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David Ride : [field notebook] : Hamersley Expedition July -August 1958, Margaret River October 1958
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July-Aug, Oct. 1958
1 v. ; 13 x 9 cm.
Includes some local Aboriginal names.
Includes sketches of some sites.

Hamersley Expedition from 19 July 1958.
> 19th July 1958
Honso doe shot with spotlight, spinifex plain, wt. 27 lbs. Small hairless pouch, young. 62 - 71.
[List of animals, 61-71 wt. and sex] ; with the exception of H67 Millstream Stn. on road, all reds were shot on Kingenge(?), all Euros  shot near Millstream, much spinifex.

> 21st July

5 miles N of Kingenge turnoff, Caves - shot at Macroelna gigans - solitary opening in cave : escaped but Douglas collected droppings. Collected Typhozous in net. Douglas shot Python(?) in cave. Shot hooded robin in snakewood mulga grove in spinifex plain. [Sketch].

> 24 July
H143. Euro (m) shot between Kingenge and Coolawanya(?)
Turkey, shot by AMD : stomach contents Beetles & Grasshoppers.
Red f. Tew(?) shot 10 miles S. of Kingenge Homestead W.H.B., wt. 15 1/2  lbs.
Traps in gorge
In gorge.
1. Spotted brown bird in loo bush 0730 hrs.
2. Singing honeyeater with Butler 0800 in Sturt pea.
3. Hen robin in dead tree, 07304.
4. Grey Thrush in deep rocky gorge in low bush.
5. Painted fish m. at small pools of water in deep rocky gorge.
a)Painted finch on rock in damp rocky gorge.
b)Singing honeyeater in eig
c) Brown honeyeater in acacia.
H159 m. Robustus shot between Timbery & Coolawanyah with doe.
H160 f. Teats fired 84 lbs.
H161 m. not fired 42 lbs.
Despite great difficulties
Birds : 170 specimens representing 58 species. Promises to be the most important single collection to come to the museum.
Rare birds 1. species of Aytinus(?) striatus (2 in coll.)
2. Flock pigeon (3in coll.
Emu Wren (Rufous crowned)
Royles 43 species approx 260 spec., hector 4,000 of 150 egg.
Fox, red, euro, white ent. paranticlinus, 2 bats, mouse, dingo, echidna.
Pouched mouse trapped 30 July by Butler, 1 p. sketch. L.178, T.81, HF15.5, E.19, least width of tail at incrusation = 3.9, middle of tail 6.1, Wt 24 gms.

> 1 Aug
Bat Taphozous HF 14.6, E. 22.8, Wt. 24 g.
1. Aways(?) Iris white legs, blue grey nose skin of male Phe(?) Common chat, Iris yellowish white, legs chest black, bill black.
Mudlark D. greenish-yellow beak upper, white with blackish nostrils & tip. looa. white feet dark.
Ring-necked. skin of nose hazel mm one blackish feet dark eyes brown.

Jounguna       Owlet N.
Jungun      Emu
Mundayung   Euro
Wandera       Magpie
Mounda       Hill
Ngundama people    Black hill
Ngungumurra people    Headland
Paiwanada    Red K
Puggare        Plain
Waiwurra     ?Lazachistes
Buring  Kangaroo fish
Black duck I Light brown. B. Greenish grey  F Greenish brown
old Larrawarru Satullim
Dirridi  - macrodima
haledis people Nijubundi
Juryawarru - small bat
sketch Mt Hubert

> 4 Aug to Millstream
332  Robustus 333 rufus

> 5 Aug 1958
Coolenegal, lizards in spinifex. Kimberley kite, yellow are & skin of male of mouth, tip of bill black, feet yellow with black claws, iris brown.
Cowareontemp hash (tunt). Melgadous Yungailinna. Punjimma people in Fortescue. Mt Land cattle station.
Yuwarrana = big hill
Paigu people other side Mulga Downs, Manudinia south of Mt Bird to Yarradula Stn. Ngillama people at black hill from Roebourne to Yule River as far east as Hooley.

> 16th October 1958
 Perth - Margaret River, Collie River 16th, 17th Oct. 1958, Alexander Ridge, Nannup, Donnybrook, Quindinning, Perth.
List of mammals recorded by Douglas in Hamersley Exp.
Called Fisheries Office in Bunbury, Inspector Barry Baines, arranged with him for alcohol tank to be delivered to him by Fisheries Dept vehicle.
Met Mr Maskell who presented eel caught 15 Oct, species identified by mees as Gymnothorax woodwardii type in W.A.M.
Baines presented small long necked tortoise caught 6 miles up the Collie River from its mouth.

> 17th Oct 58
Arrived Margaret River , contacted tourist bureau & got hold of the Caves guide - a local farmer Dudley McLeod. He is a most cooperative and useful man. Worked until 10.30, still plenty of Glauert's deposit left. It appears that it was part of an earlier cave which had collapsed into the present one. Well worth stratifying.
Margaret River, Alexander Bridge, Nannup, Donnybrook, Collie, West Arthur, Williams, Quindinning, Warramong, Perth.
Collected bobtails 18 m. NE of Collie in mixed wandoo, useful numbat country. Also shot shieke thrush, f. sitting in Jarrah, brought back specimen.
Mammals recorded by Douglas on Hamersley Exp.
H 1-7 Marilana Stn W of
Skulls of Euros at waterhole.
H 8 Munifus f. 19 m E of Marilana
H 9  " f. 27 m. E of Marilana
H 10 " juv.
H 37 Millstream shot W.D.L. Ride Wt 34 lbs HF27 L1460 T 66 E 10.9 3/4 young at heel,  wt of young 100 g.
H 38 Palm pool Millstream m. 20/7/58 L.1830 T.830, HF290, E 122
H 39 f. Spinifex near road at Millstream
H 142 f. young wt 11.5 lbs, tail 188, H B 40, 23rd July 1730 hrs.
H300 m testes removed length1930, T,990, HF31.6, ear 14.5 .

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