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Brochures, etc. on individual museums arranged alphabetically by country (uncatalogued).
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ARGENTINA: Museo Municipal de ciencias Naturales 'Lorenzo Scaglia', Buenos Aires (nd)AUSTRIA: Landeszeughaus (The armoury of Styria), GRAZ (20 p., nd), A short tale of Graz, Museums in Graz, Steiermarkisches Landesmuseum Joanneum, Zeughaus (nd)BURMA/MYANMAR:
Guide to the national museum (44 p., 1991); CANADA: Canadian Museum of Civilization Souvenir Book (32 p., 1990) + souvenir postcards (3); National Museum of Science & Technology, Ottawa.CHINA: Fujian Museum; Museum of Science & Technology, Beijing (1989 article); DENMARK: The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde (nd); The Jutland Manor House Museum (24 p., 1964); Frilandsmuseet (Open-Air Museum) - English Guide (109 p., 1972).FRANCE: Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (52 p., 1989); Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Marseille (nd)GERMANY: Museum fur Volkerkunde zu Leipzig (108 p., 1971); Naturwissenschaftlicher verein zu Bremen (25 p., 1989)GREECE: The Goulandris Natural History Museum, Kifissia (17 p., 1977)HUNGARY: Mosaic Museums, Budapest (nd)INDIA: National Council of Science Museums, Calcutta - Catalogue (1998); 1996/7 Annual report (1998); Chakraborti Museum 1965-1975 - museum notes; Regional Science Centres (5)INDONESIA: Guide to museums of DKI Jakarta Province (61 p., 2000). ITALY: Centro camuno di studi preistorici (English version, 1985); Guida del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano (145 p., 1977); Il Museo Regionale di Scienze naturali di Torino (47 p., 2011)JAPAN: Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (26 p., 2000) National Science Museum, Ueno, Tokyo - 100 years on (1977). Guide to the National Science Museum (52 p.,1982), (56 p., 1985); Nishinomiya Shell Museum (1p); National Museum of Ethnology, Japan - survey & guide, (53 p., 2010-2011); Museum of nature & Human Activities, Hyogo.KOREA: The Independence Hall of Korea (35 p., 1987) + Guide. KUWAIT: Science & Natural History Museum (1970s?)
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