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Donations to the Museum
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10 July 1896
Bernard Woodward writing to the West Australian re donations to the Museum
Kept:Press clippings book 2, p. 31
DONATIONS TO THE MUSEUM.—The Curator of the Museum asks to be allowed to
acknowledge, through the columns of the WEST AUSTRALIAN, the following
donations received during the past month :—
  • Mr. Herbert Beck[?], 30 specimens of antimony and other ores ;
  • Mr. W. K. Adam, Halmaturus dama (dama) and young, Onychogale lunata and young (spur-tailed kangaroo), Falco melanogenys (black-cheeked falcon) ;
  • Miss Atkins, the flannel plant ;
  • Mr. P. Ferrars, West Australian tobacco (Nicotiana Tobacum) ;
  • Mr. John Watson, a “ray” and the tail of a “sting-ray” ;
  • Mr. Wm. Rockliff, two Norway rats (Mus decumanus) ;
  • Miss Prinsep, yellow-cheeked parrakeet (Platycerus ict[e]rotis) ;
  • Mr. Dave Hackett, a large scorpion ;
  • Professor Henry Ward, 21 specimens of minerals, viz., ulexite, malachite (3), margarite rose quartz, marcasite, opal, amazon-stone, fluorite, diaspora quartz (2), microcline, garnet, calcite (2), natr[e]lite wavellite, azurite, chalcopyrite ;
  • Mr. F. C. B. Vosper, auriferous specimens ;
  • Mr. F. Brockman, 14 beetles, 3 lizards, 2 snakes ;
  • Mr. F. Mack, one spider ;
  • Mr. F. W. Foweraker, a small lizard ;
  • Mr. Frank Reed, nine specimens of auriferous quartz, Yalgoo ;
  • Mr. J. H. Otto, three Pardolotus striatus (striated diamond bird), one lizard, a catterpillar, [sic] and a box of flies ;
  • Mr. C. H. Spurge, one lizard (Scincus officinalis), “the skink ;”
  • the Minister for Mines, Sydney, Annual Report of the Department of Mines (1895) ;
  • Mr. E. Symons, a flint implement (tomahawk), found at the “Lakes ;”
  • Mr. F. C. B. Vosper, case containing 11 lots of auriferous ores, box containing auriferous specimens Mr. Stratford Strettle, two Ophiuridae, one Hippocampus brevirostris (seahorse) ;
  • Mr. J. H. Otto, one Falunculus lencogaster (white-bellied shrike tit), Myrmecobius fasciatus (banded ant-eater), with young ;
  • Mr. Arthur M. Lea, 33 insects ;
  • Mr. G. E. Inkpen, one walking stick insect ;
  • Mrs. Eastcott, two Acrobates pygmaeus (the pigmy flying phalanger). The purchases include a Bengal tiger skin and an armadillo, and a very interesting collection of minerals from America, which includes an “etched” fragment of the famous Tolucca meteorite, obtained from Professor Henry A. Ward, of Rochester, U.S.A.
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