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Shirley Slack-Smith : [Field notebook] : Abrolhos & After [20/08/197-02/09/1977, 21/09/1977-26/09/1977]
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20/08/197-02/09/1977, 21/09/1977-26/09/1977
[141] p. ; 20 cm.
[SM Slack-Smith & L. Baxter dredging expedition on board FRV Flinders from 28/06/1977-07/07/1977, off Perth Coast]
Transect C - Suomi Is.
Detailed description of coral reef ecology along transect lines
Site 19
species observed/taken; Corallina, Caulerpa sp. cf racemosa, fucoids, Sargassum, Turbinaria, Padma (Dictyotales), Tectus obeliscus.

Site 19a
deeper section; Sargassum sp., Corallina.
Site 20A
Reef crest; Corallina, Padima, Sargassium, Tectus
Site 20B
E of 20A on sandy zone; Tectus, Turbinaria, Padina, Sargassum, Codium mamillosum ?, Colpomaena ?, ? Ceramium, ? Laurencia
Site 20C
Sargassum, Codium mamillosum ?, Caulerpa racemosa, Turbinaria, Padina, Siphonocladales ?, Colpomenia, Tectus
Site 30
Seaward side of island opposite cairn; Corallina, Turbinaria, Sargassum ?, Acropora, Ceribroceras[?], Ceramium
Site 29
Reef crest; Caulerpa racemosa
Transect on westernmost reef of Easter Group, detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 11
Reef crest; fucoids
Site 11A
Weedy reef flat; Siphonalas, Ulva, Cladophora
Site 10
Isolated weed patches; few spotted Zoanthids.
Site 10A
"freckled" zone; Halimeda cuneata, Codium galeatum, Ulva, Enteromorpha, Cladophora, Padina, Cystophora, Dicranema or Eucheuma, dead Cassid, Tectus
Site 9
east of 10A; Cymodocea, Posidonia, Cystophora (grevillea), 
Site 17
Patch reef in sand; Caulerpa, C. racemosa
Site 8
Patch reef NE of Site 17; Sargassum, Cystophora, ? Siphonocladiales, large starfish.
Transect between Wooded and Morley Is., detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 46
rock flat - intertidal - inside breakers; Lithothamnion, Ulva, S. cuccullata
Site 45
Channel Pool between Wooded & Morley Islands; S. cuccullata
Site 44A
Weed & Coral zone on NE side of channel pool; Acropora, Turbinaria
Site 44
cerithiids, Conus dorreensis
Site 43
edge of large deep hole to NW of channel below Wooded & Morley Is.; corallia, Cystophora. Padina, Caulerpa, Ostrea, Acropora. Pteria, Chlamys, Hyotissa
Transect A, detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 5
Reef flat (inner), Ulva, Pinna, Tectus
Site 6
Outer Reef flat, brown algae
Site 7
Reef "slope". Sargassum, Cystophora, Turbinaria
Site 7A
Channel bottom; drift algae
Site 7B
Reef crest; dead coral covered by weed.
Site 7C
Reef slope; Ulva, Cladophora, Codium, Turbinaria. Sargassum. Padina, Caulerpa 
Transect D, betweem Helsinki I. & Dingville, description of reef ecology at each site given, species mention listed.
Site 38
Reef slope on E side of offshore reef; Padina, Turbinaria, Sargassum, dolphin.
Site 37
Reef crest; "fat fingers" algae
Site 36
Channel; sand & no algae apart from outliers of offshore reef.
Site 35
Reef flat; Cystophora. Sargassum, Turbinaria.
Site 34
Intertidal reef flat with shallow pools; Pleurobranchs
Site 33
Outer Reef slope; Cystophora
NW of Rat I. detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 40
Patch Reef in sand; Padina, Turbinaria, Sargassum, Cystophora, Cladophora, Codium spongiosum, Caulerpa, Tectus
Transect A
Site 1
Outer Reef flat; Ulva, siphonocladiales
Site 2
Reef flat; Codium, Caulerpa, Ulva
Site 3
Intertidal Notch; Siphaniarians, Acmeids
Site 4
Intertidal Reef notch on SE side of island (in front of CSIRO hut); Ulva, S. cuccullata
Transect D
Site 32
Reef slope
Transect D east of Little Pidgeon Island; detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 24b
Reef slope on W. side of channel; Padina, Sargassum, Cystophora, Turbinaria, Codium spongiosum, Acropora.
Site 24A
Reef Crest; Cladophora, Codium, Caulerpa, Pocillopora, Vallonia, Padina, Sargassum, Cystophora, Turbinaria, Tectus.
Site 23B
Sandy Hole W og Reeftop; Hyotissa, Sargassum, Turbinia, Padina
Site 23A
Reef to W & SW of 23B; brown algae, Hyotissa
Site 23
Broken reef with sandy patches & channels; Cystophora, Codium spongiosum
Site 22
Slope of lagoon; Padina, Sargassum, Cystophora, Siphonocladiales, unidentified species similar to Padina described, perhaps same as at Site 8.
Site 18A
Notch on W side of Little Pidgeon Island; S. cuccullata
Site 18B
Intertidal notch on E side of Little Pidgeon I.; S. cuccullata, siphonarians, Littorinids, Ulva
Site 18C
Reef flat adjacent (S) to jetty on Little Pidgeon I.; Pocillopora, Cystophora, Cystophora-like weed, Turbinaria, Codium spongiosum
Site 18D
Channel beyond jetty at Little Pideon I.; Cladophora
Transect F - Beacon I. to Long I. detailed description of reef ecology given, species mentioned listed.
Site 41A
Intertidal flat; large Epitonium sp., Ulva. Cladophora
Site 41B
Reef flat; two or three types of Lithothamnion, Ulva, Caulerpa racemosa
Site 41C
Subtidal reef slope; Sargassum, Turbinaria, Hyotissa, Anomiids & Chamids, Turbinaria, Pectinids - Cyclopecten
[Fieldbook covers expedition to Abrolhos Is. and surrounds, aboard FRV Flinders. Expedition members; SM Slack-Smith, LM Marsh, C Bryce, RW George, B Hutchin, L Baxter, R Johnstone. Detailed daily summaries of specimen observed/taken taken at numbered
sites. Summary of Site numbers and list of species at each given in abstract]