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David Ride : [field notebook] : Murchison-Gullewa Sept-Oct 1961 - Rottnest Oct 1961
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Sept-Oct 1961
83, 2 p. ; 13 cm.
Account of an excursion by David Ride and party to area around between Murchison, Mullewa and Yalgoo in Western Australia, observations of geological forms and contacts with local residents.
Also later short visit to Rottnest Island to observe quokkas.
Trip Gullewa-Murchison.
[Route to Gullewa from previous trips.]
Conversation with S. R. White before departure to get advice on Merkanooka Whites (he refers to them as "Wombat whites!)
John White's house.To get there turn west at Pintharuka
south of tennis court, straight along road for 5-6 miles, plough disc: Beware of Children. John's place on right of road, Hamel living with Pa & Ma at Merkanooka.

Jim O'Brien knows of a man in Mullewa who found fossils in a well.
The stations out from Gullewa : Mellenbye Stn. Broads, Barnong Stn. Mitchells, Burnerbinnah Stn. Craven ; Stan White says all helpful.
Single Cliff : about in the centre of the triangle Magnet, Paynes Find, Yalgoo ; wall of rock carvings etc.; Stan White describes them as peckings. From Yalgoo Lyall Palmer or son John at the hotel will direct to Burnabinnah on which Single Cliff stands, mention Stan White.

Conversation Bert Main suggests look at Green Creek series between Mingenew and Morawa, says that there are beaches obviously Post-Permian. Get there (data from 1st Gullewa trip 1957) from Morawa 14 m. before bridge s. of Mingenew bushfire sign on south of road, 200* east of sign, track in.
21 Sept. 1961.
Left Perth 6am, picked up Duncan Merrilees, Northam, Wongan Hills, lakes - salt on roadside, Buntine (met John Read friend of Duncan), Perenjori, collected ? condostraca and an "anaspides" - very saline, almost saturated, shallow with a fine slender weed ; Morawa, Mellenbye turnoff, stockgate on road, saw red kangaroos, doe with joey at heel, Turi Ari Hill, Gullewa, stockgate, kangaroos colour of erubescens, dark ears abnormally coloured rufous?. Mooloo Well, Ederga River set up camp in dusk. Numerous rabbits from warrens at bases of mulga trees, bright 3/4 moonlight, birds calling, ground covered with small compositae, a beautiful sight, plenty of water in river. Used new gun.
22nd Sept. Friday
Rabbits, corellas & flies, finished setting up camp. River bank bedded sediments, outcrops of greenstone, collected small geckoe, coxiella from small runnel approx. 8ft above present water level, Kodachrome photos of campsite, went to artefact site found by Duncan on the E. bank above a wide dyke of quartz which crosses the river. Collected artefacts for Ian Crawford to record the site. There are greenstone masses exposed on east bank, a dyke of quartz crosses the river with layers of pebbles including laterite and greenstone and a fine deposit of silt called loess, this contains coxiella and a large gastropod (Rhagada?). A few hundred yards above the camp loess covers the greenstone, no fossils found ; collected water beetles and insect larvae from river, saw 2 emus, went out with headtorch, shot rabbits.
23rd Sept. 1961.
Went north along road to ?Endergerlp to point opposite foothills of range about 3 m. N. of camp. Telephone line crosses river. Walked out all exposures between that point and the northernmost place reached yesterday. No fossils. Collected Atherines in Ederga R. for Gerlof, teal in river also black duck in flock of about 40.
Drove to Barnong Stn., Mitchells not at home, left note telling them where we were. Drove back to camp, saw a small rat-sized mammal - not identified in thick mulga between Yalgoo road and first well along fence line. Shot at a fox but missed, collected 2 rabbits, a female which we preserved the skull of W.R.79, she was in milk and fully grown, also shot a juv. black rabbit W.R.79 skin & skull. Rabbits plentiful along banks of river with warrens among the roots of mulga clumps. Plovers about calling and approaching camp in moonlight. Prepared bobtail and blue tongue skulls and girdles for skeletons for Duncan.
24th Sept. 1961.
Cleared up around camp, finished salting rabbit skulls, wrote labels. Duncan went down to river to fish purging, girdles of reptiles. Walked along river northward, collected Atherines for Gerlof.
Sequence of weathering of gemstone with laterization in a B horizon cleae. Moved north to where river divides into 2 branches at Ederga Springs. Road crosses both branches north of here. The river is broad here with exposed green grit in the bed, numerous coxiella found, appear to be more than one species. This is acting as a reservoir of water and it is feeding into the river from small quays in the girt. Above the green grit is the brown grit, the loess is missing. At the northern end of the main (last) branch: south of the road, there is a bar of greenstone across the river. Found small piece of longbone in a plaster of pebbles in the green grit in the centre of the E. branch. Found wood fragments v. delicate in the green grit. V. depressing exposure, not possible to see anything well, banks v. poor. Shot kangaroo Red male inspot, collected skull and some skeleton for Duncan W.R.80. The new rifle is too highpowered, shatters everything.
26 Sept. 1961.
Drove to Barnong Stn. Mrs Mitchell in with baby Robert, Husband and 2 other children gone to Morawa. V. nice person, an avid collector of rock specimens, spent some time talking to her, had tea and buns, phoned Bob Vincent - he is unable to join us at all this trip, phoned Margaret, she and children all well. Cost of calls 24/-. Mrs Mitchell spoke of a very interesting native area outside Yalgoo, encampment with mia mias still standing, kept secret by owners. Mrs M. spoke of an interesting place 5 m. south of Turi-Ari Hill with kaolin, ochre and ? burial mounds, speaks of excavating one day.
Drove S. of Turi-Ari Hill to place where creek crosses road (culvert). Banks which I had previously described as loess - not so. A (?) recent unconsolidated fluviatile deposit varying from a fine gritty soil on top to one layer of fairly coarse pebbles. Met Mitchell and 2 children on way there. Nice, a bit like John Calaby in appearance. Silent. They are getting rid of their goats by selling them at 20/- to Singapore, sold 1000 last year. Says that it is becoming more arid, gave 2 sets of ... lenbye, Leonard and Nan Broad.
29 Sept 61
Start Mellenbye, drove to Little Biddy breakaway, this is about 2 m. N. of Berbo Hill. A breakaway in the precambrian along the edge of the channel of the Ederga. Here the river meanders along lakes which it enters at Brady Hill.
Collected Varanus gouldii (small spec.) in burrow also Amphibolurus in burrow, also ants from exposed edge of lake. Collected artifacts, a beautiful microlith of quartz down in sand alongside W. bank of lake and other artifacts of quartz and greenstone from top of breakaway, all surface.
Beddie dingo: native names for two lizards :Varanus gouldi - Waddabi. Amphibolurus - Jubbi. A large Amphibolurus ? barbatus is called Wunnarda at Yellatery Stn. says local names are the same
Kadgi Stn - Frank Broad
Lochada - Robbins
Warrada Stn - Harry Broad
Burnabiamah Stn - David Craven
Had lunch at Mellenbye then left for Kadgi, Morawa Yalgoo Rd, cross Gortha Xrds, cross Pintharuke Xrds, turn left for Kadgi homestead, gate (cockies) in fence with track down to right, well with windmill, well (probably North Paradise), tracks leading NE and SW, took SW track hoping to get to Lochada Rd. Collected spider in Land Rover, brushed off scrub through open window, many hollow eucalypts, v. old track forking left, disused well with v. poor fence and cockies gate track to right along fence after well. Collected 3 spiders of some sort from web in fence at disused well. Wheel marks in scrub on left, slight dogleg in fence, meet fence at Rt, L5. Go through cockie's gate turn south, meet E/W rd at rt Ls, turn left should be Rt to Lochada. Lake on rt handside of road with small exposures of brown grit, probably Ninghabour Hill on Weelhamby lake. Appears to be good exposures beyond hill on SW side of lake on the Lochada-Kadgi where it crosses the lake, turn left to Lochada Homestead, south east to Rabbit Proof fence, through gate in fence & then south, gate across rabbit proof fence rd. at rd. to East should takrra to make phone call, could not get through, left telegram. Yoweragabbie Stn breakroy country where corroborees were held with creeks. Old full blood Nugget can inform, hands in rocks, information Bill Dempsey who used to be head stockman at Binnaburnah and would be there for 3-4 days & then on to the Murchison.
Nelson Pierce, Waratah Ave. used to be boss of Nalbarra. He recently took all diaries from 1911 on and account books, inform archives, also records of the gaol were lying about in the weather, some have been sent to archives but he refused do reading through the old ledgers the other day. Inform archives. Lockyer is manager for company headed by Colin Pearce. Drove back to camp, picked up Duncan & trailer, adjusted trailer brakes, suspect no linings. 16 m. frpm Nalbarra on rd to Binnaburnah collected abstracts and table of contents also in English, with nomenclature also in Latin.Varanus gouldii, labelled with metal top Nalbarra 2/10/61. Arrived back at Binnabinnah. David Craven gave locality of Cuttathas a rockhole about 2m. due east of Bulling R. H. Mrs Lockyer phoned to say she had got through to Margaret and all well at home. Talked to Craven who used to be a stockman on Nalbarra, he says that the rockhole in granite is at the posn marked Nakedar well but Nakedar well is actually a couple of miles further on, probably the unmarked windmill NW of the rockhole. Craven says that Leggadina lamps are present on the property, Mus musculus in house, identified v. damaged carcase They will try to catch one for us in the next few days. Amphybolurus, Mrs Mitchell says the local native name for this is booni (bunai).
Left trailer at homestead for Cuttathar rock hole said to be native camp and also possible deposits in soak. Cuttathar seems to be a perfect site for an archaeological excavation, there's a pool of perfectly fresh water (full of tadpoles of 2 sorts and small crustacea - both collected) which is part shaded - probably as much as 1/2 shaded for a red. Track joins round top of tributary, cross flat tributary, low exposures all the way. red grit seems to be better on south bank, tributary from NE. EW track turns west. River at this place is a wide sand river about 50* wide with low banks with good exposures (stepped) of red grit on both banks. On S side of the fence the banks tend to be covered with sand and exposures are poor. No fossils.
Good exposures of red grits on green for about 1/2 of a mile from fence northwards. Photographed dark red bottlebrush same as that seeds collected from 5/10/61.
Back at fence, track v. poor, through fence(strainer) and trends southwards here, turned W along fence, found addled emu egg, tried to blow it for Duncan's children but it broke.
Continued south met EW fence at T with gate , turned west. Met fence turning south at R+, fence due west, rt L fence turns South, main road cattle inthough.
Yalgoo, stopped at the pub, phoned Margaret. Drove on the Geraldton road to Mullewa. Continued west along Geraldton Rd across rlwy line and then down rd to Mingenew for 7.4 m to Kockatea Gully, camped there for the night. On way into Yalgoo tried to trace squeaks in trailer - offside brake drum, oilbearings appear to be well packed but drum squealing badly, did not withdraw bearings, flushed out drum with petrol and slacked off the adjusting bolt until squeal disappeared. No brakes in rt wheel.
7th Oct (Saturday) 1961
Kockatea gully. Duncan both brown and green grits present, collected specimens. Drove to Mullewa (garage), posted film and wrote to Margaret and Gerlof. creek trib. of Wenmilla Creek on rt of road just north of Mullewa, series same as Ederga - green & red, horizon of coarse pebble conglomerate between and layers of pebbles at various levels in the red. Wenmilla Creek crosses rd. here there is a complicated sequence in E of rd. Good contrast between a very white conglomerate(&seen) and a basement rock which appears to be largely granitic, no definite red except
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