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Fraser's G.M. Company
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21 January 1890
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 8
The following is the fortnightly report received from Mr. E. L. Rosman,
mining manager, Fraser's Gold Mining Company, under date January 10th : -
During the past fortnight the following work has been done in your mine.

North or the Fraser's shaft: The cross-cut West has been extended 10 feet,
making it a total of 70 feet from shaft, still spurrey country, the last
one passed through being 4 inches thick and carrying gold; in fact, the
whole of the spurs passed through, over 30 feet in width, all carry gold.
To find the water getting heavy for windlass with I decided upon erecting
the horsewhips.  We have, therefore, made the whip appliance and erected
the same, timbered and lined the shaft, made and puts down ladders from
the brace to bottom, laid down tramway in crosscut, made trolley for
working upon it, also cut water drains from the Shaft to the machine.

We have just commenced to rise from the cross-cut to Fraser's old workings
for ventilation and opening up this portion of the mine.  I believe that
the cross-cut should be extended further west, to cut the Central Extended
load, and also a cross-cut put out east from the shaft, to endeavour to
strike the Central load, which we should do in about 40 feet if it

Simpson's shaft has been sunk 7 feet, making it 45 feet from surface, and
50 feet from windlass brace, just coming upon stone, making water; shall
therefore discontinue sinking until it is drained from Fraser's shaft.
Have made horse-whips and appliances and erected them over the water
shaft, so that when it is required we can commence work and prove that
portion of the property.  We resumed crushing on Thursday afternoon the
2nd inst., but with only one battery, through not being able to get the
water back to slime or tailing pits which were very leaky and therefore
could not keep up the supply of water for both batteries until Saturday
afternoon, when we put them both on and worked until the accident on
Monday, since which we have cleaned up and got about 5lbs.  of amalgam
from 16 tons of quartz.  I cannot do anything with the amalgam until
getting information from you.  I am only keeping on the men who are
required for opening out the mine, and the two engine drivers for cutting
out the injured plates from the boiler and getting things in readiness to
put the new ones in.
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