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David Ride : [field notebook] : Holiday to places North-West, April 1964 Ride Family
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15 - 29 April, 1966.
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To get to Mellenbye:
 Turn east off road to Gutha, 14 m. N of Morawa
 +2 Gutha
 +10 left at Xroads well signposted to Yalgoo +8.7 stock gate, 3.2 bend in road stockgate, 2.3 Mellenbye turnoff [to go to Marloo Well], stockgate, stockgate, stockgate, stockgate, Turi-Ari Hill, stockgate, Xroads take right, well signposted Yalgoo, windmill on left, fork right along fenceline before stockgate, well & mill go through gate, take track straight ahead (due east), no fence, telephone line at first, Mooloo Well. Ederga is .4 m. due east of this.

 The Murgoo Meteorite.
 Described to Ride & Merrilees,10-10-61, by W. Hamlet on Woolgarry Stn. Broke a fenceline in Murgoo, 1 1/2 m. from Deep Well and  about 4 1/2 m. from the Woolshed. Jimmy Tyson, Joker Mungo working on Murgoo know the position. Hamlet also described bones sticking up out of the rock in Boolardy Stn towards Mileura boundary. Fred Simpson, Danny Simpson, Murgoo Fred, Frank Tiger, Mick Gilbert, Mat Nugee all know of this (mention Hamlet to them).
 Wednesday, 15th April 1964
 Left Florence Road, 2hrs New Norcia, Yandanooka Hills camped across railway line in a thicket of low Casuarina. Fairly cold night with heavy dew, mist developed by dawn, dew dripping from acacia like heavy rain in early morning, Black-faced cuckoo shrikes, 28s, at least 3 species of frog calling: 1. a small rasping quack 2. a helioporous like woo-woo 3. a repeated setting of low sounds which together produced a faint moo. Seds collected 2 species the next day in a pond near the railway line, Pete collected a third.
 Thursday 16th April
 Yandanooka Hills : Gecko collected by Sue & Jim from crack in log. Dongara, Murchison river crossing, camped  for night, G .... night, no dew, fed children on fish & chips at Geraldton on way through, camped in the dark at our usual place.
 Friday 17th April 1964
 Murchison river crossing, went fishing but no bites at all, some small Atherines swimming on the surface. Drove along Carnarvon road looking for a tank .......went back & looked at old copper ....Turned off main road to Ajana, bought petrol, Northampton, back at camp, a warm night.
 Saturday 18th April 1964
 523 Camp at Murchison river crossing at the 383 mile post.
 575 Arrived at Kalbarri road
 576 Left Kalbarri
 Back at camp.
 Sunday 19th April 1964
 Left camp at 383 milepost at 11.45 hrs
 No. 1 Tank
 Mobil Station, bought new tyre
 Carnarvon Motel for night. Met Eric Barker, Dick Slack-Smith.
 Monday 20th April 1964
 Carnarvon motel.
 Went down to Whaling Stn, saw the remains. Martin still there managing Prawn factory, met Moore - Bob Moore's brother, all seem very bitter about Australia agreeing to quota on Sperms when the international whaling fleets are still taking all they can get off shore. Prawning venture going well, factory operating. Drove out to Gascoyne bridge for lunch, after lunch back fishing off whaling stn. jetty. Seds & Jim caught 4 species, pickled a series for Uren.
 Tuesday 21st April 1964
 Drove out to the Blowholes on Quobba. Gascoyne river crossing. Blowholes.
  Had lunch about 800* N of Blowholes at Quobba Point, the same Bothriembryon limestone here as in B. & D., collected a good series of Boths. : 66.660, 66.663. here the pisolitic limestone with Boths. includes a relatively weathered (?) aeolianite at a discomformity about 12 ft above sea level, collected specimens of each & a specimen of the junction. Back to Carnarvon, saw q rabbit, 2 Reds, and a white egret in Quobba. At Motel, met Grahame Wilson - he is Welfare Officer Carnarvon now. Appears happy.
 Wednesday 22nd April
 Gascoyne bridge.
 Booloogaroo Homestead.
 Gascoyne bridge.
> Thursday 23rd April
Motel at Carnarvon, V. J. Lewis.
Shark Bay turn off.
Denham. No exposed rocks on the trip, met Dick Slack-Smith and Eric Barker & Jock Campbell at Fisheries Dept., they suggested we go to Pechick's Caravan Park. We got a very large caravan. Kenney (.....)(?) called in with daughter, took us out to the place where the hopping mouse was seen. Bathgate had cabled him. Nothing seen.
> Friday 24th April
Denham. Road to Monkey Mia, bobtail.
Monkey Mia.
Back at Denham. Collected a bobtail on road (see above). While at Monkey Mia 
Dick and Eric took us over to the redcliff N. of Monkey Mia across Red Cliff Bay. This appears to be a deposit of a red deposit which is non-marine. It does not appear to be fossiliferous. Just to the north of it there is a fossil shellbank crossbedded with the top about 12 or 15 ft above sea level(HW). photographed and collected. I did not ascertain its relationship with the red deposit - it may be a plastic(?). Collected Boths., recent but dead from around(?) the vegetation on the top of the cliff.
> Saturday 25th April (Anzac Day)
Peter found weathered(?) out Boths. at the foot of a weathered out (i.e. blown out) dune slightly to the south of the Caravan Park. Made a collection. They seem to be slightly larger than the living specimens collected from near Monkey Mia. Seds found a sectioned fossil Both. in the pisolitic limestone lumps which have been exposed in the bulldozing of the caravan park. It seems to be too small to be the same as the B & D, a Quobba species. Collected rock and further scraps. Drove over to lagoon, collected juvenile gecko under a sheet of tin.
> 66.658, 66.659, 66.662, 66.664.
> Sunday 26th April 1964
Denham. Drove out to Eagle Point, collected a small red (?) aphibolus in red sandhill country ring between bushes. Ditto a small(?) Donismia. Dick & Eric collected two small Aphibolus among rocks on the outer level.
> Monday 27 April
Drove up to the school, then to pick me up to collect a small snake : the school yard, it was in a hole. Went fishing caught good whiting ; preserved 1 whiting, 1 blowfish, 1 white striped fish.
> Tuesday 28 April
Denham, left at 1300 hrs, main road 14.40 hrs Billabong Road House, bend in road after 71 miles straight, Camp at Murchison 383 mile peg.
> Wednesday 29 April 1964
Camp at Murchison, returned to small copper(?) show, Geraldton, Carnarvon.
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