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W.A. Museum letters to J. T. Tunney, 1902-1903. Letter book 7L.
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19 August 1902-31 July 1903
See: Letter book 7L, 1902-1903 for letters sent by Bernard Woodward to Tunney or mentioning his work [kept in Archives room (Bay 5)
18 Aug. 1902, 1 p.
P. 28 From Director Woodward to Dalgety & Co.: please forward a case of Natural History specimens in spirit and 2 cases of skins shipped from Carnarvon.

21 Aug. 1902, 1 p.
P. 35 To Western Australian Bank for Tunney to withdraw 50 pounds in Port Darwin, he will return in December.

7  Oct.1902,1p.
P. 78 To W.A. Bank forwarding 25 pounds to Tunney at Palmerston.

7 Oct. 1902, 1 p.
P.79 To James Back, Fremantle: please forward 2 cases from our collector J. Tunney which arrived on the "Marloo" a week ago.

4 Nov. 1902, 1 p.
P.113 To Commercial Bank Perth sending 50 pounds to John T.Tunney at Port Darwin.

6 Nov.1902, 1 p.
P.123 To Collector of Customs certifying that 2 cases on S.S. Marloo are natural history specimens sent by Museum's Collector O.H.M.S.

 6 Jan, 1903, 1 p.
P.173 To Commercial Bank 25 pounds for J.T.Tunney at Port Darwin, Palmerston.

15 Jan. 1903, 1 p. copy
P.179 To Collector of Customs stating that 8 cases of specimens on S.S. Empire were collected by Museum Collector J. Tunney in Northern Territory.

2 Feb.1903,1 p.
 P.201 To Commercial Bank, Palmerston, 50 pounds for credit of J. Tunney.

2 Feb. 1803, 1 p.
P. 208 To Frank Cadd & Co. about package from Port Darwin left behind by S.S. Empire or S.S. Burrumbeet, urgent telegram as contents could be destroyed by insect or other pests, 20 pounds cost.

18 Feb. 1903, 1 p.
P. 223 To Frank Cadd & Co. enclosing Inter-state Certificate you wanted for spirit wanted urgently.

10 Mar.1903, 1 p.
P.253 To Frank Cadd & Co. enclosing bill of lading for a case of Natural History specimens from J. Tunney, please forward as soon as possible.

19 Mar. 1903, 1 p.
P. 265 To Frank Cadd & co. enclosing customs certificate for case of specimens on S.S. Burrumbeet as soon as possible.

1 Apr.1903
P.286 To Commercial Bank 50 pounds for J. Tunney at Palmerston.

1 Apr.1903, 1 p. 
P.288 To James Tunney at Cranbrook WA, sympathy for son's accident, please send me a dozen Banded Anteaters and a clutch of emu eggs + I can get you a good price for a pair of emus in good plumage

15 Apr. 1903, 1 p.
P.301 To Collector of Customs stating that 2 cases of natural history specimens on S.S. Empire from Tunney in N.T.are entitled to enter duty free and unopened.

15 Apr.1903, 1 p.
P.301 To Frank Cadd & Co. please clear cases from Tunney in Northern Territory on S.S. Empire, enclosing certificate for Customs.

18 May 1903, 1 p.
P.351 To Walter Rothschild at Tring enclosing a list of specimens collected from Tunney sent by R.M.S. Orotava, asking for details: if he will be employed after September or whether you would like him to go to other parts of Australia. Please return examined specimens.

22 May, 1903, 1 p.
P.367 To A. J. North, Sydney Museum, about his work on nests and eggs of Australian birds: our collector [Tunney?] has not yet returned from the north, not yet received duplicate eggs back from London because of agreement to send everything, as the larger part of our collector's expenses are paid from England.

27 May, 1903 1 p.
P.380 To Jas. P. Hill, Sydney University, about named specimens sent, "of course our Collector [Tunney?] is a very careful man".

27 May, 1903, 1 p.
P.382 To Tunney at Brookes Creek, N.T., all receipts ready for auditor ; cheque for 50 pounds for you ; sorry about delay caused by excessive rain ; hope you get a specimen of the black kangaroo, will send name of Rock phalanger as soon as it is identified.

25 Jun, 1903, 1 p
P.425 To Miss McDonald, State School, Dingup: The museum collector Mr. John Tunney obtained during 1897 specimens of the black-backed tree runner (a bird, described), Dittela filiates (?) from your district, I will send spirits etc. if you can oblige me and get a specimen.

13 Jul, 1903, 1 p.
P.460 To Frank Cadd & Co. Please clear and send box containing specimens per "Bullarra" from Port Hedland.

31 July, 1903, 1 p.
P. 492 To Oldfield Thomas BM sending specimens of possums collected by Tunney at Wandering, a place 10 miles out of Bannister, 69 miles from Perth on the Perth-Albany Road : ring-tailed & black opossums identical with the Tasmanian black.