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Natural science - Specimens for destruction or exchange
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1. Plate 63 "Birds of New York" : Memoir 12 N. Y. State Museum, Plate 63 "Northern Pileated Woodpecker" Phloceotomus pileatus abieticola (Bangs) female. 1 p.
2. The General Secretary, Phascogale apicalis and Phascogale calura are not available for exchange but Myrmicobius fasciatus, Tarsipes spenserae, Peramelkis bouganvillei from Bernier and Dorre Islands, Sharks Bay might be.[letter from Jungersen, Denmark, no. 2] 1 p.

3. From R. Etherington, Australian Museum, Sydney, 5 January, 1916, List of specimens, Zoological Society N.S.W., Moore Park, Ring-tail opossum - mounted Pseudocheirus peregrinus, Bodd, Queensland. 1 p.
4. To Alexander from Director, Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, 8 January, 1916, returning one specimen of Pseudochirus. 1 p.
5. To Alexander from David Starr Jordan, Stanford University, California, 12 January, 1916, on return from travel, no follow up about shipment of fishes at Customs Office, have you received any mail from me. 1 p.
6. From Alexander to Hector Jungersen, Zoological Museum, Kobenhaven, Denmark, 14 January, 1916, sending skin and skull of Myrmecobius, list of desiderata available. 1 p.
7. From Alexander to C. H. Ostenfeld, Museumsinspektor, Kobenhaven, Denmark, 14 Janury, 1916, sending list of W. A. plants and Forests of W. A. 1 p.
8. To E. C. Shepherd from secretary sending receipt for 3 shillings and informing Keeper of Biology. 1 p.
9. From Glauert to W. G. Clarke, Prehistoric Society of East Anglia, 12 St. Philip's Road, Norwich, England, 26 January, 1916, on Excavations at Crime's Graves, prehistoric miners' picks from deer antlers. 1 p.
10. To Director, Zoological Gardens, Sydney, 1 February, 1916, received Pseudochirus peregrinus in exchange for Petaurus breviceps. 1 p.
11. To Director from H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 22 February, 1916, wants a Gymnorhina longirostris (Milligan), has Wedgetail Eagle eggs for exchange Western or Eastern. 1 p.
12. From Alexander to H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 6 March, 1916, regrets no examlples of Gymnorhina  longirostris nor any possibility at that time for collecting, sending list of available bird skins. 1 p.
13. From Alexander to Chief Inspector, Fisheries Department, Perth, 6 April, 1916, Colonel Shepherd, London, requests W.A. fish heads, Gonorhynchus (Ratfish), Monocentris (Knight fish), and Cyttus. Please return borrowed publications on Whales 1 p.
14. From Alexander to Colonel E. C. Shepherd, 34 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, London, 6 April, 1916, recent fish collected preserved in formalin but older specimens in spirit, intended to send heads of older specimens of Monocentric and Gonorhynchus, no deep water specimens.  2 p.
15. From Alexander to President Starr Jordan, Stanford University, California, 6 April, 1916, glad missing collection of fish found, sending list of specimens'  proper names. 1 p.
16. From Alexander to H. K. Coale, Highland Park, Illinois, 14 April, 1916, sending list of our duplicate skins available and list of N. American birds we have. 1 p.
17. To Alexander from Walter W. Froggatt, Dept. of Agriculture, Sydney, 24 April, 1916, embids (embiidina), examined, 2 different surroundings, 1 winged, 1 wingless, scale insects ?. 1 p.
18. To Alexander from H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 7 May, 1916, sending eggs of Wedgetailed Eagle, 1 pair, 2 singles from 3 states. 1 p.
19. To Alexander from C. H. Ostenfeld, Universitetets botaniske Museum, Kobenhavn, 15 May, 1916, sending lists of W.A. duplicates with names of species held. 2 p.
20. To Alexander from H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 19 Mel, 1916, asking for name of someone willing to act as his collectors such as A. Whitlock, Gerald Hill,Tom Carter etc. to go to Victoria River for 6 months at his expense. 1 p.
21. To Alexander from Hector Jungersen, Uniersitetets Zoologiske Museum, Kobenhavn, 4 April, 1916, beautiful Myrmicobius skin arrived but skull missing, lists future specimens. 3 p.
22. From Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, New York, 25 April, 1916, send list of Australasian minerals for exchange. 1 p.
23. To Alexander from Edwin Ashby, Willunga, Blackwood, South Australia, 17 May, 1916, enclosed list of wants but any especially W.A. skins would be gratefully received. 1 p.
24. From Alexander to H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 23 May, 1916, thanking for Wedgetailed Eagles' eggs, Tunney's address for N. T. collection. 1 p.
25. To Alexander from E. C. Shepherd, 34 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, London, 18 May, 1916, fish sent from Dunedin, N. Z. in spirits have otoliths destroyed, thanks for stomachs attached. 2 p.
26. To Alexander from G. A. Clark, Stanford University, California, 31 May, 1916, informing Professor Gilbert about list of Australian fishes. 1 p.
27. Bird skins wanted by Edwin Ashby, Wittunga, Blackwood, South Australia, 7 May, 1916 ; List of skins sent May 1916. 2 p.
28. Invoice for exchange of specimens from Smithsonian Institution, California, 1 June, 1916. 1 p.
29. From Alexander to Hector F. E. Jungersen, Zoologiske Museum, Kobenhavn, Denmark, 2 June, 1916, sending another Myrmecobius skull. We only want specimens of popular interest. 2 p.
30. From Alexander to H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 2 June, 1916, sending list of birds' skins from N. T. available, plus short list of birds wanted. 1 p.
31. From Alexander to Edwin Ashby, Wittunga, Blackwood, S.A., 3 June, 1916, sending list of skins available, except Eremiornis carteri - Noisy scrub bird definitely extinct. 1 p.
32. From Smithsonian Institution, California, 5 June, 1916, Invoice 12 Specimens exchanged. 1 p.
33. From Smithsonian Institution, California, 6 June, 1916, invoice 12 Specimens exchanged. 1 p.
34. To Woodward from R. Rathbun, Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, Washington, 12 June, 1916, list of specimens sent except walrus ; list of desired specimens. 5 p.
35. To Alexander from Edwin Ashby, Wittunga, Blackwood, South Australia, 14 June, 1916, wanting Eremiornis carteri. 1 p.
36. From Alexander, and Trustees, to Edwin Ashby, Wittunga, Blackwood, S. A. 12 June, 1916, unable to send Eremiornis carteri. 1 p.
37. To Alexander from H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 26 June, 1916, unable to supply listed birds' skins, wants Petrophassa rufipennis. 1 p.
38. From Alexander to E. C. Shepherd, 34 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, London, 12 July, 1916, sending list of parcel of fish including Monocentris, found washed up on beach. 1 p.
39. From Alexander to W. W. Froggatt, Entomologist, Dept. of Agriculture, Sydney, 12 July, 1916, sending Embiidiae, same species as Friedrichs, from Caversham. 1 p.
40. From Alexander to H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 12 July, 1916, sending specimen of Petrophassa rufipennis. 1 p.
41. From Alexander to C. S. Ostenfeld, Universitets botaniske Museum, Kobenhavn, Denmark, 12 July, 1916, leaving W.A. Museum to Melbourne, conditions from war made difficult. 1 p.
42. List of bird skins from the Northern Territory of Australia, list of W. A. birds' skins wanted by W. A. Museum. 2 p.
43. To Alexander from Henry K. Coale, Ornithological Collection, Birds of the World, Highland Park, Illinois, 11 July, 1916, sending box of skins, please send equal number of equally good specimens. List of specimens he has, list of others he wants. 3 p.
44. From Edgar R. Waite, Museum of South Australia, 27 July, 1916, discussed with Alexander future exchange procedures of small groups of Marsupials, including Myrmecobius, Tarsipes, Perameles bouganvillii, Phascogale apicans, P. calura ; naming of Typhlopideas. 1 p.
45. From H. L. White, Belltrees, Scone, 25 July, 1916, thanking for Petrophassa rufipennis ; expecting collection from McLennan of the M.E. Coast of the Territory, sending collection of A.J.Campbell of Melbourne of the Tully River, M. Queensland. 1 p.
46. From E. C. Shepherd, 34 Brunswick Gardens, Kensington, London, 27 July, 1916, leaving this address, send mail to Miss Shepherd, 18 Newton Place, Bayswater W., London. 2 p.
47. From Glauert to General Secretary,28 July 1916,  list of minerals located in W.A. 1 p.
48. from Glauert ? to Secretary, Wards Natural Science Establishment, College Avenue, Rochester, New York, U.S.A., 1 August, 1916, replying unable to exchange any mineras at present. 1 p.
49. To W. W. Froggatt, Agricultural Museum, Department of Agriculture, Sydney, N.S.W., 1 August, 1916, Alexander has left for 12 months as Science Abstractor, Commonwealth Advisory Council of Science and Technology, 12 months leave of Absence without pay from Museum, not much research into insects. 1 p.
50. From Fisheries Department, Perth, 7 August, 1916, answering request from Colonel Shepherd, London, for specimens of Gonorhynchus (commonly called "Rat fish") sending specimens. 1 p.
51. From Glauert to Museum, Adelaide, 5 September, 1816, sending specimens of Myrmecobius, Tarsipes, and Perameles bougainvillei on exchange , not of Phascogale. 5 September, 1916. 1 p.
52. From E. C. Shepherd c/- Miss Shepherd, 18 Newton Road, Bayswater, London,6 September, 1916, thanking for Monocentris differing from Monocentris japonica, wants Cyttus. 3 p.
53. To Alexander from J. R. G. Adams, South Australian Museum, 18 September, 1916, Edgar R. White on excursion in the interior. 1 p.
54. To Alexander from M. W. Elliott, Dumbleyung, 22 September, 1916, sending by train 3 nests: Acanthiza pusilla, Smierornis flavescens, Melithreptus affinis ; a Bronzewing pigeon nest ? 2 p.
55. From Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, N. Y., 27 September, 1916.  1 p.
56. To Alexander from David Starr Jordan, Stanford University, California, 4 August, 1916, Carl Hubbs, Museum Assistant will be making a suitable return for the 83 species sent long ago. 2 p.
57. To H. K. Coale, Highland Park, Illinois, 5 October, 1916, received parcel of bird skins. will return some duplicates, Mr Alexander is away and will attend asap. 1 p.
58. From G. R. D. Adams, Museum Adelaide, returned from Central Australia, 30 October, 1916, please send list of desidera, we can decide on further exchanges possible, Thanks.  1 p.
59. To Alexander from Colonel E. C. Shepherd, c/- Miss Shepherd 18 Newton Road, Bayswater, London, sending box of 3 rat-fish (Gonorhynchus greyi Rich.) packed as directed month ago. 1 p.
60. To Alexander from John Comstock, 1275 Bellevue Av., Los Angeles, California,(19 November, 1916, seeking a correspondent in Australia with whom to exchange lepidoptera (Butterflies). 1 p.
61. To Alexander from Henry K. Coale, Ornithological Collection, Birds of the World, Highland Park, Illinois, 12 December, 1916, sent 78 N.A. and other bird skins requested in April, reply ?. 1 p.
62. From David Starr Jordan, World Congress of Zoology, Stanford University, California, 21 December, 1916, sending a collection of fishes from various parts of world, in exchange for those received from Alexander. 4 p.
63. To Alexander from Joseph Cooke Verco, 52 North Terrace, cnr Charles St., Adelaide, 26 December, 1916, sending 2 boxes of South Australian shells and a list of W. A. shells desired in return. 1 p.


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