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Author: Oak Hill Park Museum (Accrington, Lancs.); Button, Fred L.; Weeks, William H.; Rodger, Alex M.; Etheridge, Robert, 1846-1920; North, Alfred J. (Alfred John), 1855-1917; Olsson-Seffer, Pehr, 1873-1911; Giglioli, Enrico Hillyer, 1845-1909; Milligan, Alexander William, 1858-1921; Campbell, Archibald George, 1880–1954; Maitland, A. Gibb (Andrew Gibb), 1864-1951; Australian Museum; Sharpe, Richard Bowdler, 1847-1909; Waite, Edgar Ravenswood, 1866-1928; Wittenoom, Edward Horne, Sir, 1854-1936; Western Australia. Government Geologist; Harrison, Launcelot, 1880-1928; Rogers, Janet M. [Melanesian Mission Depot]; Harvard University. Museum of Comparative Zoology (Cambridge, Mass.); Canterbury Museum (Christchurch, N.Z.); Elvery, Henry Reynolds; Bernhard Olcovich Precious Stones; Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia; Stirling, Edward Charles, 1848-1919; Wigglesworth, R.; Clark, Hubert Lyman, 1870-1947; Ashby, Edwin; May, William Lewis, 1861-1925; Henshaw, Samuel, 1852-1941; Howarth, Elijah, 1853-1938
Year: 1903-1906
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