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Re tailings.
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23 January 1890
Letter to editor.
Signed "One who has seen other gold-fields."
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 6
SIR, - Is it true there is no difference in the size of the mesh in the
gratings of the Central and Fraser batteries?If such is the case the assay
of Frasers showing 2 1/2 ozs. per ton, taking the estimate as by Mr
Woodward, there is something very good for the Central shareholders in the

tailings, as by a parity of reasoning the 12 tons crushed by their
battery, less a similar allowance for waste, should contain at least three
ounces per ton, or thirty ounces of gold.

Mr Woodward having adopted the figures supplied by the Fraser Gold-mining
Company basis thereon his estimate of the gold contained in the quartz,
viz., four ounces per ton.  This conclusion is arrived at by an assay of
the tailings, which show 2 1/2 ounces per ton; so that the tailings may be
said to contain the bulk of the gold.  No allowance is made for the time
and outlay for special treatment and plant requisite for treating the
same, the credit is taken for the full amount.  Does a bulk crushing ever
realize equal to an assay of a small quantity?  There are said to be
seventy tons of tailings remaining out of seventy-five tons of quartz
crushed.  This shows an unusually small percentage of waste.

Owing to the mesh of the gratings being somewhat large the quartz was not
reduced to as fine a powder as it should have been, some loss being
thereby sustained; but to take credit for a larger amount of gold to be in
the tailings than was obtained from the bulk crushing must be taken cum
grano.  The reef may be fairly estimated as 2oz. stone, but the tailings
from this average are not usually considered to be of very much value over
and above cost of treatment.  To prove this letter the company call for
tenders to purchase at per ton, or in bulk.  Credit is also taken for the
gold said to be contained in twenty-five pounds of amount and and left on
the mine.  Why was this left behind?  Why was it not all forwarded
together?  If it required three weeks to retort the amount it must be an
expensive process, as the shareholders will find out when he counts are
audited.  There is nothing discouraging in the proved yield of, say, two
ounces per ton, with the large body of stone said to be available that
should be well payable by keeping the stampers in constant work and
managing the mine on business principles.-Yours, etc.,
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