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2 September 1890
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 49


Mr W. E. Clifton, legal manager of the above company, has received the
following report from Mr Henry Ryan, mining manager, under date Southern
Cross, August 26th: Yours of the 19th inst. to hand.  I have to report for

the fortnight.  Cleaned up at the battery.  Yield 66 oz. 4 dwts. from 100
tons of stone.  The small amount of stone crushed was owing to stoppages.
Had one stoppage through the pump bucket having slipped from the coupling
down the working barrell [sic], although working for several days; also
having to clean out the pump shaft besides stoppages through want of
water.  It will be necessary to sink a main shaft or the Tangeys shaft
deeper for a supply.  If the directors can see their way clear to sink a
main shaft, it certainly would be best.  Would then be in a position to
work and prospect the mind properly from it.  Should the Tangye shaft have
to be sunk for more water will require before starting it a few lengths of
each size pipe 1 in., 1 1/2 in., and 2 1/2 in.  To try and make up for
some of the lost time, I ran the battery till Sunday morning, at 7
o'clock, and then cleaned off afterwards.  Had one of the stamper shanks
break close to the head; got it welded yesterday; now fitting it.  Having
broken so near, the head gives a good deal of trouble to fit.  Also the
engine shaft having worked low had to be lifted and liners put under it,
which necessitated lifting the Cam shaft.  I have started No. 2 stope
South, back of intermediate level, rise from same level up 25 feet.
Stopped it for a little time, and put the men stoping.  I am raising the
usual amount of stone from the deep cutting.  Stoping it underhand makes
it slower getting.  I am also breaking stone South of the underlie shaft.
I would have had a better yield this time, had the stoppages not occurred.

It stoping from the bottom level and taking the full width of the lode, I
would be able to break more stone with fewer hands and would require less
labour to handle the quartz as I would have shoots through the workings to
run the stone down.  As it is I am only stoping from the intermediate
level and taking a portion of the lode on the footwall side, causing more
labour by so doing, having to leave the Western portion of the lode secure
for future working.  Another disadvantage not having a main shaft that I
could raise stone quickly from could then fix a hopper that would hold
several tons of stone.  One man could then run more quartz to the battery
in a day then can be done now in days.


The following report has been received from Mr W. Oats, mining manager of
the above Company, under date August 26.  During the last fortnight our
Tangye pump has caused much delay in crushing, through breaking of parts;
consequently the battery has only worked about nine days in all, but by
pushing on when working with greater speed we have put through 112 tons of
stone, yielding 126 oz. smelted gold, being 1 oz. 2 dwts. 12 grs. per ton.
The battery started working for this fortnight at noon yesterday.  I am
hoping we shall have a fair run for the next cleaning up, as we have an
ample supply of water, and the machinery is working steadily.  The
underground development is satisfactory; quality about as usual.
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