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Author: Morland, Frederick; Card, George W.; Mining Museum, Sydney; New South Wales. Dept. of Mines; Pittman, Edward F.; Glauert, Ludwig, 1879-1963; Chawner, Charles; George, R.; Kingsley, Robert; Anderson, Ralph A.; Flag Gold and Copper Mining Company, The; Adams, L. M. Miss; Hadaway, Walter; Mayrhofer & Co.; Maitland, A. Gibb (Andrew Gibb), 1864-1951; Geological Survey of Western Australia; F. H. Faulding and Co. Ltd.; Buckan, W. S.; Western Australian Government Railways; Western Australia. Public Works Dept.; Perth Technical School; Andrews, Cecil Rollo Payton, 1870-1951; Western Australia. Education Dept.; Grimish, Isodore; Clark, Herbert; Sloane, Herbert; Birch, Thomas; Greenard, W. F.; Sykes, R.; Simpson, Edward S. (Edward Sydney), 1875-1939; Post Office Chambers; Mechanics Institute
Year: 1882-1911
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