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The Perth Museum
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7 January 1901
Bernard Woodward writing to the West Australian re donations to the Museum.
Kept:Press clippings book 2, p. 36

The Curator of the Western Australian Museum (Mr. Bernard H. Woodward)
desires to acknowledge in the “West Australian” the following donations
received during the past month: —
  • Mr. A. Speight, two glass spear-heads ;
  • Government Printer, Sydney. “Fisheries of New South Wales,” “Edible Fishes,” “History of the Fisheries,” “Marine Fish and Fisheries ;”
  • Mr. J. Kimberley, two tawny frogmouths (Podargus strigoides), young ;
  • Miss Lambert, owlet nightjar (Aegotheles novoehollandioe), young ;
  • Master R. Cargeeg, two beetles (?) ;
  • Dr. G. F. McWilliams, a set of coins of “Zuid Afrikansche Republick ;”
  • Mr. E. Hibbert, six banded wrens (Malurus splendens) ;
  • Miss Lambert, a collection of plants (56) ;
  • Mr. C. J. Brittain, canary (Serinus sp.), with nest, and four eggs ;
  • Mr. Ernest Loss, two beetles (?) ;
  • Commissioner of Police, squat gin bottle from wreck of “Zrewky” on Houtman’s Abrolhos,
  • ancient, pistol, three kylies, and a shield ;
  • Curator Australian Museum, “Records, Vol. 3, No. 8 ;”
  • Registrar-General, “Statistical Register, pt. 6, 1899 ;”
  • Mr. S. Robson, scale-footed lizard (Pygopuslepidopus) ;
  • Mr. S. Le Souef, three eggs of night heron (Nycticorax caledonicus);
  • Mr. Lionel Gould, eleven Entomostraca (water-beetles) ;
  • Mr. Tomb, parrot plant (Crotalaria Cunninghami) ;
  • Miss V. Wiltshire, pigeon (Columba livia) ;
  • Mr. M. Cantor, a beetle (?) ;
  • Mr. Stidworthy, collection of eggs of night heron (Nycticorax caledonicus) ;
  • Mr. L. Dillon, locust (Cicada. sp.) ;
  • Mr. W. D. Campbell, collection of plants (35) from Boulder City ;
  • Mr. F. Manson, specimen of iron-stone ;
  • Mr. A. E. Clifton, a collection of native weapons and implements from West Kimberley, a collection of malformed cow hoofs ;
  • Mr. T. R. Miller, two fungi (?) ;
  • Mr. C. F. Gale, Chief Inspector of Fisheries, a collection of fish, etc., from Broome ;
  • Mr. W. D. Campbell, three plants from the Boulder, six native ornaments from Kalgoorlie ;
  • Mr. Bernard H. Woodward, red-capped dottrel [sic] (Aegialitis ruficapilla).

The purchases include :—York devil (Moloch horridus), four black ducks (Anas superciliosa), young ; a collection of sponges.

The Collector (Mr. J. T. Tunney) has forwarded the following specimens
from Barrow Island :—Five kangaroos (Macropus sp.), rock wallaby
(Petrogale lateralis), four hare wallabies (Lagorchestes conspicillatus),
four bandicoots (Perameles macrura), white-winged wren (Malurus
leucopterus), five oyster-cakters [sic] (Hamatophus longirostris), kestrel
(Cerchneis cenchroides), osprey (Pandion leucocephalus), barred-shouldered
dove (Geopelta humeralis), white-rumped wood-swallow (Artamus
leucogaster), with three eggs ; four eggs of reef heron (Demiegretta
sacra), and two eggs of reef heron (D. greyi).

The number of visitors to the Museum during December was 3,663, of whom
1,041 came on Sunday afternoons.
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