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Natural science - Miscellaneous expeditions 1957-August 1959. Part 2
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2 Jul 1958, 1 p.
26. To D. Serventy from Ride, should be possible for Buller to join trip to Barrow Island.

7 Jul. 1958, 1 p.
27. To Ride from C.W. Brazenor, director of Victoria Museum, to see if possible to participate in proposed expedition to North-West, could contribute personnel, funding.

8 Jul. 1958, 2 p.
28. Copy of ABC News item about the expedition to the North-West.

8 Jul. 1958, 1 p.
29. ABC News item about expected arrival in Meekatharra of advance party of scientists for expedition to North-West.

16 Jul. 1958, 2 p.
30. Identical letters from Ride to T.S. Edmondson and F.A. Yeates enclosing copy of Brazenor's letter (see letter 7 Jul. 1958) about National Museum of Victoria's hope to be involved in N-W expedition.

(28th July, 1958), 1 p.
31. Interim Report on the Hamersley Range Expedition.

7 Aug. 1958, 2 p.
32. Copy of ABC News report about return of scientists to Perth from Hamersley Ranges with many specimens, some rare, led by Museum Director Ride.

7 Aug. 1958, 2 p.
33. Copy of ABC News report  (sent National) about return of first major West Australian organised scientific expedition to the North-West.

7 Aug. 1958, 2 p.
34. Copy of ABC News 'Shortwave' report re. return of scientists from North-West expedition.

35. "List of specimens for the Fauna Board which have been collected by, and for the Museum during the months June, July and August, 1958, excluding the Hamersley Range Expedition", 1 p.

October, 1958", 1 p.
36. "List of specimens collected by the Museum during the months of August, September and

16 Sep. 1958, 1 p.
37. To Ride from Ray George in Onslow: departing for Barrow Is. tomorrow, Dom, Jock, Ken and Ivan Carnaby arrived yesterday after collecting good series of bird skins on way up; he has collected crays from the beach, he wants sent by return air mail an open order for M.M.A. to airfreight specimens as they won't allow C.O.D.,

16 Sep. 1958, 1 p.
38. To Ride from Jock Marshall, asking if Buller can stay longer, Farner will be joining them and room in Carnaby's vehicle for both Buller and Farner.

6 Oct. 1958, 1 p.
39. To A.J. Fraser, Superintendent of Fisheries, from R.W. George, thanking him for permission to accompany research vessel F.R.V. Lancelin on its trip to the Barrow Island area.

9 Feb. 1959, 1 p.
40. To A.J. (Jock) Marshall from Ride, about birds collected from Barrow Island: Mees (Curator of Birds) knew nothing about any arrangements for specimens to go to the Australian Museum, suggests if Aust. Museum wants duplicates of some species Allen Keast, Storer and Ripley should contact Mees.

24 Feb. 1959, 2 p.
41. To Ride from Marshall in London, Barrow Island collections were intended for both Western Australian and Australian Museum.

19 Mar. 1959, 1 p.
42. To Marshall from Ride, Mees to send John Evans 2 black & white wrens & a pair of spinifex birds & a bandicoot.

13 Apr. 1959, 1 p.
43. To Basile & Sons on Abrolhos Islands, from Ride, thanking for help given to Barry Wilson on his recent trip to the Abrolhos.

13 Apr. 1959, 1 p.
44. To Jack Nelly on Wallabi Group, Abrolhos Islands, from Ride, thanking him for help to enable Wilson to land on East Wallabi and collect specimens of wallaby, hopes for future trip to West Wallabi.

13 Apr. 1959, 1 p.
45. To Fraser from Ride, thanking him for help given by Inspector Stokoe and crew of 'Kooruldhoo' to Wilson on his successful trip to the Abrolhos.

17 Apr. 1959, 1 p.
46. To W.B. Greenwood of Kulgera Trade and Transport Co., from K. Vollprecht to send a box to him at Giles Weather Station via Finke, N.T.,

21 May 1959, 1 p.
47. To Mrs. G. White, Merkanooka, from Ride, thanking her for looking after them, and appreciate the family's help for locating fossils and kangaroos.

26 May 1959, 1 p.
48. Telegram from Douglas to Ride: 5 Macroderma sent on plane.

49. "Proposed collecting trip by R.P. McMillan" at Merredin, Dedari, Wongan Hills, for genus Astraeus, 1 p.

50. "Wanted urgently, one benefactor to sponsor a biological expedition to the Kimberleys" - Perth Museum needs finance for a joint trip with National Museum of Victoria to West Kimberleys, discusses David Ride's work, compares lack of funds  with other institutions' research expenses, 9 p.

30 Jun. 1959, 1 p.
51. To W. D'Arcy, Yardie Creek Station via Learmonth, from Mees, asking for permission to fish in his wells with Douglas, to collect blind eels reported by Alf Snell, this will be after they have collected on Bernier and Dorre Islands and leave Shark's Bay.

6 Jul. 1959 2 p.
52. To Mees from D'Arcy at Yardie Creek, some wells distant from the homestead so camping necessary, but leave gear at shearers' quarters and do the testing and bottling here, son John available to help.

14 Jul. 1959, 1 p.
53. To D'Arcy from R.W. George: Mees and Douglas will be there after they leave Shark Bay; blind shrimp sent down by Alf have gone to Holland for examination.

22 Jul. 1959, 2 p.
54. To Mees from D'Arcy: sorry unable to help with petrol supply arrangements, looking forward to Mees visit.

July 12th to 28th, 1959. 4p.
55. "Major Expeditions during 1959-1960".
Narrative of an expedition to Bernier and Dorre Islands, Shark Bay.
Personnel: W.D.L. Ride, G.F. Mees, A.M. Douglas (Western Australian Museum), R.D. Royce (State Herbarium), C.H. Tyndale-Biscoe (Zoology Dept., U.W.A.), B.K. Bowen (State Fisheries Dept.), Crew of Research vessel "Lancelin", by W.D.L. Ride.

(July 28th-August 13th 1959) 2 p.
56. "Narrative of an expedition to North-West Cape
Personnel: G.F. Mees - Leader, A. M. Douglas, by G.F. Mees,

18 Aug. 1959, 1 p.
57. To Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy from Mees, thanking them for their hospitality; unpacking specimens and everything seems to be in good condition,

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