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Shirley Slack-Smith : [Field notebook] : Dredging off Perth Coast [28/06/1977-07/07/1977]
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[25] p. ; 17 cm.
[SM Slack-Smith & L. Baxter dredging expedition on board FRV Flinders from 28/06/1977-07/07/1977, off Perth Coast]
[SM Slack-Smith & L. Baxter dredging expedition on board FRV Flinders from 28/06/1977-07/07/1977, off Perth Coast]
0915hrs Flinders#1
SW of Champion Rock; (10 fathoms); Bearing 213°; 32°2.8' S 115°35.7' E; rectangle dredge W->E; 5
minute haul, weed, dead shell, biscuit urchin, (50 fathoms rope).
0935hrs Flinders#2
SW of Champion Rock; Bearing 213°; 10 fathoms (same position); 32°2.8' S 115°35.7' E; rectangle dredge; 60 fathoms rope, 15 minute haul; red & brown weed. bryozoa sponges, live & dead molluscs, worms, brittle stars, crustaceans; dredging W to E into winds.
1035hrs Flinders#3
approx. WNW of Straggler Rocks; rectangle dredge; 32°3.7' S 115°35.6' E W->E; 15 minute haul; very much brown algae, few molluscs from sand; about 10 1/2 -> 10 fathoms
1110hrs Flinders#4
approx. same position as #3 (slightly south); 10 minute haul W-> E; more brown algae - few weed, shells, fish & crabs & urchins, hardly any from bottom except those clinging to worm rock; 10 1/2 -> 10 fathoms, rectangular dredge.
1148hrs Flinders#5
W of Straggler; 10 minute haul; 11 1/2 fathoms, rectangular dredge; 115°35.7' E 32°4.5' S W->E; much brown algae, some weed & sand molluscs, papillate nudibranch, starfish, solitary corals.
1230hrs Flinders#6
W of Straggler, Just N of #5; 10 minute haul W->E; brown weed blocking mouth of dredge, very few sand molluscs, small fish, (Ecklonia or[?] Macrocystis); rectangular dredge, 3 knots.
1308hrs Flinders#7
32°4.8' S 115°36' E; triangular dredge, 11 fathoms 2 feet - 60 fathoms work[?]; dredging ENE, 11 minutes, W->ENE; brown weed, some bottom fauna, weed & v. few sand molluscs, weed fish; WSW of Straggler Rocks; Phasianella ventricosa alive, c. deep red animal; Phasianotrochus bellulus, bright deep red animal; Seems to be touching bottom but mostly skimming over weed.
1354hrs Flinders#8
W of Hugel Pass & Mewstone; triangular dredge, 10 minutes; 11 fathoms 1 foot; 32°5.2' S 115°36' E W->E; Macrocystis & Ecklonia (brown algae) few seaweed molluscs & v.v. few bottom molluscs, cobblers; skimming over weed.
1413hrs Flinders#9
W of Hugel Pass & Mewstone, dredging E->W - running with light wind [?] cut down, very slightly south of previous run (#8); depth 11 fathoms 1 ft, 10 minute haul, triangular dredge; plenty of Macrocystis & Eklonia.
1444hrs Flinders#10
Just N of Lambert Passage & slightly S of W of Mewstone; 32°5.7' S 115°36.1' E W->E; 11 fathoms, triangular dredge, 10 minute haul; Weed, some rock (soft limestone), Weed & boring molluscs, fish.
1504hrs Flinders#11
W of Mewstone, just N of #10, E->W; 10 minute haul, triangular dredge, 11 fathoms; weed & shell grit, live Haliotis elegans! weed & sand molluscs, sea horse; 115°37' E 32° 52'S.
[accompanied by] R George, N Sarti, dep. Fremantle 0805, via Cockburn Sound & South Channel & west to
Stn 1
triangular dredge; 11-18 fathoms; 32° 15.15' S 115° 36' E, E-W; coarse sand shell, sponge, brown seaweed; 4 1/2 miles W of South Channel Light[?]; 10 minute haul.
1045hrs Stn 2
West of C. Peron; 32° 15.2' S 115° 34.3' E E-W; Weed (brown), Bryozoa, coarse sand; 18 fathom; 6 mile W of South Channel Light.
1120hrs Stn 3
17 1/2 mile W of Cape Peron; 32°15.9' S 115°32.5'E NE->SW, 19 fathom; Red sponge, red/brown weed, pipe fish, crinoids, peacock prawns.
1135hrs Stn 4
8 1/2 mile W. of Seal I.; 32°16.85' S 115°31.3' E NE->SW, 20 fathom; rough bottom/tore net, Red Indian fish, 2 sp. Scyllarus, & 1 carp, pink/purple Alphaid[?] with yellow spots. [sketch of Scyllarus colour pattern]
1208hrs Stn 5
9 1/2 mile W of Penguin Island; 32°18.35' S 115°30.15' E NE->SW, 20 fathom; Brown weed & sponge, bottle[?] squid.
1335hrs Stn 6
2 mile W of Cape Peron; 32°11.2' S 115°38.6' E SW->NE, 11 fathoms; brown weed, coralline rock.
1348hrs Stn 7
2 mile W of South Channel Light; 32°15.7' S 115°39' E SE->NW, 11 fathoms; brown weed choked net mouth, Red Indian fish, Pebble crab. Sandy bottom with lots of dead weed lying over the bottom. Very similar to hauls made [?] the 5 fath. bank by Shirley yesterday.
[accompanied by] B.R. Wilson, R. Buik.
Dep. Fisherman's Hbr 0810hrs. Sailed SW & out thru Middle Ground S. of Carnac. Challenger' Pass.
Start 0919hrs, Finish 0932hrs Stn 1
Surface weather 16.5°C; triangular dredge; 32°8.8' S 115°37.4' E, 11 fm, towing 229°; Kelpweed, flathead, 1 leatherjacket, Glycymeris, Diala, Tricolia.
Stn 2
Start 0940hrs; triangular dredge; 32°9.2' S 115°37' E 12-11 fm, towing 25°; Brown kelp. Not so many Glycymeris or other molluscs; finish 0951hrs.
Stn 3
Start 1033hrs; triangular dredge; 32°9.75' S 115°34.95' E, towing 210°, 15-18 fm; buckled dredge, torn back end, almost empty; surface water 19.5°C
Stn 4
Start 1057hrs; triangular dredge; 32°10.8' S 155°34.45' E, towing 198°, 18 fm; surface water 19.3°C; poor haul - warp too short (80fm)
Stn 5
Start 1129hrs; triangular dredge; 32°10.95' S 115°4.05' E, towing 209°, 18 fm; surface water 19.2°C; Finish 1135hrs; Slowed down & put out 100fm warp. Working well on uneven bottom. Came up "chokker" with weed, rubble & sponges. Net damaged. Spent awhile sorting. Not very rich but some nice things eg. "Turbo" gruneri, conus klemae.
Stn 6
Start 1222hrs; using small dredge; 32° 9.4' S 115° 33.6' E, 18 fm; surface water temp. 19.5°C; Bumpy ground: craypots about. Pulled up after 3 mins - NO NET. CURSED. Moved north trying to locate sandy ground.
Stn 7
Start 1258hrs; triangular dredge; 32° 8.5' S 155° 34.2' E, 18 fm; Bumpy ground again. Pulled in after only 3min. Net badly torn - beyond repair (quickly). Headed home.
rectangular dredge; H. MERRIFIELD[?] L. BAXTER C. BRYCE.; Depart Fremantle 0800.
down 0907 - up 0927, 11 fms; Small haul, dead shells (bivalves), include glycemerids, Tellina[?], Verm. also brachiopods - red in color, small orange sea pen and brittle stars. Terebra, Suvemeioe[?], Oliva; 32°9.25' S 115°38'E
down 0945/up 0957; Much kelp - many glycemerids - and a few after[?], small bivalves. very typical haul; 32°10.2'S 115°37.4'E, 11 1/2 - 11 fms.
dredge down 1014 up 1028; fish pipe; crabs - odd thing with pear shaped head + spid. type legs. shale + coral bottom with a few sponges. plenty crinoids and small bivalves + pieces of bryozoa; 32° 10.3'S 115° 38'E 11 1/2 fms.
down 1047 up 1100; lost dredge - snapped right off. could see old wreck or something not typical of rock which usually crumbles. 32° 11.35' S 115° 37.2'E 11 fathoms.
C. BRYCE H. MERRIFIELD, V. Humphries + R. STANNARD. Depart FREM. 0800.
10 min haul; LARGE Box with safety line - works well. depth 10 fms; Full dredge much grey mud v. little weed. New Cancellariid species. Phas. sp. alive, many Nass. pampia[?], many small bivalves, Mantrids Venerids - mostly dead, dead scallops. Seem to only find predators alive! 32° 19.71'S 115° 42.2'E
5 min haul; Grey mud again. with many sea pens; 2 small turrids and [?] gastropods. Similar as to haul I. Starfish. 32° 19.3' S 115° 43.1 E 10 fathoms.
5 min 32° 19.2' S 115° 3.9' E, 10 fm; mud bottom edge of seagrass, many Colombarrids. dead bivalves and a few small cerithiids, starfish.
5 min; 32° 19.9'S 115° 44.3'E 10 fm; Scallops- dead one with lie oyster or chamid on it. same substrate as #3 not much to be found. 1 species of turrid.
32° 21.2'S 115°42.9'E 9fm; same old mud - very similar to #1 with nearly a full dredge of grey mud & much dead broken shell.
32°20.8'S 115°43.3'E 9fm; SAme as above, all mud full, net load very sterile.
Outside Warnbrough Sound off Pt Peron - Homeward bound; 5 min haul; many dead bivalves, Lima 2 sp., Pectin, spondylid, Ven., Keyhole limpet, Chlamys, Trebrebiid- small pnik, glycemeris, xenophorid, Tellins; Very typical sand country, 1 small sea urchin I've never seen before with bright green spots. 32° 16.16'S 115° 39.9'E 9 1/2 fm.
Same as above exept for a few species and a good haul of live mantrids & a species of baskit star. 32° 15.55'S 115° 39.7'E 9 1/2 fms.
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