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David Ride : [field notebook] : South-west of Western Australia : October 1959
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14 - 25 Oct, 1959
[42] p. ; ill. ; 4 x 16 cm.
"Field notes made on a visit to the south-west in Oct. 1959."
Includes sketches of sites.
Type localities of mammals from the South Western Part of the State are listed (7 p.)
14th Oct. Katanning opened Wildlife Show organised by Neville Beeck and Alan Ladyman
15th Oct. visited Beeck's property, lists specimens and fossils, to Tambellup,
Toolbrunup Lake, Kojonup, Boyup Brook, quartzite and fossils found by Kalin
16th Oct Kalin gave fossils, told about Boodie rats (Potoroos?) at Two People's Bay gave 2 bats from Katanning district. Arrived Kojonup, collected fossils, drove on to Bridgetown through Blackwood forest, then to Nannup through excellent forest country to Margaret River
17th Oct. McLeod of Mammoth Cave, collected worms for Cain in Oxford, looked at Lake Cave, arrived at bridge at "Bailes Brook" (Donnelly River) camped
18th Oct. fished billabong caught various invertebrates, fished in Weld River s. of Shannon, plains with granite and laterite hills, jarrah and karri trees. S. Price at Nanalup told about quokkas and possums and his farm was damaged by a big fire in 1937. Camped east of Nunalup
19th Oct. To Denmark, turned off on way to Tower Hill & petrified forest, to Albany and Two Peoples Bay (with uninhabited tin shacks), drove back towards Albany stopping to set cage traps baited with bread, stayed at Albany.
20th Oct. Called on Inspector Carmichael in Albany for a couple of skulls and mandibles from a blown out line in the Southern Promontory at Broke Inlet. Called at Albany Advertiser to Keith Butler asking people to send specimens to Carmichael + instructions. Went back to Two Peoples Bay, fished, went back to traps and collected specimens [listed]
21 Oct 1959 Visited traps, back to Albany, then to Porongurups, scrubby Jarrah, York gums, mixed Wandoo. SW of Ongerup salty creek, small species of fish. Around Lake Grace Mallee + York gums, saltbush and sand plain shrubs. Many rabbits, stopped for night at Rabbit-proof fence.
22nd Oct.1959 Wandoo on road to Wickepin, fished in Walellemin Brook where a culvert went under Pingelly road, caught quite large fish, picked up bobtail on road, mixed casuarina, wandoo and blackboys, fished fish & gilgies, in pools probably tributary of Hotham River, slightly brackish. Collected maps showing location of reserves from Pingelly police station. drove out to Shortridge's old collecting locality Woyerling Well, a townsite that never grew, well still there, only animals rabbits and bobtails. Camped for night: wandoo, mullet, blackboy etc, dense scrub, granite rocks.Signs of Trichosurus in Wandoo, shot Bettongia pencillata[WR64] preserved in tin for Geoff and Cleland, infested with ticks and lice, collected stomach contents, rectal pellets, gut, heart. Before shot a large cat with 2 kittens who became quite motionless when mother shot. Set 3 traps.
23rd Oct 1959 Bettongia pencillata caught in trap. Drove towards Pingelly , east along Wickepin road then along dirt road signposted Tuttaning, collected Varanus gouldii then along firebreak, Scotty Dhu part owner of property 2500 acres, trapped animals going into his crops for years: Greys - plentiful,Tammar - plentiful in sheoak thicket, Woylies (or Boodies) still plentiful, they eat the seeds, Bush uncommon, Prom fairly common, Ringtail not seen often - Bandicoots hereabouts - Dalgytes (Bilby) not seen since 1939 moved out with the Boodies - Numbats hereabouts - Sminthopsis crassicaudata "like mice with fat tails and faces like little foxes" - Mice (plague last year) - Rats caught in bin dark with whitish tail - Wild cats caught in traps - Foxes not very common - Rabbits few - Porcupine caught in traps. Went spotlighting, saw grey, tammar, woylies, shot tammar female [WR65] description.
24th Oct. 1959 Caught woylies in live traps baited with bread, save for Hugh 1 with joey. From Pingelly on Wickepin Rd, leftt Yealering signpost , left at T-junction to main reserve. Set traps. Collected Myrmicobius common, Quenda (bandicoot) common, Grey not common but spread around, bush getting scarce, natural ha
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