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Shirley Slack-Smith : [Field notebook] : Kununurra [06/12/1977-19/12/1977]
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[Fieldbook for work studying molluscs near Kununurra accompanied by Gerry Allen and Jim Stoddart, summary of fieldwork, dates, stations, species observed follow.]
[List of Location and specimens from fieldwork follow]
K1. Packsaddle Swamp; Sheet 4666 Series R611 1:100000 about grid 657543; Swamp drying up - some "just dead" Lymnaea on mud, few live Gyraulus under log - shade of dead tree, some live Gabbia under log.

K2. Crossing of Dunham River; grid 656545; under road bridge over Dunham River - very muddy - only found live Ancylus on leaves of Vallisineria, Gerry poisoned some fish.
K3. E. side of Ord River diversion dam on N side of wall; grid 676 541 Sheet 4666; leaf litter under tree growing on high ban kof river but with rocks & rubble from foundations to road & dam wall. Live Eremopeas - small, on underside of rocks. Live small pupoid under stone, Themapupa dead, large pupoid, dead ?Gabbia, live Westracystis - live & crawling on leaf litter under stones. Tree had compund double leaves & med-large pods. 
New no. K3a. Ord River, S of Ivanhoe Crossing & down unmarked track; approx grid 677 583; Collected live Gyraulis, Ancylids, Plotiopsis and one small Lymnaea on strap weed Vallisineria.
New no. K3b. Drain; approx 693 594; Gerry net fish, collected live Lymnaea on spillway & on water plants bellow spillway.
New no. K3c. Ivanhoe Crossing; 665 652; Plenty of shags etc, no molluscs found.
New no. K3d. main supply channel, NE past Kimberley Research Station; GR 725 700; No fish caught, only dead snail & Corbiculiniid shells - banks. (Lymnaea, Amerianna, Plotiopsis & Viviparid)
K4. Kelly's Knob; 723 569; collected 1 alive & 3 dead Westracystis on top of Knob. Small tortoise collected.
K5. 0.5-1km along Spillway Road after left main Ord River Dam Road, cliff face facing NW; Grid 747 246, Sheet 4665; No live snails, 1 dead Camaenid - Quistrachia, a few dead Themapupa, Pseudoscorpions, millipede.
K6. Thompson's Spring. Above small (dammed) waterfall is narrow gorge with vertical sides - stream flowing on floor - Pandanus, Melaleucas, Livistona palus, ferns on S facing wall; 941 279 Sheet 4665; only dead Westracystis found.
K7. East [Baines] River, in the NT; collected millipedes.
K8. Big Horse Creek, east bank of river above flood level; 649 8273, Sheet SD52-15; 2 photos 1 downsteam, 1 upstream; Eremopeas, Westracystis (1), Pupoides, Australbinula, Charopa, ? juveniles of pupoids (?Gabbia), larger planate shells - Gyraulus, Ant lions, Pseudoscorpia.
K9. Uphill S of Victoria River; Grid 652 8273, Sheet SD52-15; Dead shells of Quistrachia & pupoid - no live ones seen.
K10. Timber Creek about 2/3 way along road from Police Station to road houses (BP or Shell), hills to E of creek about 1/2 way up hill without significant cliffs opposite end of turnoff just upriver from marshy section of cliff; Grid 658 8268; Photo of hill, photo of creek; Live & dead granose Camaenid, live & dead Selabaudinia, dead Pupoides, dead Charopa.
K11. Stokes Range, S side of road where it comes very close to road, scree slope on E (or NE) facing side of range below high sandstone cliffs; photos; only two dead shells found on lower part of slope.
K12. Sullivan Creek. Collected Gyraulus, Ancylus, Amerianna, Lymnaea on dead Pandanis leaves in water.
K13. Collected among flood debris on [Timber] Creek at camping spot; 657.5 8268; FW mussels, Xanthomelon!, small & large Quistrachia, Selobaudinia, 2 pupoids, Eremopeas, Westracystis, Lymnaea, Amerianna, Gabbia, Ancylus, Gyraulus, Thiara (not collected), no Corbiculinids seen.
K14. Victoria River, same stopping place as K9 - collected N of road (ie downhill) at base of eucalypts & soft leaved trees; Westracystis etc.
K15. Big Horse Creek, up on W bank; Pseudoscorpions, Westracystis, large pupoids, small pupoids, dead Camaenid - juvenile Torresitrachia.
K16. E bank of Big Horse Creek - same as station K8; Gyraulus, large pupoids, small pupoids, Microcystis ?, Pseudoscorpion. 
Stopped at temporary shallow but large pool just E of Dick Creek, lots & lots of waterbirds, Jabiru, Ibis, Spoonbills, ducks (whistling ducks?); Lymnaea alive, Amerianna dead, Nolopala 2 spp? 1 dead 1 alive (ribbed), Gabbia, Crustacean which look like bivalve.
K17. Desmonds Passage, hill NE of Skinner Point, 1/2 to 2/3 way up hill escarpment; Sheet SD52-15 Grid 564 8237.5; Quistrachia shells, Westracystis shells.
K18. Entrance to Spillway Creek; collected mussels (2 spp?), Corbiculinids & Plotiopsis dead & alive.
Temporary pond N of Spillway Creek Crossing; large Lymnaea, bivalved crustaceans.
K19. Hill to W of Lake Argyle Road just N of gravel road turn off (to E) & about 0.5-1km N of turnoff to Spillway Creek & 1km S of Spillway Creek crossing; aestivating snails. Wyndham, The Grotto; Notopala. Jogalong Billabong; Physastra. Grid 226 746, Sheet 4566; Twenty-mile Pool; no Physastra, Amerianna & Gyraulos, mussels. ? Police hole; Grid 215 773; no live Physastra, leeches. Pool at Twelve Mile Lagoon; Grid approx. 198 808 Sheet 4566; Lymnaea (pale & fat & dark & lean), alive Physastra, Gyraulus, Gabbia, leeches, mussels.
K20. Pentecost Ford; Grid  802 530; large pupoid, insects, dead bivalve - corbiculinid possibly, dead Notopala, dead Gyraulis (few). Bindoola Creek crossing; 628 548; live Lymnaea 
K21. Pool near Gap Creek; 928 401; dead mussel shells, cicada. 
K22. Twenty Mile Pool on 12/12/77
[List of specimens to send to Perth follows, * indicates to check identification. Specimens listed by station, species, number alive/dead]
K3; Themapupa - 1A* 4D; Westracystis - 3A series D; Eremopeas - 2A 3D; Australbinula - ?2A 1D; FW Gyraulis - 1D; FW Corbiculina - 1D; FW Gabbia - 1D
K4; Westracystis - 1A 3D
K10; Setobaudinia - 1A 13D; granose camaenid - 2A 6+D; Charopa (soil) - 4D; Ant Lion 1; Themapupa - 1D
K6; Westracystis - D; Fungi - red when collected; Beetle
K9; granose camaenid - 6D; Australbinula - 4D
K8; Pseudoscorpion - 1 & soil; Themapupa - 4D; Westracystis - 1D; Eremopeas - 8D; *Gyraulis & Gabbia; Charopa - 13D; Australbinula - series D; Ant lions & millipedes
K19; granose Camaenid - 5A ?D; beetle - A; cricket - A; gum nuts; centipede -dead
K5; granose camaenid - 1D; Australbinula - 4D; dead insect; dead & broken millipede & insect
K7; millipede - alive
K11; granular camaenids - D
K15; Pseudoscorpion - alive; Australbinula - 3D; Pupoides - 1D & soil; granular camaenid - 1D; Westracystis - 4D 1 was alive
K16; Pupoides - D; Australbinula - D; Gyraulis - D; Charopa - D
K13; Lymnaea, Amerianna, Ancylus, Gyraulis - mixture - dead c. soil; Pupoides; Westracystis; Setobaudinia; Eremopeas; Xanthomelon; Granular camaenid; Australbinula; mussels
K14; Westracystis - 2D in soil; Themapupa - 2D; Charopa - D (series)
K17; granular Camaenids - D (3 pieces); Westracystis - D in soil; E bug
Ord R - S of Ivanhoe Crossing; 1 beetle - E
K20; E insects - A; FW molluscs - D
K21; E cicada A; FW mussels D
Kununurra; insects - D
K23; Main Supply Channel; Gabbia, dead Lortiella shells, Plotiopsis, Gyraulis
Pond near Twenty Mile Pool; approx 229 750; 2 Melaleucas, Physastra
K24; Larger pool; 233 754; dead planarbid, Physastra, Gabbia, Notopala, "water lilies" Limnanthium, Nail Tailed Wallabia & Brolgas plentiful.
K25; 2 Pools near Parry's Creek; 214 719; Pool 1 - Physastra, dead Notopala; Pool 2 - Amerianna, Physastra - sharply spined, Notopala, Lymnaea. green Gabbia, no Gyraulis again
K26; SW end of Upper Liveringa Pool; 187 732 Sheet SE 51-11; dead & living Notopala, dead mussels
K27; Kimberly Downs Station; approx. 186.8 06.5 Sheet 51-7; mussel shells
K28; Fern Creek; approx. 314 842 SE 51-8; Lymnaea (light & dark), Gyraulis, Ancylis, weed Utricularia, Pandanus trees
K29; Bell Creek Crossing; 324 840; dead & live Gyraulis, dead & live Amerianna, live Ancylis, dead mussels, dead little round white bivalve, live ?Amerianna, dead Lymnaea
K30; Marchfly Glen; 319 839.5; dead Camaenids, live Lymnaea
K31; Dog Chain Creek; 312 843; small Lymnaea alive, Gyraulis

[Fieldbook for work studying molluscs near Kununurra accompanied by Gerry Allen and Jim Stoddart, summary of fieldwork, dates, stations, species observed follow.]

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