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The Central G.M. Company, No-liability. Raser's [sic] G.M. Company Fraser's South G.M. Company. A most satisfactory crushing.
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5 August 1890
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 43

The following report, dated Southern Cross, July 29th, has been handed to
us by Mr W. E. Clifton, the legal manager of the above Company: — Finished
cleaning up at the battery last night.  Yield, 61 ozs. 15 dwt. from 120

tons of stone.  The shoes being light from wear account for not having
more tons through.  In reporting for the fortnight ended 26th July, drove
the bottom level South 7 ft., total 62 feet; lode formation 11 ft; a horse
[sic] of mullock about 3 ft wide in the middle of face, which is not
unusual in big lodes occasionally; I am stowing it back.  Prospects same
as last reported.  Crosscut west from same level, 12 ft.; total 25 ft.
Cut in the end what may turn out the western or hanging wall.  When I can
spare men I intend to drive it a little further to make sure.  Started two
men to rise from intermediate level to surface.  When through will have
good air; also able to use it for a mullock shaft to fill up the ground
when stoping. I am still breaking stone from the north cutting, and will
give it a fair trial.  Put men to clean the boiler out on Sunday night;
will have it finished and the battery to work this afternoon.  Had no
trouble from the battery this last fortnight." [sic – no opening quotes]


The following report, under dated Southern Cross, July 28th, has been
received from Mr Wm. Oats, mining manager of the above company: "We have
made fair progress during the last fortnight, both underground and on
surface.  The battery has worked ten days of 24 hours each, crushing 110
tons of stone, cleaning up to-day and overhauling machinery, necessitating
a stoppage of six hours.  Have the tram road completed, with shoot to run
stone on ore floors.  This dispenses with carting to battery, saving time
and money.  I hope to send the gold down to-morrow by the York coach.  At
present I am unable to write definitely on the quality, but I think it
will not be less per ton than the last.  P.S. — July 29.  I send per Mr
Cameron the gold from cleaning up yesterday.  I have only a balance
scales, but consider the weight to be 120 ozs. troy, smelted gold in two
cakes.  The crushing for the fortnight has been 120 tons of stone.  We
have only worked 10 days of 24 hours each.  Average per ton of stone
nearly 1 oz. 2 dwts.   This is in the right direction, and I hope to
fortnightly send down gold, also to increase the output as we advance."
The gold, as weighed at the Commercial Bank in Perth, turn the scale and
120 ozs. 12 dwts., troy.



Yesterday afternoon a parcel of gold was brought down from the Fraser's
South G.M. Company's mine at Southern Cross, which when exhibited in Mr V.
E. Nesbit’s shop window, attracted considerable notice from the passers-
by.  It was a good-sized mass of retorted gold weighing 206 ozs. 13 dwts.,
the result of the crushing of 100 tons of stone.  This gives a yield of 2
ozs. 1 dwt. 7.92 grs. per ton.

Mr Nesbit, the local director of the Company, handed four ounces taken by
chance from the retort cake, to Mr Bernard H. Woodward for assay.  Mr
Woodward reports that it is 20 1/2 carats fine, and is worth £3 13s. 4p.
per ounce.  Mr Nesbit also handed to Mr Woodward, one ounce of the
retorted gold, taken out of the heart of the cake, but the result of the
assay will not be known until to-day.
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