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Archive of notes and pictures Box 4 from the Library of Duncan Merrilees.
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  1. "Brachiopods". List of Brachiopods found at the Gin Gin Chalk and associated letters.

  2. "Pleistocene Fossils". Series of hand written notes and drawings in preparation for an article "Man the Destoyer".
Typescript "Association of Aboriginal Artefacts. Extinct Marsupials and Australites in the same deposits in Western Australia" - including hand written notes. Annotated Geological Survey Map of Western Australia dated 1957 and associated hand written notes.
  • "Fossils". Numerous letters between Duncan Merrilees and others relating to fossils including letters acknowledging various fossil donations.
  • "Others from Sept 1966-68". Directors Report for October 1966. Assortment of letters between Duncan Merrilees and various people dated 1966-1968.
  • "Research Grants". Promotional material from Massey-Ferguson. Grant proposal "Archeological Exploration of the Nullarbor Plain" and assoociated letters.
  • "Bone Deterioration". Approximately ten letters between Duncan Merriless and others relating to the topic.
  • "Australian Palaeontological Research Projects". September 1962 list of Palaeontological Research Projects in Asutralia as of that date and covering letter to Duncan Merrilees from Dr Fisher.
  • "Flourine- Phosphate". Hand written notes  and typscript labelled "Samples of Flourine Estimates". Cartificate of Analysis of 23 samples of bones and fossil bones.
  • "Radiocarbon dates". Approximately 20 copies of  a blank proforma labelled "Radiocarbon Sample Record Sheet".
  •   "Radiocarbon dates".  Typescript "Notes on collection and submission of samples for radiocarbon dating". Approximately 15 letters between Duncan Merrilees and others related to radiocarbon dating.
  •   "Casting Technique- Technical Data Sheets". Approximately six sets of  different Technical Data Sheets related to Casting Techniques.
  • "R.H. Tedford". Approximately nine letters between Duncan Merrilees and Richard Tedford, including drawings.
  • "Geology from 1 January 1968". Correspondance dated 1968-1971 between Duncan Merrilees and G.W. Kendick and others, largely relating to donations of rock specimens. A b&w photo of a rock formation from the south west of Western Australia.
  • "Geology". Correspondance dated 1962-1973 between Duncan Merrilees  and others, largely relating to donations of rock specimens. A series of b&w slides of rock specimens.
  • "Broome Dinosaur Footprints". Article from "Jetstream" magazine dated June 1964 titled "Broome Dinosaur Prints". Three colour photos of rock specimens and formations. 1967 West Australian Newspaper article on the Broome foot prints. Manuscript of "Cretaceous Dinosaur Footprints from Western Australia". Approximately 15 letters between Duncan Merrilees and others dated 1965 to 1969.
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