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David Ride : [field notebook] : Perth to Merkanooka May 1959
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12 - 19 May 1959
[9] p. ; 16 cm.
Perth to Merkanooka
12th May 1959
Northam : grey overcast 65*F
Goomalling 14.15 hrs, spots of rain
Wongan Hills
Pilbara, changed to first tank.
Whites' at Merkanooka 19.15 hrs
13 May
White's house
07.10 hrs
Turnoff to John White's
John White's
Highway Mullewa - Uwara(?)
Mullewa petrol
Luncheon(?) at Billabalong
Arrived at bridge 12.00, 76*F
River has been in flood. Whites unable to find remains(?) they saw at the time they collected the jaw (?). Water in bed of river is sand or salt deposited over former bone (bare) surfaces. Had meal. Whites (Stan & Jeff O'Brien) fished & got 2spp. Water in pools not too salt to drink for most of the aquatic vegetation & very small crustacea (?diphinia). J. White walks at the bank about 1/2 mile to west of bridge. Brings back 2 species of fish.
1.slinner sp. Olive green above white below. Lateral line marked by extremely vivid white longitudinal band.
1 perch-like , greenish above spotted with brown blotches.
Small bird collected in bush at dusk. Bellbirds plentiful & a small green parrot here in mulga, cormorants on river. Bird shot, bill, horn, legs blackest, soles of feet pale, wt 9 g.
F. rufus shot, joey 2.5 g. (No. 6), total length 162, tail 85, Wt.43 lbs., HF 27, Ear 14.5
14 May 1959
Rose with first light, cold, started to look for birds but nothing doing until sun came up about 7.30.
Bush canaries, weebills, babblers, willies, mudlarks, galahs, grey falcon, 28s, topknot pigeons, large flocks of topknots c. 100 birds at least, grey heron, heard bellbirds & butcher bird. Crows in fine numbers. Shot 2 28s.
Walked out bush on way back to breakfast, further bone in undisturbed beds where river is cutting coming back.
Wts of 28s between 100 7 200 gr

Midday 14 May 1959. 88*F bearing overcast, clouds high, breeze.
Sketch: Section of cliff with scepder.
fine showing well silicified roots & the bands of white calcareous material.

19 May
Evening out with spotlight. 9 miles N of R, no kangaroos seen. All at river itself. Shot m., Wt -43lb. HF 27 Total length 149.5 Ear 13.5" Tail 77.5 (No7)
17 May
Left Murchison 10.00 Greenough R. walked out west of road, nothing.
Rabbits plentiful in burrows, foxes' earths. Shot bellbird. Shot pair of budgie parrots, put in Mrs White's fridge for night.Spotlighting at Merkanooka, locals say that all these species of kangaroos occur locally, greys and euros on the Irwin & coastal side of the watershed & reds & euros on the "lakes" side. Reds occasionally come into grey & euro territory. They also say that the greys and foxes move from the coast & back inland each year. Local greys have short toenails. Hard substrata but when they appear at the beginning of the winter toenails are long - sand plain conditions.
(No8) Grey Wt 43 lbs H.F.28 Nail 2.3 Female Ear 12 Tail 66 Total 144 with pouch young 200gms.
(9)Euro m. Wt 34lbs ear 12 Tail 71, HF 25 Nail 10 Total 144
Shot 2 foxes.
(11) male Wt 14lbs, Ear 9.5 Tail 42 HF 16.5 Total 104
(10) female Wt 8lbs Ear 9.2 Tail 35.5 HF 15 Total 99
Euros fairly common in Salmon and York Gum cubtry. Small breakaways with caves seen (8 ft. or so). Greys plentiful in scrub, young etc.
Left Merkanooka 1400 hrs.
Arrived Perth.
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