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[Wilgie Club] 1st annual art exhibition
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23 May 1890
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Kept:Press clippings book 1, p. 24
An event of importance, marking the progress of the colony in affairs
which establish cosmopolitan interest, is promised to us for the 4th of
June next, in the first annual exhibition of oil and water-colour
paintings, under the auspices of the Wilgie Sketching Club, a club whose

inauguration was chronicled some few months ago.  The collection of
pictures, which will be opened by Lady Fraser for the inspection, and we
may say, to many of our readers, the instruction of the West Australian
public, will be in three divisions.  

(1) The sketches and drawings by
members of the Wilgie Club, most of which have local interest, both in the
artist and the locality, and show the budding native talent until now
almost dormant.  

(2.) A large collection of masterly and finished sketches
and finished pictures including some by rising artists of the modern
English school — as well as some by English artists who have already made
their mark on the walls of the Royal Academy and other London exhibitions.
(3.) A collection of pictures lent for exhibition by gentlemen resident
in the colony, most of which are known to us all either in our social
associations or by repute.  As regards the last, it will no doubt astonish
many persons to find how good, and one may say how representative a group
of pictures of merit can be brought together from local collections.  It
is intended that this first exhibition shall be the forerunner of an
annual display, and that, if possible, a nucleus of a society shall be
formed which shall encourage the study of art and the raising of a school
of painters, sculptors, and architects on the broad foundation of the
Royal Academy and schools of London.  An object which in its attempt as
well as in its success, is so eminently calculated to educate and advance
us in the world of higher aspirations of better appreciation of the
beauties of nature and life may well be hailed with satisfaction, and
command hearty wishes for its success.  We understand that the Hon
secretary, Mr Bernard Woodward, will be pleased to receive information of
pictures in collections of owners willing to have them exhibited in the
Loan Division.
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