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25 September 1890
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 54




Mr Jacobson, the manager of the Alfred Argles Gold mining Company, arrived
this morning, bringing a large cake of gold which turned the scale at 42

oz. 10 dwts. This handsome cake is the result of a trial crushing of about
16 tons of stone, taken from the bottom of the shaft and crushed as it
first came to hand.  The gold has been deposited in the local branch of
the Union Bank, and is to be on exhibition there for some days.  News has
been received of the successful floating of the company in Sydney, and
also of machinery being now on its way from that city.  The success of
this claim ought to stimulate capitalists to put their money into the
other claims at Mallina, and hope to see a few more companies floated
before very long.

The only serious drawback is the lack of fuel, the country around Mallina
being very bare; but this difficulty could be overcome very easily, as the
country around is very level and well suited for laying tram rails.


The latest news from this place is that there are about 40 men still
there, and that all are doing well; the majority are getting half an ounce
per day each.


No news has been received from this spot for the last few days.  Mr
Armitage, a gentleman who arrived in Sydney a few months back, and went
out to this field, returned last week, and thinks a great deal of the
Nullagine, and is now on his way back to Sydney to bring machinery to work
at this field.  The result of Mr Haaben's application for a mining lease
at the Nullagine is anxiously looked forward to.  It granted, Mr Haaben
intends to shift his valuable machinery, which is now lying idle at


A large nugget weighing 39 oz. 8 dwts. was brought into town last week
from the Shaw Falls, (the scene of the finding of the "Little Hero" nugget
of 333 oz. 8 dwts.) by a man named Mouson, who had only been there a week.
 This is the third large nugget unearthed at this spot, besides the
hundreds of ounces found since its discovery.  Everything points to the
success of this find, but water will have to be procured first.


Latest reports are very satisfactory.  There are about 500 men at the last
found spot, which is about 20 miles from the "Top Find," and good gold is
being obtained.  A digger told me that a friend of his had been lucky
enough to secure two large nuggets, one of 50 oz. and the other 60 oz.,
and had written to him to proceed to the field without delay.  Very few
diggers are returning from the Ashburton, although the news of the
discovery of the "Little Hero" nugget must have reached there some time
back, which fact is another good sign, showing that the diggers are quite
satisfied with what they are on now.

Mr Greene, of Cook Greene & Co., and an old digger, considers there are
plenty of reefs but the men are so busy they cannot trouble about
prospecting for them.  A few specimens have been received in town, which
carry an enormous amount of gold.

The Bank is giving the highest price for this gold , as the assays proved
very satisfactory.


About a dozen men are always to be found at this find, and gold in small
but payable quantities can always be had by deep sinking.

Rumours of a gold discovery place to Roebourne have been spread lately,
the latest place stated being near the Flying Foam, about 20 miles
distant, but no reliable news has been received yet.

As far as I can gather about 200 ozs. of gold have been brought into town
from the different finds within the last few days.  A great deal of the
Ashburton gold is taken away by the diggers without passing through
Roebourne at all, going straight from Onslow.


There is every probability, states the Southern Times, of the 22nd inst.,
of the Collie Company's operations being vigorously prosecuted at an early
date, thanks to the great interest taken in the progress of the district
by our Resident Magistrate, Colonel Angelo having placed himself in
communication with some representative gentleman occupying influential
positions in the coal mining industries of the world, and to have been
favourably impressed with the indications, reports, and analysis of the
Company's coal, and from whom very satisfactory replies have been
received.  Colonel Arthur, of London, writes referring to the Company's
property, "I have not been idle in respect to it, and he shall hear from
me at length in a mail or so.  I have seen several people and put others
on the plant."  Lieutenant General Gordon, writes from the United Service
Club, Pall Mall, London.  "I have read Colonel Angelo's papers with
interest.  I was this morning in the City and saw the Secretary of the
Metropolitan Coal Co. of Sydney.  He has to do with other collieries in
New Zealand.  He says Sir John Coode has lately been writing of the great
want of coal in Western Australia, so I told him all about the Collie
Commercial Coal Co. and its views as set forth in the printed prospectus.
He is much interested.  Mr McArthur is one of his directors and I
suggested that Colonel Arthur might see him and Mr Harroway at College
Hall Chambers, the Offices of the Coal Companies, and perhaps he would
find he could promote the Company's wishes."
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