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Hubert Massey Whittell correspondence, 1926-1952. Part 5
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5 Jan. 1943, 1 p.
149. From Glauert asking for return of Mathews' bibliography.

25 Jan. 1943, 1 p.
150. To Glauert re Mack's letter about the notch a feature in the bills of passerines; query re Mathews' note in "Emu"; mentions Serventy's paper on Giant Petrel.

2 Feb. 1943, 1 p.
151. From Glauert re Mack's remarks on bills of Acanthizas not well worded; nothing to add to Serventy's note on Giant Petrel.

5 Feb. 1943, 1 p.
152. From Glauert on Sea Osprey nest at Cape Mentelle.

7 Feb. 1943, 2 p.
153. To Glauert on bill of Acanthizas; Buller, staying with Whittell, collecting and looking at specimens; Caves Reserves as fauna sanctuaries; Serventy collection to be housed at Museum and Whittell will add skins; thanks for note on haematogaster; sending skins for Museum (porphyrio, crow, hawks).

26 Feb. 1943, 1 p.
154. From Govt. Geologist, Bulletin 39 describing Talbot's observations on Canning Stock Route out of print and not available for distribution.

2 Mar. 1943, 2 p.
155. To Glauert, journal loan wanted as working on the birds of the Canning Stock Route. Whitlock collected at Wiluna, then Lipfert and now Wilson and Buller, dealing mainly with the last trip; wants copies of old Proclamations; Whitley and Serventy coming.

5 Mar. 1943, 1 p.
156. From Glauert, Bulletin 39 available from Public library; Buller delivered skins & agreed that the bill of Yellow-rumped species of Acanthizas does develop the notch.

6 Mar. 1943, 1 p.
157. To Library asking for loans of journals,

11 Mar. 1943, 1 p.
158. From Battye sending Sydney Magazine of Science & Art.

19 Mar. 1943, 1 p.
159. To Glauert about correspondence with Mathews and different names of Haematogaster.

5 Apr. 1943, 1 p.
160. To Battye returning volumes + 1 donation.

18 Apr. 1943, 3 p.
161. To Glauert re Campbell's paper in Emu on Faunal Regions, W. thinks Region 7 too large, includes the Passeres (Scrub-bird, Bristle-bird, White-breasted Robin, Red-eared Firetail, Red-winged wren and the King Parrot) + others. Wants to discuss deed of gift of his ornithological library to the Museum, wants Museum to have separate library from Public library; his collection of manuscripts to be left to D.L. Serventy as his library executor.

22 Apr. 1943, 1 p.
162. From Glauert discussion on Campbell's Faunal Regions; enclosing copies of wanted Proclamations.

26 Apr. 1943, 1 p
163. To Glauert, thanks for Proclamations, and remarks on Regions.

17 Jun.1943, 1 p.
164. To Library requesting loan of issues of Zoologist.

26 Jun. 1943, 3 p.
165. To Glauert requesting references and dates re original description of Petrogale xanthopus (encloses 2 p. notes on kangaroo tribe by Gerard Krefft), after any reference to Strange (collector).

30 Jun, 1943, 1 p.
166. From Glauert sending references requested re wallaby and also Strange, has no idea where Krefft's notes were published; Serventy has returned to Perth and is great help to him.

5 Jul. 1943, 1 p.
167. To Glauert thanking for refs. & notes re Strange, still a mystery over the description of wallaby.

19 Jul. 1943, 1 p.
168. To Library returning Zoologist & requesting more vols.

26 Jul. 1943, 1 p.
169. To Glauert returning book & requesting more loans.

28 Jul. 1943, 1 p.
170. From Glauert sending 2 books as requested.

3 Aug. 1943, 1 p.
171. To Library returning Zoologist & requesting more vols.

5 Aug. 1943, 1 p.
172. To Library returning journals & requesting other loans.

20 Oct. 1943, 1 p.
173. To Library requesting loan of journals.

7 Nov. 1943, 1 p.
174. To Glauert requesting biographical notes on collectors W.D. Campbell and C.G. Gibson.

18 Nov. 1943, 1 p.
175. From Glauert: Campbell & Gibson were both officers of the Geological Survey, retired, later died, Whitlock may know more about Campbell; wants notes on Preiss returned.

19 Nov. 1943, 1 p.
176. To Glauert to say he didn't take away Glauert's notes on Preiss's movements in WA; Preiss collected type specimen of the toad Myobatrachus paradoxus Schlegel.

22 Nov., 1943, 1 p.
177. To Library requesting journal loan,

1 Dec. 1943, 1 p.
178. From Glauert, will look for the note on Preiss in case he mislaid it.

16 Dec. 1943, 1 p.
179. To Library returning loans.

26 Dec. 1943, 1 p.
180. To Library requesting loans.
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