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Hubert Massey Whittell correspondence, 1926-1952. Part 4
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9 Feb. 1942, 1 p.
122. From Glauert re A. clamosa specimens at B.M.

11 Feb. 1942, 1 p.
123. To Glauert, sending draft of paper on clamosa, seeking further information; also sending draft of paper on Petrels; has another Crested Penguin, in moult.

12 Feb. 1942, 1 p.
124. To Library asking to borrow vols. of Albany Advertiser.

24 Feb. 1942, 1 p.
125. From Battye: old newspaper files not lent, only available in library.

3 Mar. 1942, 1 p.
126. To Glauert - B.M. skin specimen of Atrichornis clamosa came from the Colonial Exhibition, wants more information.

18 Apr. 1942, 1 p.
127. To Glauert loaning pub. by Mayr, also sending paper on Coelenterata.

22 Apr. 1942. 1 p.
128. To Library requesting loan of journal.

22 Apr. 1942, 1 p.
129. To Glauert asking for photos of ornithologists from Emu.

23 Apr. 1942, 1 p.
130. To Glauert sending journal duplicates; Axel Poignant rang with an account of his visit to the Canning Stock Route; found a 28 parrot different from usual.

27 Apr. 1942, 1 p.
131. From Glauert thanks for parcel, returning Mayr paper, sending photo of W.H.D. LeSoeuf.

29 Apr. 1942, 2 p.
132. To Glauert to say he asked V.Serventy to be State Sec. of R.A.O.U. as he is in touch with other "bird men"; Hindwood sent him list of the 100 Sydney drawings & photos of 19 of them; Mathews attempting to give Willy Wagtail the name volitans (Whittell and D. Serventy disagree); has 8 skins of Porphyrio for the Museum; will send Gilbert paper printed in Emu.

14 May 1942, 2 p.
133. To Glauert requesting references; Whitlock got specimen of Oceanites oceanicus on Bunbury beach in May; fishermen report little petrel often seen off Naturaliste.

18 May 1942, 1 p.
134. From Glauert providing corrections asked for; interested to hear about Whitlock's Wilson Storm Petrel specimen.

18 May 1942, 1 p.
135. To Glauert sending spare "Emu" pamphlets.

27 May 1942, 1 p.
136. To Glauert re H.M. Wilson organising trip to Canning Stock Route, Buller and Whittell to go and possibly Axel Poignant; would like list of bird skins collected on Lipfert's expedition, is there a diary for his trip?

13 Jun. 1942, 2 p.
137. To Glauert, too ill to go on expedition; Mathews has sent reprint of Roy. Soc. paper; wants anything on bird protection in W.A.

9 Jul. 1942, 1 p.
138. From Glauert, has listed birds collected by Lipfert; re supposed eggs of O. bicinctus from Sturt Creek, entered as belonging to Ch. melanops; recent storm yielded 2 grey-headed albatrosses, 2 Giant Petrels and 2 P. desolatus.

Sunday Jul. 1942, 1 p.
139. To Glauert thanks for Canning Stock Route list; Whitlock very ill; got Giant Petrel and a broad-billed Prion in Bunbury.

23 Jul. 1942, 1 p.
140. From Glauert, saw article on Petrels by Whitlock & Whittell in "Emu"; sending details of Cape Petrels in Museum collection; remembers seeing flocks of Elegant parrots at Dingup in 1936; read Buller's work on Great Crested Grebes; sorry to hear about Whitlock's illness.

26 Jul. 1942, 1 p.
141. To Glauert, Whitlock out of hospital; field-glasses needing to be surrendered; moulting Crested Penguin died, skin sent to Serventy.

31 Jul. 1942, 1 p.
142. From Glauert, good news re Whitlock; comments on Crested Penguin.

18 Aug. 1942, 1 p.
143. To Glauert, nothing on Busselton beach; Serventy just found a pure white Giant Petrel on Cronulla beach.

19 Aug. 1942, 1 p.
144. To Library asking for loan of Ibis, v.1 1931.

20 Aug. 1942, 1 p.
145. From Glauert, received from storms a Cape Petrel, a Soft Plumaged Petrel and 3 Prions (P. desolata); any news about Whitlock?

27 Aug. 1942, 1 p.
146. From Glauert, more birds from storm, 1 Pt. macroptera, 1 Pt. lessoni, 1 Pt. brevirostris, 4 Pt. mollis.

29 Sep. 1942, 2 p.
147. To Glauert, congrats. on getting new Petrels; Whitlock still very weak; some news of the Canning Stock Route expedition; Mayr wants data on locations of early finds collected by Tunney; any official report on Conigrave's 1911 expedition?; received 2 King Parrots plumage.

7 Sep. 1942, 1 p.
148. From Glauert who has list of birds found at Cottesloe and City Beach in previous month; gives reference for Mayr's inquiries re localities for specimens in Rothschild Collection.
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