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David Ride : [field notebook] : Busselton Nov 1961 : Holiday with family
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18 - 24 Nov. 1961
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> 18th Nov. 1961 (Sat.)
Drove to Busselton. Collected a fly on the bonnet of the car at the Harvey Cut between Mandurah & Bunbury on the Coast road. Fly was predating a bush fly. Arrived at Busselton. Seddy caught a frog some inches below surface in the garden of the hotel Lymnodynastes dorsalis.

> 19th Nov. (Sunday) -  Rained all day, no collecting.

> 20 Nov. (Monday)
Drove to Yallingup. Collected Boths[Bothriembryontidae?] from surface of dunes below Dardanup Hill. Vegetation Spinifex longifolius and Carpobrotus. Caught fish in drainage out W. of motel & W. of point where Margaret River leaves the road to Dunsborough. Caught 2 march-flies.

> 21 Nov. (Tues) 61
Drove to north of Margaret River.The road workers had just bulldozed through a dune and there are many Boths. which appeared fossil lying in the depression. There was also a fossil soil horizon exposed in the cut face. Boths embedded in the black earth and further Boths (clearly recent) lying among the vegetation upon the surface of the modern dunes beyond the cutting. Collected from all three localities [sketch + notes]. Mouth of Margaret River v. interesting, the river opens to the sea between 2 courses of granite with the dunes overlying there. There is aeolinite overlying this on the south side & modern dunes overlying much of the landscape to an estimated 80-100 ft. There is granite exposed in the N. bank of the river above its barred basin. Stratigraphy may be v. interesting. On way back to Busselton crossed Margaret River on coast road at Burnside. Collected sample of rock from side of road some 30* above river level on N. bank, appear to be metasomatized granite but to my ignorant eye ? meta sediments.

Collected native bee from sand at mouth of river. Collected 2 insects from inside vehicle between Lake Cave and Burnside.

Photographed side at mouth of Margaret River in both colour and B&W.

> 22nd Nov. 1961 (Wednesday)
Frog caught by Seds in garden of motel defecated 3 beetles into bag, preserved in spirits.

Drove to Locke Estate, dense peppermint bush on side of road, stip of peppermint on N. of road as well next to foreshore. Estate bounded on West by semi-cleared land. House (Harvey dealers) called Ilgarrie on west and then "Siesta Park" & garage. Estate seems largely to be composed of mature peppermint regeneration. This has suffered severe burns in places. Generally unkempt and in poor condition in comparison with surrounding areas, particularly those to the West.

Drove to Capel Estate of T. Jamieson (probably block 3281) on the Capel River. Old and very beautiful house includes the original home of the 1840-50 period, its successor and the remainder built at the turn of the century. Could be a most wonderful showplace. Had an old mill (water) recently taken away by Brisbane and Wunderlich.

Jamieson is a Shetlander who came out as a small boy c.2-3 yrs., father went out to get various jobs to make money to get a start. They took up land in bush and lived in three tents for 2 years, mother walked 5 miles to shops leaving children alone in bush. Later father built a hessian house & later still a corrugated iron 4 roomed house (unlined) - "They thought it was a palace". Jamieson remembers walking 2 miles to school after being up milking since about 4 am, hardly being able to keep awake at school and wondering on the way home if he would even make it. They finished up on a property near the present one with a weatherboard house and then shortly before the war the owners of the present property decided to sell and offered it to them - no capital outlay "as long as they could pay the interest". Jamieson took it and he and his wife lived for years on 15/- jobs making the grade. Now seem very satisfied & proud of their success. She is a sister-in-law of Fred Barr of St. Pauls & their choral society, beautiful garden, 3 children, 2 daughters, 1 working in bank, 1 still at school, and Ross, a big boy (aged 12-seems 15) at state school.

A memorable day for the children, rode on a tractor, saw bantams & chicks, a cygnet in a pen, a pair of 28s, ponies, horses, dogs and a cat.

> 23rd Nov. 1961 (Thursday)
Collected insects in garden of motel, mostly sweeping the peppermints.

Drove out to Canal Rocks (marked Winjee San Rock in our litlo) to see if we could locate a whale's skull which we had een told of. No luck but collected from the Cowaramup conglomerate which is exposed to the east of the parking place at the end of the road. Excellent exposures in the Precambrian basement and directly overlain by crossbedded aeolianite. Collected various fossils, corals, from the conglomerate and ? clay inclosures for pollen testing & also a lump from ?chertified zone at the top of the conglomerate [sketch].

There is a track down into the headlands NE of Canal Rocks (not possible to 2wheeldrive vehicles). From this the view to Wardanup hill is clear and also down into a small valley with a creek which leads to Gunyulgup. This valley is v. interesting, a few yards to the north of its outlet through the sand hills is what seems to be a very well marked "5-10 ft" terrace. In addition the cliffs of Wardanup Hill seems to have a well marked terrace above the top of the present sea cliffs & at the foot of an earlier set.

Saw notice of C. P. Conigrave in West. Sent it to Helen with request to contact Mollie Lukis and check for letters, diaries, field notes etc. Also for a portrait of Conigrave c.1910-20.

Photographed Sed's frog in colour & b&w.

Drove down to valley of Gungulup and phoographed valley terrace from just north of road looking down towards sea, col. & b&w. Took north to Canal Rocks, climbed steep hill, track leading down to left & took it to end of valley. Found whale's skull & photographed baris cranii probably [page of sketch and notes] the skull of a humpback , had a good hit at it with a hammer, am fairly certain that the "whalebird" is the biospheroid of a whale's skull with the exoccipitals knocked off. However, certainly not a humpback.

Seddy found a brachiopod on the beach opposite the motel at Busselton.

> 15th Nov. 1961.
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