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(?) February 1890
No exact date for February is provided
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Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 12
Southern Cross, Jan.  (?)

Mead's trap arrived from York on Thursday morning, bringing a boilermaker
and the plates for the repair of Fraser's boiler.  The work was commenced
at once.  In mining matters on Fraser's claim they have risen in the

Fraser or North shaft, from the 60 ft. to 30 ft. level, stone payable all
the way up.  A drive has also been finished from the main shaft to an old
working for ventilating purposes and the miners below have now the benefit
of a draught right through the mine.  They have cross-cut from the
northernmost shaft, and sunk a winze, and hole through to North end of
Fraser's workings.  Levels have been opened out on 60 ft. level North and
South on course of lode.  All the lifting from shafts is done by means of
a whip which has lately been erected.  The boiler was completed to-night,
and the machinery had a bit of a run.  Let us hope no further mishaps will
occur.  In future results will be blown off every two hours, and the
boiler cleaned every Saturday.


The No. 1 shaft is down a depth of 50ft., with a good strong lode the
whole way down.  The width of the reef is not known, as no drive has
been put through it.  No. 2 shaft is 60 ft. deep, and timbered.  The water
makes about 8000 gallons in the 24 hours.  This is a vertical shaft,
which, according to surface indications, should strike the reef at a depth
of between 80 and 90 feet.  Several small spurs carrying gold can be seen
in the shaft.  The time occupied in the sinking has been less than five
weeks.  A large dam is also being excavated, measuring 300 ft. x 200 ft. x
5 ft., and capable of holding nearly 200,000 gals.  Sixteen men are
employed, but a greater number will be put on shortly.  The manager's
house and office are nearly completed, and a fine view of the lake,
Fraser's battery, and surroundings is to be had from the hill, which has
been cleared of all scrub.


The machinery on this claim is all erected, and water is the only thing
for which they are waiting to have a trial.


All work on this property has been stopped owing to the great scarcity of

BLACKBOURNE’S AND HAMPSON'S CLAIMS at Southern Cross Extended, have both good prospects, the former especially.  A shaft is down 85 ft, getting good stone up.  Work here has also been stopped owing to no water being obtainable.  Hampson has got a reef 1 ft. wide, I believe, carrying good gold.  I have not seen any of the stone.


30 ft. from Southern boundary and shaft 45 ft. deep has been sunk and
short cross cuts into reef made.  The stone's payable.  200 ft. further
along the line of reef an underlay shaft is down 20 ft. from which the
best stone has come.  The reef in the shaft is 4 ft. wide, but the hanging
wall is not showing.  Still further North 120 ft., an underlay shaft is
down about 60 ft. from near the bottom of which came the 12 tons crushed
and yielding 2 1/2 ounces per ton.  The shaft measures about 7ft. by 4ft.
at bottom, with quartz all round in which gold can be seen.  I believe it
is the intention of the Company to sink for this shaft at once down to the
water level, and drive along the line of reef making ready for stopping.
The next working on the property is an opening on the surface out of which
has been taken 100 tons of quartz, expected to go to 2 1/2 ounces to the
ton when crushed.  100 ft. North from last shaft is a deep shaft 35 ft.
below water level and there is now that depth of water in the shaft.  Ten
feet below water level a crosscut was put in which went 12 ft. through the
reef, but did not reach the hanging wall.  It had to be stopped, owing to
the great quantity of water.

Just above water level, in a chamber made for it in the side of the shaft,
is fixed a Tangye's pump, which worked splendidly when tried a few days
ago, forcing the water to the battery for use on the tables.  Another
water shaft is down over 60 ft., alongside the battery in which is fixed a
plunger pump.  Below the battery in the Creek the large dam has been made
for fresh water, and higher still up the Creek a large underground tank is
being made, which will be pugged and stoned on the sides.  This company
might start crushing any day, although it is better to have everything
ready and in good order for a continual crushing, now it is known what the
yield will be.  I hear it is intended to start the machinery again in a
few days.


About half a dozen men are still fossicking about on the point in front of
Cameron's, and although they stick to it very manfully, if asked how they
are doing the answer is sure to be "Barely tucker."  No sensational find
has been made since a man named Dale got the 36 dwt. piece last week.  The
nugget was raffled for £10, Mr Ward being the winner.  A few pieces of
alluvial have been got at Parker's Range, and men had gone out to see what
it is like.


Water is very scarce, and is only to be obtained for absolutely necessary

The "[?] house" has knocked off soups and stews and only provides fried
and roast [?] as water is not to be got to boil it.  Mr Reen when
exploring for water on Saturday, and returned to report having found a
soak about 20 miles in an East or S. E. direction.  A team and men are
being sent out by the inhabitants, who have subscribed towards defraying
the expense of clearing the road and clearing out the soak.  A small soak
has been found near Koorkardine too, but after a few plugs of dynamite had
been put in it, the explosion seemed to drive all the water back.  Several
teams have arrived within the last day or two, and all give very bad
accounts of the water supply.  There is now no water between here and
Yorkrakine, 40 miles from this on the York Road, and between here and
Carolin Tank, on the Newcastle Road.


Messrs. Woodward (2), Cale, Wright, and Riseley, arrived this morning.
The Warden is expected to-morrow.  Rain has been hanging about several
days, but does not pay us a visit.  The general health is good.


The following report has been received from Mr E. L. Rosman, mining
manager of the above Company:-"During the past fortnight the following
work has been done in your mine: Have risen up from the 60 feet level to
the 30 feet level, and close timbered the same.  Also drove seven feet and
hold through to Mr Fraser's old workings in the North or Fraser's shaft,
carrying spurs up the whole distance of what I consider payable gold.
Have also opened out North and South upon the run of stone in the bottom
or 60 feet level.  After holding through to Fraser's old workings, I found
there was not much ventilation, so I went into the extreme North-Western
shaft upon the property, and extended the cross-cut East 14 feet, and went
up into Fraser's old workings (64 feet North of his shaft, and sunk the
winze he (Mr Fraser) had commenced) 6 feet, and holed through to the cross-
cut previously mentioned.  Now we have good ventilation in the bottom or
60 feet level.  The whole of this work has been done with 6 men working
underground, with 2 landers and 2 horse-drivers pulling stuff and water.

During the coming fortnight we shall be cross-cutting east for the central
run of reef, which I expect cutting in about 40 feet, if it continues, and
I have every reason to believe it will.

The plates and boiler maker arrived here on Thursday, the 23rd inst., and
commenced work the following morning.  We had everything ready for him to
commence.  We shall complete the job by Monday, refill the boiler, and
test it, so that the boiler maker can return by the mail on Wednesday.  On
that day I shall again commence crushing, which I believe can be done with
safety under the following conditions, which I shall carry out, viz: blow
off the boiler every two hours, and completely blow it out and clean it on
the Saturday nights, and start crushing again on the Monday mornings.  I
shall only run three days at first, and then I shall be able to form an
opinion whether it will run the week before cleaning, and if it will not
do so, I must clean it out twice a week.
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