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Fraser's G.M. Company.
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25 February [1889 or
Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 17

The following telgram was received from Melbourne yesterday, giving the
result of treating the amalgam and retorted gold from the above company's
second crushing of 16 tons :-
                                               £  s.  d.

No. 1. 4 1/2 oz amalgam     15   6   9
No. 2. 2 ozs ditto.                  7   3   4
No. 3. Pickle bottle ditto        3   2  11
No. 4. Ditto                          11   4    0
                                          £36  16   0

The manager has since received from Mr Rosman a small cake of retorted
gold, weight 2 3/4 ozs, which was also obtained from this crushing.

The following is Mr Rosman's report, received by mail yesterday:-According
to promise I now send down to you by this week's York and Yilgarn Carrying
Company's coach, a case containing the 5 lbs of amalgam, samples of
incrustation taken from the shell and tube of boiler after 35 hours'
steaming, and three blocks of order books, numbering from 301 to 600.  I
have used 74 orders from the following book which shall forward you by
next mail if required.  The case also contains the cake of retorted gold
weighing 22 ozs 18 dwts., that is 18 ozs 18 dwts. from the 9 lbs
avoirdupois of amalgam by my mode of treatment, and 4 ozs of gold from the
silver used in that crushing of 34 tons, principally from the bottom or 60
feet level of Fraser's shaft.  I stated previously that there would not be
sufficient acid to treat the amalgam properly.  Such was the case, and
therefore I treated it under another system which I have discovered, and
is more effectual and far less expensive than solely by assets, and takes
less time for treatment.  When we again resumed crushing, if you'll get a
set of Burdan Rollers, a supply of nitric acid, and smelting appliances, I
can treat and send you down bar gold at a cost of about two pounds (£2)
per one hundred tons or per crushing, after cleaning out the battery,
which I consider cannot be done cheaper by any system.  We have commenced
work at the dam quarrying stone, getting clay and sand for the same.
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