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1. To Glauert from G. C. Rose, Mount Anderson, Derby, requesting larger jars and some preserving liquid for a gecko and small lizards, 28 August, 1955, 1 p.
To G. C. Rose, Mount Anderson Stn. sent package of preservative and instructions for use, look for Kimberley Pouched mice 5 August, 1955, 1 p.

2. To Glauert from G. C. Rose, Mount Anderson, Derby, who sent the Soft-spined gecko, will look in a cave where Surveyor W. D. Campbell found something circumcision & subincision, also more mice in the bush. 30 September, 1955, 1 p. 
3. To Glauert from Stan Williams, Headmaster ot Laverton School, which will be closed for holidays, children and the community were happy to send specimens and continue 6 December, 1955, 1p.
To Stan Williams, Headmaster, Govt School, Laverton, from Glauert: the children could continue by sending specimens by rail at no expense 12 December, 1955, 1 p.
4. To Father Rutherford, Mission School, Tardun from Glauert sending equipment and instructions for preserving lizards and snakes, 2 February, 1956, 1 p.
5. To Glauert from Gilbert J. Smith, c/- Australian Blue Asbestos Ltd., Wittenoom Gorge, WA, waiting for A. Douglas to send equipment to preserve specimens for the Museum, 25 May, 1956, 2 p.
6. To Gilbert J. Smith from Glauert, apologies, sending material promised, grateful for insects, lizards, snakes, frogs & small mammals, mark air freight packages "freight forward" for Museum to pay 28 May, 1956, 1 p.
7. To Glauert from Frank L. Hill, collecting for British Museum in Maralinga, 2 November, 1956 1p.
To F. L. Hill, 12 Oaks, Brewery Common, Mortimer, Berkshire, from Glauert, missed details about  flora and fauna from Maralinga 26 November, 1956, 1 p.
8. To Chairman of Trustees from Vincent Serventy requesting loans of larger equipment and instructions for approved naturalists 13 Decenber, 1956, 1 p.
To Serventy from Glauert : the Museum has been lending equipment to naturalists for 40 years and only 1 set, by W. H. Butler, is still left, 17 December, 1956, 1 p.
9. To Director, Glauert, from V. F. McDougall, Nyabing, who had received a licence to collect for the Museum, need ether sent, V. Serventy, will bring it when he comes in July, 11 June, 1956 1 p.
To V. F. McDougall, Nyabing, from Glauert need pair of Mallee Fowls, do not shoot if scarce, 18 June, 1956, 1 p.
10. To Museum from V. W. Fisher who needed tank and formalin for identifying strange fish handed in for identification and then passed on to the Museum, 24 September, 1958, 2 p.
11. To G. F. Mees suggests welcome offer to collect for Museum, every fish must be entered 1 p.
12. To V. W. Fisher from G. F. Mees pick up container from Museum workshop plus notebook with labels to record all data, we are especially interested in Uranoscopidae and Belonidae so keep watch and bring in any specimens 30 September, 1958, 1 p.
V. W. Fisher 27 Mars Street, Carlisle from Mees "map with note-papers for field data of fishes pick up from my room" 14 October, 1958 1 p.
13. From C. W. Brazenor, National Museum of Victoria "Sending, by registered mail, key to your collecting tank, tank itself returned by Frank Cadd & Co. by road transport " 20 January, 1960  p.1.                        
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