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Natural science - Specimens for destruction or exchange
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See Also: ARCH272 Early exchanges 1900-1914

1. To Woodward from  N. C. Rothschild  thanking for tube of Parasites, 27  January 1900, 1 p.
2. To Woodward from R. Etheridge, Sydney Museum, 27 January, 1900, 1 p.
3. To Woodward from Brazenor Bros., Brighton, list of animals sent by Walter Rothschild for processing, prices, 24 April 1900, 4 p.

4. To Woodward from N. C. Rothschild cases have arrived at Tring Museum, 28 May 1900, 1 p.
5. To Woodward from N. C. Rothschild, thanking for lice, would like some fleas, 11 May 1900, 2 p.
6. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild, thanking for fleas, 6 June 1900 1 p.
7. To Woodward from R. Etheridge, list of specimens requested 27 June 1900, 1 p.
8. To Woodward from R. Etheridge requesting Acrobates pygmaeus Shaw, m. and f., 20 July, 1900, 1 p.
9. To Woodward from N. C. Rothschild, 16 August, 1900, awaiting the Tsarpites Honey Possum, 2 p.
10. To Woodward from F. W. Hulton, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand, sending skins of Kiwi (Apteryx oweni), Kea (Nestor notabilis), Maori hen (Gallirallis australis), in return would like native "chipped flints" andskins of cormorants, 20 August 1900, 2 p.
11. To Woodward from N. C. Rothschild 11 September 1900, thanking for 2 tubes of parasites and a guide to W.A. Museum, 2 p.
12. To Woodward from Alex M. Rodger, Curator of Perthshire Natural History Museum, of items offered from his list of 14 September 1900 and duplicates available, 4 p.
13.  To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild 2 October 1900 thanking for 4 tubes of parasites, 1 p.
14. To Woodward from N. C. Rothschild 20 October 1900 thanking for tube of parasites, sending birds soon, 1 p.
15. To Woodward from Henry H. Giglioli, H. Instituto Superiori in Firenze, 25 October, 1900, interested in exchanges, lists Aboriginal ethnological specimens, stone weapons, bone and shell implements and ornaments also species desired , 4 p.
16. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild notes about bird skins being sent and a request for fleas, 1 November 1900, 1 p.
17. To Woodward from Jas P. Hill  at Sydney University, thanking for ????? for making anatomical (?) samples of Myrmecobius fasciatus 5 November 1900, 2 p.
18. To Woodward from Jas P. Hill at Sydney University, thanking for offer of a Tarsipes, 30 November 1900, 2 p.
19. To Woodward from Walter Rothschild 23 December, 1900, thanking for spirit specimens of parasites from Myrmecobius, Tarsipes, Dromicia and Smithopsis murina from Albany, 2 p.
20. To Woodward from Walter Rothschild 10 December, 1900, thanking for letter about Tunney Expedition's collecting conditions, Mr Thomas waiting for Barrow Island Macropus isabellinus, 3 p.
21. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild, 5 November 1900, sending list of bird skins and bills of lading from shippers, 2 p.
22. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild, 5 December 1900, thanking for news of specimens sent 1 p.
23. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild, 20 December 1900, thanking for sending 2 bottles and 1 tin of specimens of Tarsipes etc., leaving for Egypt for winter, hoping for bats as requested. 2 p.
24. To Woodward from N. Charles Rothschild, 6 January, 1901, Oldfield Thomas of N. Hist. Museum names  one of each of the bats sent, also 3 nice fleas from them, 2 p.
25. To Woodward from Robert Hall, tea trader, Melbourne, 4 January 1901, received eggs of Nycticorax caledonicus, possibly intended for Mr Kearland, to share after offering skins not in the collection, 1 p.
26. To Woodward from N. Campbell of H.M. Customs, Melbourne, 8 January 1901, thanking for eggs of the Night Heron, returning box with eggs of Petrels from Macquarie Island, south of New Zealand: Priofinus cinereus (brown petrel), Halobaena cerulea (Blue petrel), Prion banksi (Banks' Prion) collected 1898 by J. Burton, any news of Malurus pulcherrimus from South-West, 2 p.
27.To Woodward from Robert Hall of 312 Flinders St., Melbourne, 20 February 1901, sent skins of Cisticola ruficeps, Trichoglossus Novae Hollandiae, Eurystomus Australis, no entomologist in W.A. 2 p.
28. To Woodward from G. M. Matthews, of Nicholson Street, Carlton, 28 February, 1901, sending Plelotis  auricormis and Plelotis fusca, others handedinto S.A. Museum, 2 p.
29. To Woodward from F. M. Hutton, Christchurch Museum, 1 March, 1901, unable to get a Kakapo (Strigops parrot) skin sent one from our collection. 2 p.
30. To Woodward from Prof. Auf. Fintoch, Museum Prague, 17 March, 1901, Prof. Karensky visited Perth Museum and suggests you may be willing to exchange, sending list of desiderata, 2 p.
31. To Woodward from Charles Walter de Vis, Queensland Museum, 7 March, 1901, eggs of Nycticorax caledonica received, sending large Quail (Turnix melanogaster), 1 p.
32. List of specimens of Mammals and sponges sent to Curator, Australian Museum by J. M. Solomon, Beaconsfield, Fremantle, 27 March, 1901, 1 p.
33. To curator from Charles Walter de Vis, Queensland Museum, 11 April, 1901, description of Turnix melanogaster sent, 1 p.
34. To Woodward from Edward Gerrard, 61 College Place, Camden Town, London, 6 April, 1901, statement of account, details of taxidermy available, 2 p.
35. To Woodward from Henry H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori in Firenze, 25 June, 1901, about a shipment of specimens sent March 18th from Fremantle but not received in Genoa, check location of case, 3 p.
36. To Woodward from H. Charles Rothschild sending bats specimens Nyctophilus timorensis and Vespertilio pumilis, 24 June, 1901, 1 p.
37. To Woodward from Thomas F. Moore in Melbourne, 7 June, 1901, asking about specimens of mammals, birds and reptiles to be mounted for his work experience, 2 p.
38. To Woodward from Prof. Dr. A. Fintsch, Prague, 9 June, 1901,  received exchange skeletons, sending samples of glass, pottery, arrange exchanges, 1 p.
39. To Woodward from V. Fric, Director Prague Museum, 9 July, 1901, sending box of skeletons, 2 p.
40. To Curator from A. Zietz, acting director of S. A. Museum, 25 July, 1901, sending 1 Cinclorhamphus skin, will send a pair in September or later, would like to receive W. A. species in exchange for S. A., 2 p.
41. To Woodward from H. Charles Rothschild, 17 September, 1901, thanking for parasites 1 p.
42. To Director from T. Aiba, Japanese Consulate, Sydney, 19 September, 1901, in receipt of offer of W.A. specimens in exchange for Japanese manufactures, forewarding letter to Consul for Japan, 1 p.
43. To Woodward from H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori in Firenze, 21 September, 1901, called to Rome, fell ill, until end of August, received case, contents good order, please send a map, details of requests, 3 p.
44. To Curator from R. Etheridge, Sydney Museum, 2 October, 1901, Note of specimen Dromaeus novaehollandiae, from Buckunguy Stn., Macquarie R., N.S.W., 1 p.
45. To Woodward from Archibald Sanderson, Lesmurdie, 24 October, 1901, thanking for catalogue, collecting names of local insects and reptiles for settlers, will call to arrange exchanges, 1 p.
46. To Woodward from Consul for Japan, 30 October, 1901, via M. Aiba, re specimens for museum, 1 p.
47. To Woodward from Ian P. Hill, University of Sydney, 14 November 1901, sending m. & f. skins of Wasqurus riverrinus + 2 skulls, 1 p.
48. To Woodward from Edward Charles Stirling, Museum South Australia, 10 December, 1901, met Dr. Woodward at British Museum, offering exchanges, Callabonna fossils, letter to Dr. Nishikawa visiting W.A., 4 p.
49. To Woodward from H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori in Firenze, 26 December, 1901, discussing problems of acquisitions and future possible exchanges, 4 p.
50. To Woodward from Frederick Wollaston Hutton, Museum Christchurch, 23 January, 1902, waiting for ethnographical specimens  1 p.
51. To Woodward from Mobius, Director of Zoological Museum, Berlin, 14 February, 1902, sending packed specimens requested, 1 p.
52. To Woodward from H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori in Firenze, 4 April, 1902, friend of Walter Rothschild, lists Greek & Roman items being sent, asking for Aboriginal tools, thanks for maps etc. 3 p.
53. From R. Etheridge, Australian Museum, listing duplicates for exchange,1 May, 1902, 13 p. 
54. To Woodward from  Joseph Henry Maiden, Botanic Gardens, Sydney, 29 May, 1902, thanking for photos of Nuytsia floribunda Christmas tree, grateful for any specimens also Macrozamias, Xanthorrhoeas and Cephalotis follicularis, 1 p.
55. To Woodward from Alexander William Milligan, 10 June, 1902, A. J. Campbell's son would like to exchange bird skins of Megalurus gramineus, list of exchanges, 2 p.
56. To Woodward from Archibald George Campbell, Armadale, 20 June, 1902, sending box of duplicates for exchange, list of other duplicates possible, 2 p.
57. To Woodward from Archibald George Campbell, Armadale, 5 August, 1902, sending list of WA birds wanted, will collect Megalurus galactotes and Origma rubricata, included Megalurus gramineus, 1 p.
58. To Woodward from H. Charles Rothschild, on his return, thanks for parcels, will take bat to B. M. for Thomas to name, fine parisitic crustacean, gave your name to G.H.F. Nuttall for help with his research on the bloods of various animals and birds, 1 p.
59. To Woodward from Enrico H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori in Firenze,8 August, 1902, list of rare and valuable specimens, in 3 Cases, sent in exchange for specimens received from W.A.M. 6 p.
60. To Woodward from Enrico H. Giglioli, R. Instituto Superiori i Firenze, 8 August, 1902, 3 big cases have left, details of journey and transport, packing, 2 p.
61. To Woodward from H. Charles Rothschild,5 July, 1902, letter from B.M. naming the Fish Parasite, and bat called Chalinolobus gouldii, 1 p.
62. To the Director from Samuel Percy Seymour, Te Oneroa, New Zealand, 17 September, 1902, listing and offering egg exchanges , 4 p.
63. To Woodward from H. Charles Rothschild, 11 October, 1902, thanking for some parasites from a brown snake (D. superciliosa), 1 p.
64. To Woodward from Archibald George Campbell, Armadale, 27 October, 1902, received package of skins, Psephotus chrysopterius wrongly identified, really multicolor, will return it, mark off any others you would like, going on trip to King Island, 2 p.
65. To Dr. Ride, list of some of the contents of cases received from Florence and their location, 3 p.


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