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Author: Japan. Consulate (Sydney); Seymour, S. Percy; South Australian Museum; Troughton, Ellis, 1893-1974; Brazenor Bros. ; Canterbury Museum (Christchurch, N.Z.); Western Australian Museum; Milligan, Alexander William, 1858-1921; Campbell, Archibald George, 1880–1954; De Vis, Charles W. (Charles Walter), 1829-1915; Sanderson, Archibald; Berndt, Ronald M. (Ronald Murray), 1916-1990; Australian Museum; Rothschild, Nathaniel Charles, 1877-1923; Naturalienhandlung V. Fric (Prague); Fritsch, Anton, 1832-1913; National Gallery of Victoria; Tunney, John Thomas, 1870-1929; Queensland Museum; Edward Gerrard & Sons; Stirling, Edward Charles, 1848-1919; Hutton, Frederick Wollaston, 1836-1905; Mobius, Karl August, 1825-1908; Maiden, J. H. (Joseph Henry), 1859-1925; Robert Sand Pty Ltd Architects; Mathews, Gregory M. (Gregory Macalister), 1876-1949
Year: 1900-1902
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