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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1916-1921. Part 2
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See: Letter book 5A, 1899-1901, for acknowledgements sent to names listed [kept Archives room (Bay 5)]
29. To E.J. Stuart in Perth from Glauert, thanking him for specimens collected on his expedition to the North-west - dugong, turtle, 3 fish new to collection, other specimens still to be identified, 15 Apr. 1918, 1 p.
30. To Director, Zoological Gardens Perth [E. Le Souef], from Bradshaw of Tambellup, about a trip made through Stirling Ranges and observations of wildlife, 23 Nov. 1919, 3 p.

31. Reply to Bradshaw from Director thanking for letter, suggests natural history books he could use for identifying wildlife, 1 Dec. 1919, 1 p.
32. To Director, Zool. Gardens Perth, from Bradshaw, inviting a naturalist to come for 3 weeks, stay at his property & explore Stirling Range with him, 7 Dec. 1919, 2 p.
33. To Bradshaw from Director thanking him for invitation, will discuss it with Alexander, the govt. botanist D.A. Herbert unfortunately away, 16 Dec. 1919, 1 p.
34. To Bradshaw from Alexander, he would be interested in trip, but not available until spring, suggests trying to get together several naturalists to go; refers to 1902 trip to Stirling Ranges, written up in "Emu" of 1903, 13 Feb. 1920, 2 p.
35. From Bradshaw to Alexander, discusses logistics, especially if larger party to go, and different locations possible in spring, mentions Qualup Bell flower sent, wants account of birds seen by Milligan in 1902, 22 Feb. 1920, 3 p.
36. To Bradshaw from Alexander, going on 6 months leave, should be back in September, suggests copy of "Emu" article could be obtained from D. Le Souef, Australasian Ornithologists Union, Zoological Gardens, Melbourne, also more recent papers by Whitlock, 2 Mar. 1920, 2 p.
37. To Alexander from Bradshaw mentioning friend John Tunney and his work and discussing remote nesting places unlikely to have been visited by Milligan or Whitlock, says Tunney will no longer collect in the field as subject to attacks of malaria, discusses planning of expedition, 25 Jul. 1920, 4 p.
38. To Bradshaw from Battye, informing him of Alexander's resignation, leaves only Glauert in charge so not possible this year for a museum scientist to go with him on an excursion to the Stirling Range (neither time nor money), would welcome any specimens he might collect and send to the museum, 29 Jul. 1920, 2 p.
39. From Bradshaw to Museum, offering to pay expenses for a suitable scientist, and, having been advised by Tunney, would send all finds to the Museum, 4 Aug. 1920, 2 p.
40. To Bradshaw from Battye thanking him, says Glauert the most suitable man and he will refer the matter to President of the Trustees and see if possible, asks for details of times & places, 10 Aug. 1920, 2 p.
41. To Battye from Bradshaw, gives times & places & will provide 2 vehicles for the expedition, 13 Aug. 1920, 1 p.
42. To Bradshaw from Battye, Trustees willing to send Lipfert, Museum's taxidermist, who has great knowledge of WA birds and is experienced collector and bushman, and will pay his train fare, he will bring complete collector's outfit, but Bradshaw asked to supply camping gear; suggested Mr Herbert might also go at Govt. expense, 15 Sep. 1920, 3 p.
43. To Battye from Bradshaw, he hasn't yet heard whether anyone is available, but wishes to start from Tambellup by 1st Oct. and be away for 2 months, has reference books, 15 Sep. 1920, 2 p.
44. To Battye from Bradshaw, happy to have Lipfert, provides a self description, will try to meet train, gives details of gear needed (rope ladder) & refers to past collectors' records; does not think Mr Herbert can be included on this trip, 17 Sep. 1920, 2 p.
45. To Bradshaw from Battye, Lipfert arriving by train on 29th, bringing equipment for preserving specimens, Museum very grateful for his help, 23 Sep. 1920, 1 p.
46. To Bradshaw from Battye, introducing Lipfert & his gear, please list any expenses and send to museum for reimbursement, 29 Sep. 1920, 1 p.
47. To Bradshaw from Battye, forwarding the Trustees' sincere thanks for his work for the Museum with Lipfert & for the new specimens, 10 Jan. 1921, 1 p.
48. To Editor of Sunday Times, Perth, from Battye, about expeditions to the Stirling Ranges (1902, 1910, 1918, 1920), gives an account of Bradshaw's and Lipfert's 1920 expedition and findings, 18 Jan. 1921, 3 p.
49. To Bradshaw from Battye, sending copies of photographs taken on the trip by Lipfert, although some plates were damaged, 25 Jan. 1921, 1 p.
50. To Battye from Bradshaw, thanking him for the letter acknowledging Trustees' thanks, also for photos, thinks one nest & eggs mistakenly described; wants name of yellow flowering bush; suggests complete protection for the few black-cheeked falcons at Mt. Talyuberlup; beautiful spring wildflowers in Stirling Range National Park; intends another expedition this year or next, encloses a newspaper cutting about visit by govt. officers to Stirling Range National Park, near Kendenup, 14 Feb. 1921, 4 p. + clipping.
51. To Bradshaw from Battye, Lipfert will check photo wrongly described; name of bush Acacia decipiens; write to F. Aldrich about protecting the black-cheeked falcons under Game Act, 7 Mar. 1921, 1 p.
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