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Hubert Massey Whittell correspondence, 1926-1952. Part 2
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15 Jan. 1939, 1 p.
40. Letter to Glauert asking about J. Harry J. Charter who collected bird skins about 1906, please check Hart's Army List for info.; visited Dempster inlet and Doubtful Island Bay; Banded Anteater killed by car in Bridgetown.

23 Jan. 1939, 1 p.
41. From Glauert, J.H.J. Charter not found in Army List.

31 Jan, 1939, 1 p.
42. To Glauert asking for skins of Malurus elegans and M. pulcherrimus to compare; obtained skin of the Square-tailed Kite.

23 Feb. 1939, 1 p.
43. From Glauert sending M. elegans from Wilson's Inlet and from Toolbrunup, and M. pulcherrimus from Toolbrunup; has nothing definite re location of Lake Williams.

25 Feb. 1939, 2 p.
44. To Glauert about the Toolbrunup skin of the Red-winged Wren, will send a systematic list of W.A. birds he is preparing.

9 Mar. 1939, 1 p.
45. From Glauert, would hope to have systematic list published by our Royal Society.

16 Mar. 1939, 1 p.
46. To Librarian of Royal Society of W.A., asking for loan of journals and enclosing  his subscription cheque.

18 Apr. 1939, 1 p.
47. From Glauert about the Red-Winged Wren; Museum makes its material available whenever possible; importance of museum education for school children.

19 Apr. 1939, 1 p.
48. To Glauert asking for copy of Wetmore's Classification of Birds; skins from Melbourne Museum's H.L. White collection not for loan; Toolbrunup skin in Adelaide Museum.

27 Jun. 1939, 2 p.
49. To Glauert on a Cockatoo hybrid, Corella-Galah; obtained information on John Gilbert; Gregory Mathews may visit in Dec.

6 Jul. 1939, 1 p.
50. From Glauert about the hybrid cockatoo described by Mr Eddy of Nungarin; special meeting of Royal Society proposed for Gregory Mathews visit; after recent storm 26 specimens collected, including Pterodroma lessoni, 2 Anous tenuirostris, and a P. vittata from Busselton. A number of P. desolata and Puffinus assimilis, 2 D. chlororhyncha and 2 M. giganteus.

8 Jul. 1939, 1 p.
51. To Glauert about birds collected by Whitlock in Bunbury after a storm: 1 Grey-headed Albatross, one Cape Petrel and one P. assimilis; does the museum want eggs? The albatross found is a small specimen, 8 inches shorter than given by Mathews and Condon.

18 Jul. 1939, 1 p.
52. To Library asking for volumes of the "Inquirer", seeking information about the naturalist John Gilbert who came to W.A. in 1839.

28 Jul. 1939, 1 p.
53. From Battye, will loan bound vols. of the Enquirer.

14 Aug. 1939, 2 p.
54. To Library, delay in reply because he was in hospital, wants "Inquirer" 1839 to 1844; enclosed a cutting from West Australian about John Gilbert, a pioneer of bird study in W.A.; asks that A.H. Chisholm in Melbourne be approached for copies of Gilbert's letters.

17 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
55. From Battye to Bridgetown Road Board, have sent a parcel of books for Whittell.

17 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
56. From Battye, packages of loans forwarded to Road Board; writing to Chisholm re Gilbert's letters.

21 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
57. To Library thanking for American exchanges and returning "Inquirer"

22 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
58. To Glauert re Cockatoo hybrid note by Dr McGillivray in 1923 Emu; seeks information about Geo. Masters' work in W.A.

23 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
59. From Battye sending "Enquirer" for 1842, 1834, 1844.

25 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
60. From Glauert re hybrid Cockatoo; information re George Masters' visits; collected after storm 1 Pt. mollis, 3 D. capense, 3 P. vittata, 5 P. desolata and 1 D. chlororhyncha.

29 Aug. 1939, 1 p.
61. To Library, returning loans, asking for loan of John Gilbert's letters from W.A.

11 Sep. 1939 (posted 8 Oct. 1939), 2 p.
62. To Glauert, thanks for information on Masters, gives list of North's dates for Masters in W.A. (North not always accurate); offers eggs to Museum.

10 Oct. 1939, 1 p.
63. From Glauert, letter from James Drummond to Hooker his authority for Gilbert's visit to Rottnest; after storms collected a Giant Petrel, 2 Soft Plumage Petrels, 8 Cape Petrels and 1 Lesser Noddy; would like just Australian eggs.

 7 Dec. 1939, 1 p.
64. To Glauert asking for article on Puffinus assimilis glauerti and Heteroprion belcheri serventyi by Mathews; Lawson Whitlock's 80th next April.

8 Dec. 1939, 1 p.
65. From Glauert, doesn't have Mathews' article.

11 Dec. 1939, 1 p.
66. From Battye, sending copies of Gilbert's letters.

23 Dec. 1939, 2 p.
67. To Glauert, Mathews on way to W.A. from England, could Glauert arrange group of scientists to meet him?

24 Dec. 1939, 1 p.
68. To Battye returning John Gilbert's letters, with thanks.

11 Jan. 1940, 1 p.
69. From Glauert re details about arrangements for Mathews' visit.

11 Mar. 1940, 1 p.
70. To Glauert sending skins of 2 Wedge-tailed Eagles, and 1 Albatross.

14 Mar. 1940, 1 p.
71. From Glauert, while on holiday at Margaret River he saw Flame breasted Robin; waiting for Tropic bird from Busselton; has received 3 Wambengers in last few weeks.

5 May, 1940, 1 p.
72, To Glauert asking for Records of the WA Museum; had irate letter from Mathews who thinks we should use his Check List not our own.

17 Jun. 1040, 1 p.
73. From Glauert saving Records asked for.

21 Jul. 1940, 1 p.
74. To Glauert sending correspondence on the H.L.White collection; Mathews coming to Perth by rail from Adelaide in Aug. or Sept.

1 Aug. 1940, 2 p.
75. To Glauert sending list of W.A. mammals sent by John Gilbert to John Gould.

8 Aug. 1940, 1 p.
76. From Glauert thanking for list of mammals and for paper on Tropic bird.

5 Sep. 1940, 2 p.
77. To Glauert enclosing letter for Mathews; mentions Kenneth Buller, a keen taxidermist who would like to work at Museum; sightings of the Spotted Nightjar.

13 Sep. 1940, 2 p.
78. From Glauert about Mathews' visit; will visit Buller's private museum; collected 1 Prion and 2 Giant petrels, photographed a White Chinned bird and saw a Barn owl.

19 Sep. 1940, 1 p.
79. To Glauert with a list of type specimens to be checked.

30 Sep. 1940, 1 p.
80. From Glauert, sending list of 'types' of WA birds preserved in the Museum; reminding him of skins of Procelariiformes promised.

18 Oct. 1940, 1 p.
81. To Glauert, Mathews found new forms in Museum collection; thanks for list of type specimens.

15 Nov. 1940, 1 p.
82. To Glauert re Check List; Petrel skins in recently united Serventy-Whittell Collection; sending 2 Petrel skins from N.Z., one a gavia i.e. leptorhynchus, also a N.Z. Prion, hopes to visit Perth soon.

20 Nov. 1940, 1 p.
83. From Glauert, Sorry to learn Petrel skins not coming to Museum, as he had anticipated; looking forward to getting N.Z. skins.

22 Nov. 1940, 2 p.
84. To Glauert, working ornithologists need to keep their skins for study and Serventy-Whittell Collection in constant use; appreciates Museum has restricted funds and problems getting specimens.
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