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Natural science - Specimens for destruction or exchange
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1. From Charles De Vis, curator at Queensland Museum agreeing to send to W. A. specimens of gold-quartz as requested hoping to arrange reciprocal exchanges of W.A. specimens 14 October 1882 2 p.
2. From Henry H. Giglioli of  Museo Zoologico dei Vertebrati in Firenze, Italy, to B. H. Woodward whose father had been there on behalf of the British Museum, suggesting exchanges of specimens of Vertebrata and stone implements, and any local publications 9 December 1892 3 p.

3. From W. White, Reedbeds, Adelaide, asking to contact a local birds' eggs collector's address for possible exchanges, 3 August, 1894, 2 p.
4. From Charles H. Pennypacker, West Chester, Pennsylvania, to Woodward asking to arrange exchanges of American minerals for Australian minerals at his expense 2 April, 1894, 1 p.
5. From D. Le Souef, Zoological and Acclimatisation Society, Melbourne, to Woodward asking about exchanging birds' eggs clutches 12 October, 1894, 1 p.
6. From John W. Mellor, Holmfirth, Fulham, Adelaide, asking for details of birds' eggs collections for exchanges 15 October, 1894, 4 p.
7. From Ern A. Power (?) South Terrace, Adelaide, offering to exchange a collection of South Australian shells, named and catalogued, for a set of Western Australian shells, 16 July, 1894, 3 p.
 8. From Ern A. Power 1 Morphett St., asking to exchange the shells of South Australia for those of West Australia or to send ones you require, 3 December, 1894, 2 p.
9a. 9b. From Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, to Woodward, suggesting an exchange system for geological and zoological specimens, common or rare, in exchange for any specimens they have as Sydney has no W. A. specimens, 15 January, 1895, 2 p.; 24 January, 1895, 2 p.
10. From D. A. Porter, Tamworth, New South Wales, a list of Australian lizards to exchange giving 2 for 1, also Coleoptera, 6 March, 1895, 2 p.
11. From Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, to Woodward, glad to receive the Meteorite and native weapons, also W. A. Magpies, smaller and rarer marsupials, carboniferous fossils, will arrange suitable exchange 6 June, 1895, 1 p.
12.From Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, welcome cast of Meteorite, send pieces of quartz from Goldfields, W A magpies and smaller marsupials, 9 July, 1895, 1 p.
13. From Ern A. Power, 99 Franklin St., Adelaide, 21 October, 1895, 2 p.
14. From Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, asking for a W.A. emu skin to be included, do you want one seal or two, or fish and reptiles in spirit, models of gold nuggets ?, 12 November, 1895, 2 p. 
15. Curator Queensland Museum distributing fossil jaws of Macropodidae 7 November, 1895, 1 p.
16. Queensland Museum send fossil jaws of Macropodidae to Perth, 18 December, 1895 1p.
17a. Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, sending seals and dolphin (Delphinus Forsteri) offering others, mounted?, 24 January, 1896, 1 p.
17b. Robert Etheridge, Australian Museum Sydney, to Woodward, sending a case of specimens, Board would like you to send Aboriginal weapons, smaller & rarer Marsupials, West Australian magpie and W.A. emu, Swan River and Gasroin River carboniferous fossils, Greenough River Mesozoic fossils and any marsupial acceptable, 26 February, 1896, 2 p.
18. R. Higglesworth to Woodward offering to supply British shells in exchange for Australian ones; 27 February, 1896, 1 p.
19. From Etheridge to Perth Museum, list of specimens sent 28 February, 1896, 1 p.
20. From S. Sinclair, secretary, Sydney Museum, advising shipped a box of specimens by "Chamac", 3 March, 1896, 1 p.
21. From J. H. Gatliff, a Victorian sea shell collector, to curator, a list of shells offering to arrange exchanges 23 March, 1896, 2 p.
22. From Harry D. Fuller to Woodward thanking him for assistance to Walter de Vaux , shell collector, Barton, Balmoral, Brisbane, who is on a trip to Pacific Islands 30 June, 1896 2 p.
23. From George Gross, Brisbane, to Woodward on behalf of Walter de Vaux, sending Queensland and Western Pacific shells hoping you may send us Western Australian specimens and exchange specimens of Lepidoptera in future, 24 August, 1896, 2 p.
24. From Alexander Morton, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, to Sir James Lee Steere asking for W. A. Museum specimens on exchange, 20 August, 1896, 1 p.
25. From D. L. Swifte, State School, Adventure Bay, Tasmania to curator, sending birds' eggs by Captain Davis, on Barque Natal Queen, for exchange, and he will return with any from you 21 September, 1896, 3p.
26. From Alexander Morton, Tasmanian Museum, to Woodward, would like any West Australian ethnological specimens and Tarsipes rostratus and Myrcobius fasciatus 21 September, 1896, 1 p.
27. From R. Etheridge of Sydney to Woodward hoping for the specimens requested by the Australian Museum Sydney since 26th February especially the magpies, 18 December, 1896, 1 p.
28. To Bernard Woodward : List of mammals and birds from Museum, Perth, W.A. requested by Edward Gerrard, [189-], 2 p.
29. To Curator, Perth Museum, from George Gross, Brisbane Grammar School, sent case of shells on a boat struck in Sydney, if shells have arrived more exchanges may be made, 17 February, 1897, 2 p.
To Curator, Perth Museum, from George Gross, Brisbane Grammar School, 7 January, 1897, details of shipping parcels of shells, lists of Queensland and W. A. shells, address of W. Saville-Kent about Gt. Barrier Reef 4 p.
30. To Woodward from Arnold U. Henn, Perth, asking about Heteronymphae of W.A.: H. Duboulayi and H. Paradelpha exchange for N.S.W. Lepidoptera and shells, 20 February, 1897, 1 p.
31. To Woodward from Secretary of W. A. Bureau of Agriculture, W. A. asking for a list of W. A. carnivorous birds and offering insect specimens 6 May, 1897, 2 p.
32. From R. Etheridge of Sydney to Woodward, rumours of a fine set of Myrmecobius, am anxiously expecting a specimen, 7 July,1897, 1 p.
33. From Thomas Gibbs, Dept. of Lands & Surveys, Perth, thanking for stuffed Bronzewing pigeon and offering future contributions, 26 July, 1897, 1 p.
34. From R. Etheridge of Sydney Museum, list of specimens requested, particularly anxious to have a "bona-fide W. A. emu, so-called D. irroratus" 20 February, 1897 1 p.
35. From R. Etheridge of Sydney Museum, received box of egg specimens, requesting Carboniferous and Mesozoic fossils from Kimberley, W.A. minerals, 14 August, 1897, 2 p.
36. From R. Etheridge of Sydney museum, sending model of Nocoleche Meteorite, received  memo from Lipfert about Alfred J. North's study of Australian bird's eggs 9 September, 1897, 3-0-0, 1 p.
37. To Woodward from Frank A. Ward of Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, N. Y., interested in list of duplicate skins offered, details about transport 2 December, 1897, 1 p.
38. To Woodward from George Gross, Brisbane Grammar School, responding to letter and offering to send Cyprea and Voluta, 27 March, 1898, 2 p.
39. List of duplicates, The Museum, Perth, W. A. : Mammalia, Aves. 3 p.
40. To Woodward from B. E. Bardwell, Broken Hill Chambers, Mouat Street, Fremantle, W.A. has a large collection of Victorian and New South Wales birds' eggs, catalogued, wishing to exchange for Western Australian birds' eggs 19 May, 1898, 1 p.
41. From R. Etheridge of Sydney Museum, last letter not answered, nor any specimens sent, last lot 29 birds in August, please send particulars, 12 April, 1898, 1 p.
42. From R. Wigglesworth, 13 Arthur Street, Clayton-le-Moors nr. Accrington,to Perth Natural History Society, My relation, E. Wigglesworth of Perth, 10 May, 1898, informed me that you intended to send a parcel of Australian shells with him for me which were not ready when the vessel departed for England. I  have asked him to take back to W.A. a few Lancashire land and freshwater shells for you in exchange. 2 p.
43. From R. Etheridge, Sydney Museum, examples sent are correctly named and free from insect pests, wrap fish in cheesecloth in sawdust saturated with alcohol, 10 May, 1898, 1 p.
44. From secretary of Sydney Museum acknowledging receipt of your letter, and that the case of specimens arrived safely, 1 July, 1898, 1 p.
45. To Woodward from S. Hughes, of South Australian School of Mines and Industries, offering specimens of opalisation from White Cliffs, N.S.W. in exchange for rocks, minerals or fossils, 3 August, 1898, 1 p.
46. To Woodward from E. M. Pretty c/o Bank of New South Wales Perth, 12 September, 1898, friend in Brisbane collects insects, has some rare specimens to exchange for insects of W.A. 1 p.
47. To Woodward from I. H. Gatliff, Commercial Bank, Carlton, who wrote on 23/3/1896 offering to exchange marine shells, we now have a list prepared for the Royal Society, sending copy of genera now working on, will send you a copy for exchanges 27 September, 1898, 1 p.
48. From R. Etheridge, Sydney Museum, sending mounted mammals listed, wish other mammals listed, ethnological specimens, minerals, W.A. Palaeozoic and Mesozoic fossils, also photos of Aborigines, 7 November, 1898, 1 p.
49. From R. Etheridge, Sydney Museum, to Woodward, Perth Museum, list of specimens for exchange 9 December, 1898, 2 p.
50. To Woodward from R. Etheridge, Sending by S.S. Marloo two cases of specimens 12 December, 1898, 1 p.
To Woodward from John W. Mellor, Holmfirth, Fulham, Adelaide, asking about birds' eggs, November, 1890, 1 p.
51. To Woodward from George Gross of Brisbane offering many more specimens for exchange, many more than previous offer, especially W.A. Cypraea and Voluta, 4 March, 1899, 3 p.
52. To Woodward from E. D. Pretty, c/o Bank of N.S.W., Perth, 27 March, 1899, friend enquiring about Queensland beetles exchange, referring to earlier request. 2 p.
53. To Woodward from H. Bolton, Bristol Museum and Library, 21 June, 1899, replying to request for exchanges mainly geological and anthropological, send list of duplicates. 1 p.
54. From South African Museum and Reference Library, U. L. Selete, not interested in exchanges, sending book of South African birds with duplicates marked, 12 July, 1899, 2 p.
55. From G. A. Keartland at Melbourne Museum to Woodward,  thanking received parcel of Sophophaps plumifera, mentions Horn Scientific Expedition, 6 August, 1899, 2 p.
56. From G. A. Keartland at Melbourne Museum to Woodward, sent parcel of bird skins, offering exchanges, help with identification of eggs, Melbourne taxidermists, 23 August, 1899, 3 p.
57. From Walter Rothschild in Scotland having received skins of Bats, Echidna myrmecobius, Dasyurus, would like W.A. specimens of Echidnas, Macropus isabellinus, Casuarinius australis in all stages, egg, chicken, young  to adult and the Cream-coloured Rabbit bandicoot,  24 August, 1899, 5 p.
58. From Walter Rothschild at Tring, 4 September, 1899, to Woodward, lists of Mammals and birds wanted, labelled with locality, date and sex 2 p.
59. From Charles Rothschild to Woodward v. interested in fleas, anxious to get as many species as possible; enclosing directions: sending small glass tubes ; forwarding 2 jays & 2 magpies in skins, exchange British birds & mammals in e xchange for fleas 14 September, 1899, 2 p.
60. From R. Etheridge to Woodward requesting photos of Abrolhos Islands sea birds' nesting places to be printed on "Nikko" (glossy-bromide) paper also photos of nests and eggs of Malurus splendens and Porphyrio bellus 15 September, 1899, 1 p.
61. From M. Campbell list of duplicate skins, would like to exchange Malurus lamberti for Malurus pulcherrimus, 25 July, 1900, 1 p.
62. To Woodward from A. J. Campbell thanking for help with book on Gymnorhinus dorsalis, 8 November, 1899, 2 p.
63. From Walter Rothschild to Woodward 7 November, 1899 sending British birds and animals, asks for a set of Emus: eggs, chickens, 1/4 grown, half grown & adult from Queensland, Southern Australia, New South Wales & North Western Australia to settle once and for all the Dromaeus irrartus & Dromaeus novaehollandiae and a set from Central Australia 7 November, 1899, 3 p.
64. Selection of Birds' Skins from the Collection of the Honble N. Charles Rothschild.  Selection A (56 specialties).
65. To Woodward from Brazenor Bros., Brighton, 45 preserved birds, 2 magpies, 3 jays, 1 polecat, 1 weasel by order of the Honorable Charles Rothschild 12 December, 1899, 3 p.
66. To Woodward from Charles Rothschild sent parcels from Brazenors and 4 bats in a tin of spirits: the Noctule bat, V. noctula 15 December, 1899, 2 p.
67. To Woodard from C. Rothschild, 17 December, 1899, thanks for the bats,  1 p.
68.  to Woodward from C. Rothschild, 19 December, 1899, thanking him for bats : Chatinolotus gouldii 2, Nyctophilus timorensis, geoffr.1, Nyctinomus australis 1, Chalinolobus morio 2, 2 p.
69. Specimens for Australian Museum 20 December, 1899, 6 p.                   
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