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Natural science - Collectors. Part 1
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A69-70-1 [Box 2]
Includes letters by John Tunney; Walter Rothschild (see also RP19577 - THE ROTHSCHILD ARCHIVE. 2002-2003 : 46-50); Maitland Brown; Tom Carter's "Palm tree letter" of 30/1/1899 (see also RECORDS OF THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM. 1990, v.14, no.4 : 647-650).
 1. Ornithological specimens collected by Maitland Brown and a bushman to Bernard Woodward, 23 August 1895, 2 p.
2. Offer to collect moths from Chas A. Shaw, Upper Irwin School, Midland, 15 May, 1896, 1 p.
3. Offer to collect specimens from Dr. Alfieri, Singapore, and send to Museum, 19 August, 1896, 2 p.

4. Offer to to work at the Museum during his leave to process the bustards and other specimens form Maitland Brown to Curator in Perth, 23 October 1896, 2 p.
5. Recommending Lippert be sent to Geraldton to assist Maitland Brown, 30 November 1896. Approval, Jas. F. Lee Steere 2.12.96. 1 p.
6. About successful use of insect box, to Woodward from W.K. Adam, Katanning. 13 September 1887, 2 p.
7. Offering his services in response to newspaper ads, to Woodward from E.A. Rippinjelle, Canning Jarrah Timber Coy having had experience in South Africa. 2 p.
8. About red and green sea anemones, on Woodward's card from H. R. M. Gale in Busselton, Wallcliff, 16 April 1898, 1 p.
9. Spurtailed Crescent, to Woodward from James Tunney 5th July 1898 and 17 October 1898, 2 p.
10. Stipiturus ruficapilla, Point Cloatis, to Woodward from Tom Carter 3 January 1899, 2 p.
11. Leilavalensis (Carter's honeyeater), 400 skins in collection, 110 varieties, Frigate bird skin, Heteropygia acuminata, Glareola orientalis, Tom Carter to Woodward, 19 Ju1y 1900, 4 p.
12. Glareola skin, Barrow Island, Tom Carter, Point Cloates, to Woodward, 10 March 1900, 1 p. 
13. Spring Cheeked Honeyeater correct name for (Manotheria), Amytis striata, Red Browed Pardelote, eggs etc, Tom Carter, Point Cloates to Woodward, 2 June 1900, 2 p.
14. Fish specimens, collecting details, to Woodward by Foster Eaton, Mandurah, Fisheries Inspector, 23rd May 1902, 2 p.
15. Received preservative spirit, will save and send any curious fish from Point Sampson to Woodward, (friend of J. Tunney) Geon Simpson, 7 September, 1903, 2 p.
16. Asking for marsupials' fleas to be collected by Tunney, to be sent to Rothschild, at Tring, Richard(?) Rothschild, 9 December, 1903, 1 p.
17. Offer to collect bird skins for Museum by James F. Kilgour, E. Kimberley, 5 March, 1902, 1 p.
18. Offer to collect bird specimens while prospecting around Norseman, asks for equipment and gun from Museum, refers to Mrs Henderson & Mr George & via Coolgardie, by Fred Lawson, 19 April, 1904, 4 p.
19. Received instructions, reserves killing bottles as offered, offering to help pay to send specimens from Kurraway, by T. B. Buteman, 29 May 1904, 1 p. 
20. Enquiring about a gun for bird collecting, word about his box of specimens at the Museum, wants details about collecting policy, by Frederick Lawson, 20 June 1904, 3 p.
21. Discussion about disagreements in classification, quoting examples, maintaining status, to Woodward on policy, by Frederick Lawson, 12 July, 1904, 3 p.
22. Bought a suitable gun to make a representation collection of local birds, please forward his box of equipment from the Museum to Coolgardie, Frederick Lawson, 21 September 1904, 2 p. 
23. Enquiring about box of equipment from Museum not yet arrived. Some birds and bats collected, box needed, Frederick Lawson, 11 November 1904, 1 p.
24. To Woodward requesting arsenical soap to be sent to a Priest Father Nicholas [Emo] to preserve bird skins, Walter E. Roth, 9 October 1904, 1 p.   
25. Telegram to Woodward from Father Nicholas thanking him for "favours", 25 November, 1904, 1 p.
26. Offer to collect specimens for museum by Thomas Westycott Norman in Wagin, 16 July 1906, 1 p.
27. To the Curator thanking for Collectors' Handbook from S. Charles Stewart in Marble Bar, 25th July, 1906, 1 p.
28. Letter upon arrival in England about their delivery of animals from W.A. Macropus agilis although frostbitten, and kangaroos : a pair of Isabelline or Antelopine, & the Silver Kangaroo were sold to Rothschild for the Manchester Zoo (Belle Vue Gardens). PS remembrance to Mr Conigrave, from Payne Wallace, 26 July, 1906, 3 p.
29. To the Curator about borrowed skins of Smicrocornis brevirostris and a new skin procured at Broome Hill ; refers to his letter in"Emu" vol. VII, p. 99; (he saw an Amytus at Broome Hill), Tom Carter, June 1908, 2 p.
30. Letter from A. H. Wilson of Port  Hedland offering transport of specimens of reptiles and birds to Museum as arranged by Dr. Cleland, Dr. Browne providing preservatives, 7th July, 1908, 1 p.
31. Offer to collect birds and mammals from King River, Albany, Harry D. Charter, 22 September, 1908, 1 p.
32. Keeping 3 Tarsipes skins, offers Chiroptera, skins or spirit, asks for book "Notes on Natural History of W. A.", from Harry Charter, King River, Albany, 29 September, 1908, 1.p.                                                                        
33. Railroad Office have not yet received the jars sent by Museum, Harry Charter, King River, Albany, 18 Nov., 1908, 1 p.
34. Asking about a box he had left at the Museum, let someone else use it, asking for a smaller receptacle, from E. W. Simpson, note added by (Woodward), Barracks, Perth, 2 p.
35. Sent Petrogale inornata, Macropus robustus woodwardii, Petrogale inornata, Great Grey kangaroo & a female Aboriginal skeleton, 3 yrs. old by the steamer "Junee". J.P.R. - Wyndham, 15 April, 1909, 2 p.
36. Letter from B.E. Bardwell forwarded by C. V. Gall, Aborigines and Fisheries Department, Perth, Perth, 31 May 1910, 1 p.
37. Offer to collect specimens of fish, forward tanks to Stanley Piggott, by B. E. Bardwell, Pearling Grounds, Broome, 19 April, 1910, 1 p.
38. To Rev W. Jameson, Merredin, referred by Miss Bruce, to collect insects, sending bottle of potassium cyanide, 6 March, 1914, 1 p.
39. Telegram to Alexander [W.B. Alexander], Museum Perth asking for another specimen box, this one full, W. Wing GPO, Sydney (?), 4 March, 1914, 1 p.
40. To Museum asking for killing bottle to be renewed, do you want any more large grey Swift Moths, Sabina Lundy, Cunderdin, 26 March 1914, 1 p.
41. To Mrs. S. Lundy, Cunderdin, sending another killing bottle, should welcome any really good specimens of swift moths, W.B.A. entomologist, 28 March, 1914, 1. p.
42. To McLeod, Port Hotel, Hopetoun sending a jar of formula to add to rainwater, will refund any charges you have, send c/of Dalgety at Albany if you nail the enclosed card on box, key hidden lid,  Director, 16 June 1914. 1 p. ; 22 June. Sending tank of formalin by steamer. Add 20 pints of water. 1 p.
43. To Arthur Brown, State Battery, Marble Bar, passenger per S.S. Bullarra, sending a tank of preservative. Add 2 gallons of water before adding specimens, key in lid. Thanks. BHW, 16 July 1914, 1 p. -- To W. Wing, Mullewa, sending insect boxes, 22 June 1 p.
44. To W. Shaw, Trustees thanks for hospitality to W. B. Alexander, donations, and sending insect box, pins, killing bottles. Notify Ag. Dept. about bats, BHW, 22 July, 1914, 1 p. -- To W. Doran, Eucla, Trustees' thanks for hospitality to W. B. Alexander, posting instructions for cutting open mammals or fish more than 6 inches. Sending tank, key in lid 22 July, 1914, 1 p.
45. To W.C. Parkinson, P.O. Cue, sending box of 50 tags, 1 August 1914, 1 p. -- To Streeter & Male, Broome. Sending tank of preservative for Mr. Alexander by S.S. Gorgon, he will be on S.S. Monderoo, 9 September, 1914, 1 p.
46. To Woodward offering to collect specimens for the Museum as well as his own collection of bird and animal parasites at Greenough Road Geraldton. He will send anything of interest : birds, animals, reptiles, insects, termites and curios. Please send paper details of how specimens should be prepared for the Museum from J. S. Clarke, 7 October, 1914, 2 p.
47. Reply to J. S. Clark, pleased to accept specimens for Museum : insects in pairs 2 sets, 1 set returned named ; parasites - fleas, lice and ticks - at least six from each animal and bird as sets to be sent to London for identification. Important that correct name of animal, bird or reptile included, especially bats, should be taken as difficult to identify. Sending pamphlet . All specimens sent by rail travel free "Natural History Specimens, W.A. Museum, Perth" 8 October, 1914, 1 p.
48. To Alexander from Walter Wing, Mullewa, moths sent, need more Etomological pins and some decoction for killing the moths, also a/c 7/6 due for a specimen box sanctioned by Woodward 14 October 1914, 1 p.
49. To Mrs. Dobson, Native Mission, Midland Junction asking her to take some collecting apparatus to Mr Dobson at Forrest River Mission, please call at Museum for instructions. Alexander, 3 March
1914, 2 p.
50. To W. Wing Railway Hotel, Mullewa, sorry to miss his visits, enclosing P/N for 7/6, sending cyanide for killing insects, entomological pins, W. B. Alexander, 16 October, 1914 1 p.
To C. G. Thorp Onslow sorry no spare butterfly nets to send 15 May
51. To Alexander please send a light weight golf club handle to make a net, by Mrs Thorp 254 St Georges Tce, feeding caterpillars, hoping to rear good moths or butterflies, trying for mosquitoes, C. G. Thorp, Onslow, 25 May 1915, 1 p.
52. To P. T. Sandland, Burrabidgee, Moora, on list of local birds of Moora, 12 June, 1915, 1 p.
53. To Alexander from P. T. Sandlands about available local birds' eggs, Moora, 5 July, 1915, 3 p.
54. To Sandland, Burrabidgy, Moora, ways of packing nests, collections of eggs, Alexander, 13 July, 1915, 1 p.
55. To John Wellstead, Bremer Bay, thanking him and family for collecting specimens for the Museum, 8 March, 1916, 1p.
56. To Alexander from L. Le Souef of Three Springs asking for spirit for preserving specimens such as Leadbetter's Cockatoo, Hooded Dotterels, lesser bottlebird, Gallinas flocks, Butcher birds, 27 March 1916, 1 p.
57. To L. Le Souef from Alexander advising him to clean very thoroughly any specimens placed in spirit as any dirt or blood is impossible to remove from the feathers. Please send more Hooded Dotterels as we have none from so far north, 7th April, 1916, 1 p.
58. To H. L. White , Belltrees, Scone, N.S.W., from Alexander about a difficult trip to the Victoria River ; Tom Carter is too old and J. T. Tunney cannot leave his farm, 19 April, 1916, 1 p.
59. From H. L. White to Museum offering to share in any bird collecting at Victoria River, asking for J. T. Tunney's address, will send a set of eagles' eggs, 2 May 1916, 1 p.
60. Telegram to Alexander from J. D. Dobson asking for pocket size killing bottle, 8 March 1916, 1p.
61. To J. D. Dobson, Forrest River Mission via Wyndham, sending parcel by boat to Port Darwin containing 2 bottles of cyanide of potassium, benzine, wadding, instructions for use, W. B. Alexander, 13 March, 1916, 1 p62.
62. To M. Reid, State School, Augusta, Carter mentioned collecting sea birds washed up on beach, Alexander offering to send instructions and alcohol for preserving specimens, 20 April, 1916, 1 p.
63. To Alexander from Michael Reid, Augusta offering to collect specimens, 4 May, 1916, 1 p.
64. To M. Reid, Augusta, from Alexander, thanking, and sending equipment and advice on how to collect and preserve specimens, 23 May, 1916, 1 p.
65. To Entomological Branch of Museum from E. B. H. Lord in Broome offering to collect examples of insects, seeking advice on equipment and collecting 9 July, 1916, 1 p.
66. To E. B. H. Lord from Museum welcoming any specimens from your district, sending copies of British Museum handbooks on collecting, also Watson's 89 Swanston Street, Melbourne for catalogues and advice, 21 July, 1916, 1 p.
67. From R. G. Stuart, Point Cloates, via Carnarvon, to Alexander, transferred South, sending back collecting jar disgusted to bother with it : a fine specimen of snake was spoilt by the formalin, 7 September, 1916, 1 p.
68. To Lighthouse Keeper, Point Cloates from L.Glauert, Keeper of Biology, sending box of equipment and instructions for preserving natural history specimens 17 February, 1917, 1 p.
69. To L. Glauert from Pt. Cloates, received equipment and will send any specimens 21 March, 1917, 1 p.
69. To Keeper of Biology, from W. J. Wunnenberg, Range View, West Arthur, via Wagin, offering to collect and send Butterflies and Moths also Dookite snakes 23 March, 1917, 1 p.
70. To Glauert from Michael Reid who is leaving Augusta and George Roe who is stopping there will use the tank of preservative and continue to collect specimens for you 1 April, 1917, 1 p.
70. To Museum, offering to collect reptiles, from Henry Harris, Government School, Edjudina via Kookynie, send jar of spirits to Kookynie 25 July, 1917, 1 p.
71. To H. Harris from L. Glauert informing that a jar of preservative, ready mixed formalyn, has been sent, we are anxious to receive any small mammals (mice, etc.) 20 August, 1917, 1 p.
72. From Henry Harris received preservative. Small mammals, except for mice, are not seen in this district - mainly reptiles, any suggestions, 4 September, 1917, 1 p.
73. to Henry Harris, museum very glad to receive reptiles, 16 October, 1917, 1 p.
74. J. P. Rogers, Derby, has not secured any skeletons from the caves south of the Fitzroy, collecting birds and skins for Mathews, 12 December, 1910, 1 p.
75. From Dorre Island E. L. Grant Watson to Woodward "a case of formula arrived at Bernier", 14 December, 1910, 1 p.
76.  From Woodward to C. Steld, Point Cloates Stn. via Carnarvon, with reference to Lipfert's advice, sending preservative 20th December, 1910, 1 p.
77. From A. Aljornsson, Supt. Fisheries, Albany, asking for tank of formalin to collect new variety of fish, 21 January, 1911, 1 p.
78. From Ludwig Glauert to Capt. Aljornsson sending formalin for sunfish near Albany, 24 January, 1911, 1 p.
79.From Woodward to J. P. Rogers, Derby, collecting birds for Gregory Mathews, hope to receive some animal skins, disappointed no skeletons yet, 24th January, 1911, 1 p.
80. From Woodward to J. P. Rogers, Derby, enclosed letter to Collector of Customs, hoping for some mammal skins, abotiginal weapons, skulls or skeletons preferably with the wrappings, 1st June. 19 June, 1911, 1 p.
From Woodward to J. P.Rogers jnforming that 3 kangaroos sent in October from McClintock Ranges, Kimberley, are a new species Macropus brectator named by Oldfield Thomas of British Museum, hope for more specimens, 8th June, 1011, 1 p.
81. From Woodward to L. Edwards, c/o E. H. Angelo, J.P., Carnarvon, at Lipfert's request  sending preservative, dilute 9 parts to 1 of water, key under cork on lid, 8th June, 1911, 1 p.
82. From Woodward to E. H. Angelo, sending can of preservative for L. Edwards of Dorre Island, 25 July, 1911, 1.p.
From Woodward to Mr. Justice McMillan sending measurements of box of preservative for fish and book for collectors to fit into yacht going to L. Edwards at Dorre Island, 25 July, 1911, 1 p.
83. To Museum by S (?) E. Walter. The Peninsula, Bridgetown, grandson of Captain Roe, offering to collect snails, ask for preservative to be sent, advised by Mrs. Gale of the Vasse 6th August, 1911, 2 p.
84.To Director of Museum from Father Nicholas Maria Emo (Abor. Missionary), Lombardina Aboriginal Mission, Broome, W. A.. offering to collect specimens for scientific study of the coastal tribes 27th August, 1911, 1 p.
85. From Director to Reinhold Struck, P.O. Arrino, Margaret River, sending case containing jar of formalin and 4 mousetraps, postal notice "Natural History Specimens" 13th September, 1911, 1 p.
86. To Director from John T. Tunney, send can of spirits to Kojonup c/o Mr Delany, sooner arrival, 15 September, 1911, 1 p.
86.To J. T. Tunney, Gracefield, Kojonup, Case of spirits sent to Kojonup, 20th November,1911,1 p.
87. To Woodward from C. T. Gale "Mr Pegg of the Cable Station, Broome, a keen naturalist collects for the British Museum, the snail I told you about," 1 p. 
88. To Woodward from H. Richards in Roebourne too hot to collect anything saw a native pheasant, a small lizard, seeking information about the "golden mole of the 90 mile beach", ! January, 1913  2 p.
89. To Woodward from Gerald Hill in N.T. regret unable to work for him, has a collecting insects contract , 9 February, 1912 p.
90. To Woodward from G. Hall, Mazaredo, Argentina, intending to immigrate, asking for information about W.A. and offering to bring fossils and specimens 20 January, 1912, 2 p.
91. To Woodward thanking for letter to Minister leading to permit for shooting by Tom Carter, 29 November, 1912, 1 p.
92. To G. Hall in Argentina sending copies of Western Mail, glad to receive any fossils and Rhea eggs from Woodward 20th April, 1912, 1 p.
To Dr. Thorp, Derby, sending a cork-lined box for insects from W. B. A., 10th December, 1912, 1 p
93. To John Abbey, Newtown P. O. via Busselton, sending a jar for preserving specimens and a handbook for collecting, Woodward, 21st July, 1913, 1 p.
From John Abbey, Newtown P. O. thanks for handy book, send to Busselton 26 July, 1912, 1 p.
94. To Woodward from G. Wiltshire, Kirupp. "Aboriginal curios we sent were procured from Yalgoo and brought by Murchison River and Gascoyne natives. Do you desire any speciality from Meekatharra ? 20 July, 1913, 1 p.
95.To G. Wiltshire, Kirupp from Woodward, sending jar of formalin to preserve any small animals,
glad of any moths or other insects preserve dry, native weapons always welcome, pay Aborigines 15/- for an Echidna 23rd July, 1913, 1 p.
96. To Woodward from G. Wiltshire Send jar of formalin direct to Meekatharra, send picture of an Echidna for me to show the natives, dead or alive?, pay natives for emu eggs? 24 July, 1913.1 p.
97. To G. Wiltshire from Woodward sending a jar of formalin, a photo of an Echidna. Want a clutch of emu eggs, side blown. Anxious to get any Native implements, the scrapers for skins, knives they use for cutting, stone hammers and adzes, mills used for grinding seeds, 28 July 1913. 1 p.
98. From  Henry E. Hurst, Port Moresby, New Guinea, to Museum offering to collect specimens from remote inland to send, also asking for publications, 2nd September, 1913, 1 p.
Reply from Director thanking for offer, but unable to accept because of finance, no relevant publications for New Guinea fauna, 10th November, 1913, 1 p.
99. From G. Hall, Mazaredo, Argentina to Woodward, sent fox and skunk skins to London for sale, the  children have collected birds' eggs. Written to Mr. Grasby to send him some seeds for trial, Land Laws in W.A. not yet ready, 15 February, 1913, 2 p.
100. From Director to G. Hall in Argentina, Land Laws not changed yet, hope birds eggs were side blown, glad you get Western Mail, hope to see you next year, 28 July, 1913, 1 p.
101. To Woodward from G. Hall in Argentina, egg-blowing all right taught by Prof. Loomis of Amhurst, Mass., Have a jawbone of v. large Indian, teeth worn to stumps, rest of skeleton being held for me, bones all there, send cable "Bring", hoping to leave in February 17 January, 1914, 1 p
102. To Woodward, Thanks for Permit sent, leaving delayed, Tom Carter, Broomehill, 4 December, 1913, 1 p.
103. Telegram to Woodward:"Send first post corklined insect box, pins, arsenical soap and materials for non-alcoholic preserving fluid" from Dr. Thorp, Marble Bar 29 Dec. 1913, 1 p.
Reply: Dr. Thorp, Marble Bar : Do you want concentrated formalin and more insect boxes and pins Reply paid Woodward 7/1/1914.
104. To Doctor Thorp, Marble Bar, Telegram delayed, during holidays, Mr. Alexander took insect boxes and pins, large metal jars of formalin - from Woodward, 7th January, 1914, 1 p.
105. Telegram to Woodward from Thorp, Marble Bar: "Have found cork box and pins want soap and brush and material to give Bushman for solution to preserve colour and prevent decomposition of specimens Thorp" 8/1/14, 1 p.
To Hall, Mazaredo, Argentina. Bring. Woodward 28/1/14. 1 p.
!06. To Woodward from Hall in Mazaredo, thanks for prompt cable, busy gathering sheep and horses, will go to place halfway to White Cape where graves are plentiful and the high Barraucas yield the best marine fossils. Having to come via Europe I think we will reach W.A. about end of May, & if necessary to prevent worry with Customs officials. Will advise on leaving. 16 / 2/ 14 1 p.

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