist currently working in the Hamersley Range area so not available, 9 Jun. 1953, 1 p.
88. To A.J. Fraser from Glauert, sending copy of a report from W.G. Penney, 11 Jun. 1953, 1 p.
89. To A.J. Fraser from Glauert, thanking him for sending another list of material and notes made by the Monte Bello Expedition, 13 Jun. 1953, 1 p.
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