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Glauert - Palaeontology
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Each record between acid-free paper ; in box 37 cm.
1. The West Australian and the Morning Herald: news items about south-west caves, including fossil cave remains discovered by L. Glauert and E.A. Le Souef, 1905-1914, 13 p. [photocopies].2. Newspaper cuttings on caves and fossil remains, from the Morning
Herald and The West Australian, 1905-1914, 14 p. [photocopies].3. L. Glauert's notes and memoranda on palaeontology, including newspaper and other references to various fossil marsupial sites in W.A. Numbered in sequence by D. Merrilees, May 1966, with additional material by others, e.g. E.S. Simpson, 6 p.4. Memo to Dr Ride re. Index fossil mammals, November 1966, 1 p.5. Notes on the Mammoth Cave Expedition lecture by L. Glauert, extract from minutes of the W.A. Natural History Society, Nov. 1903 - May 1911, p.142.6. The Fossil Mammals of Western Australia by L. Glauert [next to title a handwritten note from [Duncan Merrilees?]: "Appears to be text of an address given after discovery of the Wanneroo Sthenurus and after D.S. Davidson's excavations in Yonderup Cave, i.e. about 1939 or 1940, also after Oakover R. Diprotodon became known in 1940", 13 p. [typescript].7. Notes, mainly Nototherium, 8 p.8. Diprotodon australis (Owen), Hardman's report 1884, p. 21 -- Huxley, on the premolar teeth of Diprotodon, Q.J.G.S., 1862, p. 425 [typescript].9. Notes, Thylacoleo, 4 p.10. Macropus titan, 12 p., 7 p.11. The Margaret River Caves [radio talk by L. Glauert], 2 p.12. Lists of marsupials [found in caves], 3 p.13. Fossil marsupials: found in limestone at Wanneru by Mr. A. Skroza, 1937; at Balladonia by Mr. William Ponton; at Dingo Rocks at Karonie; at Cherabun Station from the foot of the St. George Range by Mr. R. Monger in 1917; at Quanbun Station near Fitzroy Crossing, 4 p.14. Yonderup Cave, Yanchep: bones of Sthenurus occidentalis found when quarrying limestone at Wanneroo in 1937, 1 p.15. Notes on boxes of marsupial remains from Cooks Rocks in the Balladonia district, received from Mr. Wm. Ponton; reference to C. Gibson's, Geol. Survey Bulletin no.37 listing fossils found at excavations for the Transcontinental railway; mention of remains from Dingo Rocks at Karonie; from the Kimberley district and from Oakover River, 6 p.16. Zool. Record references for 1905-1914, 9 p.17. Reference list of discoveries of Australian fossils, 3 p.18. Letter to Mr. Glauert from E.C. Stirling [of Mt. Lofty, S.A.] re. copy of his paper on Phascolonus, 12 Sept. 1915, 1 p.19. References to books and papers by R. Etheridge, G. Krefft, Owen and Lydekker, 18 p.20. Copies of: Letter from Gerard Krefft, Australian Museum, Sydney, March 20th 1874, to the Police magistrate in Albany regarding Mr.George Masters, formerly a curator, who had been travelling in the area with a person he represented as his wife during May, June, July 1866 and between January and June 1869, 2 photos enclosed, 2 p. -- Memo from William Finlay, Police Office, Albany, 4th April 1874, to say George Masters and his 'wife' left 5th May 1866 for S.A., returned again on Sep. 18 until 9 April 1869, when they again left for S.A. They appeared to be "respectable persons" and collected specimens for S.A., 1 p. -- Letter from Residents Office, Albany, 4th April 1874, regarding George Masters and his 'wife', 1 p.21. Treatment of fossil bones: "The preparation and preservation of fossils" by F.A. Bather, Museums Journal, Sept 1908, p. 76 [3 p.].22. Some practical aspects of correlation : a criticism, by L. Dudley Stamp, Geol. Mag., 1925, p.11 [10 p.].23. S.W. Caves correspondance [sketches of bones], 4 p.24. List of fossils, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, 16th December, 1895, 1 p.25. Fossilium Catalogus v.47 [by] G.G. Simpson, Post-Mesozoic Marsupialia, Sept 10th 1930: listing of Australian fossil Marsupialia, 9 p.26. Found 29 April 1965 [by D. Merrilees] with large tibia 65.4.155, "probably from old display", 12 labels.
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